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12 Types of Advertising Techniques

  • Harina Rastogi
  • Feb 03, 2022
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“Every time a message seems to grab us, and we think, ‘I just might try it,’ we are at the nexus of choice and persuasion that is advertising.” – Andrew Hacker


It is said that even worthless products can be sold if their advertising is done effectively. All the companies spend a huge portion of their budget on advertising. What is advertising and why is it so important? Why do companies focus so much on creating a successful ad campaign? 


Advertising is about reaching the masses and making them aware about the different products and services. Communication plays a key role in advertising. Sending appropriate messages through different mediums is what advertising is about. Nowadays every possible platform has ads on it. Be it radios, print media, televisions or social media marketing, you will find ads everywhere. 


In this blog you will learn about different advertising techniques that companies follow.


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Types of Advertising Techniques


There are so many different approaches that companies use to reach their target audience. Every approach has some pros and cons. It depends entirely on the company which technique is to be used and when. Given below are some of the most common advertising techniques used.

The image depicts the Advertising techniques- emotional appeal, promotional advertising, bandwagon advertising, facts & statistics, unfinished ads, weasel words, endorsements, complementing the customers, ideal family & ideal kids, patriotic advertising, questioning the customers and surrogate advertising

Types of Advertising Techniques

  1. Emotional Appeal


Emotional appeal is a special type of technique that focuses on the needs and fears of the audience. The emotional side of a person is tricked and induced in this form.


Different appeals under need of a person include-


  • Need to get something new
  • Need for acceptance in the society
  • Needs of not being isolated or ignored from society.
  • Need to change the old things and get new ones
  • Security related needs
  • Need to become more attractive and fashionable.


Fears of people include:


  • Accident
  • Death
  • Getting sick
  • Getting old
  • Being ignored 


These are the areas in which emotional appeal advertising technique focuses on. 


  1. Promotional Advertising


This technique involves offering free samples of products to people. These samples are given in fairs, newspapers, through ad campaigns etc. 


This form of advertising is most suitable for companies that want to get feedback from people before launching a new product in the market. For example- You may find shampoos in newspapers.


  1. Bandwagon Advertising


Bandwagon advertising is yet another innovative approach. In this people are grouped together based on the use of the product. Group of people that have purchased the product are clubbed together as one in ads. 


For example- In many ads like Dove you have seen that they convince the audience by saying 50% people have used Dove and you should try it too.


  1. Facts & Statistics


In this type of advertising companies focus on providing accurate numbers and figures to the audience. When people see such figures they make a mental note that the product will be effective. You must have seen Dettol ads on TV. Companies claim that dettol kills 99.99% germs and viruses.


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  1. Unfinished Ads


In this technique companies bring out the curiosity in people. They make ads which do not convey the whole message and leave people hanging. 


Usually people try to make it out on their own. This technique leaves a huge impact on people. For example- Lays ads- no one can eat just one. This phrase is incomplete.


  1. Weasel words


This technique is used by many shampoo brands like Sunsilk. In this, advertisers claim to reduce the effect and do not portray the brand as the best from its competitors. Sunsilk ads- reduces hair fall. It does not say it stops hair fall or it is proven to be the best shampoo.


  1. Endorsements


It is the most widely used technique and the most expensive one. Actors and celebrities are hired to promote the product and share their own experiences. 


A jewelry brand endorsed Amitabh Bachchan and his wife and he shared his experience that his choice of choosing this brand was the best. Many popular sports players and actors are used for such endorsements.


  1. Complementing the customers


This technique is all about appreciating the users and telling them their worth. A very famous cosmetic brand has a saying “Revlon- because you are worth it” is an example wherein they are complementing their customers.


  1. Surrogate advertising


When the companies cannot directly advertise their products they use surrogate advertising techniques. In this they indirectly advertise the product. One of the best examples of surrogate advertising is alcohol. You will never see liquor brands directly advertising their product. Rather they choose to show the audience.


  1. Ideal family & Ideal Kids


This method is used when the companies want to show the audience that by using their product they will become an ideal and happy family. Dettol is the best example of this type of technique. You can see that the family becomes happy and germs free after using dettol at home.


  1. Patriotic Advertising


This technique is used by the advertisers to promote societal values among the audience. Their love for the country and its people is the main motto behind such ads. Many brands like ITC have ads that have a saying that- By buying their product you are contributing to help a girl child.


  1. Questing the customers


In order to ask questions from people, advertisers use this technique. The best example is- Amway- we are listening. In their ads you can see them asking questions about the farms, organic production, growing kids and so much more.


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To increase the reach, gather more audience, increase the sales, and make profits advertising is important. Companies either have internal advertising agencies or they outsource. A successful ad campaign can make every product desirable. Hopefully this blog has been able to shed light on many popular advertising techniques.

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