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7 Top NFT Wallets in 2022

  • Akshit Anthony
  • Nov 18, 2021
  • Updated on: May 06, 2022
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Anxious to discover which is the best NFT wallet for your computerized collectables? This blog will provide a comprehensive rundown of the best digital currency wallets to store NFTs and effectively participate in this developing Defi speciality. 


In this way, if you are trying NFT craftsmen or gathering them, then you need to look no further. We will provide you with a decent outline of the upsides and downsides of every arrangement on our rundown. It will help  you to select the best NFT wallet relying upon how you intend to utilize it. 


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So what is an NFT wallet

These outsider applications are your extension to the blockchain record where your NFTs are recorded. They permit you to store advanced collectables, including craftsmanship, gaming things, and some other NFT applications.

Also, they are a fundamental instrument for connecting with NFT commercial centres where you can mint new advanced resources and put them at a bargain. 


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7 Best NFT Wallets

Top 7 NFT Wallets

Top 7 NFT Wallets

Let’s quickly get to the exploration part. 



1. XDEFI Wallet – Best NFT wallet extension for cross-chain collectors 


XDEFI Wallet is a safe and simple Chrome wallet extension that displays all NFTs from Ethereum, Terra, Binance Chain, Polygon and Avalanche in a single customizable gallery. 


XDEFI Wallet has more than 80,000 weekly active users and allows users to store, send and receive more than 9,000 cryptocurrencies across Ethereum, Terra, THORChain, Binance Chain, Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Polygon, Avalanche, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash. 


XDEFI Wallet is unique in allowing users to safely swap crypto and bridge an unlimited amount of crypto - all natively within the wallet. In addition, XDEFI wallet supports Ledger hardware wallets, and offers a range of advanced security features. 

XDEFI Wallet allows you to conveniently view and manage your NFTs across multiple blockchains.

XDEFI Wallet allows you to conveniently view and manage your NFTs across multiple blockchains.



Displays NFTs from Terra, Ethereum, Binance Chain, BSC, Polygon and Avalanche in a single gallery. 

● Integrated swaps and cross-chain bridging 

● 5 star rating in the Google Chrome Store after 175+ reviews 




● Only comes in a Chrome extension (mobile app coming soon)



2. Metamask – Best Crypto Wallet for Ethereum NFTs 


Metamask has been viewed as the most well-known Ethereum-put together wallet concerning the market. It permits you to store ETH, ERC-20 tokens made on the Ethereum organization, and ERC-721 tokens.


 It comes as both a program augmentation for well-known programs and a portable application for iOS and Android. You can synchronize the program and mobile applications just by checking a QR code with your phone. 


The code is entirely open-source, which permits the local area to review it for security issues and give input to consistent improvement of the stage. Its straightforward UI is a blessing for individuals beginning with crypto and NFTs. 


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We can even say that this is the easiest way to understand Ethereum wallet as it is consistently used to interface with probably the best NFT commercial centres. 


It includes OpenSea and Raible. Once associated with these stages, printing and taking care of assortments turns into an easy task. 




  • Ease of utilization 

  • NFT commercial centres combination 

  • Open-source 

  • Integrated token trades 

  • Integrated ETH buys with credit and check cards 




  • No 2-FA (besides with an equipment wallet) 

  • Can be problematic when attempting to show recently gained NFTs. 

  • Best for Ethereum.


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3. Trust Wallet – Best NFT Wallet for Cross-Chain Collectors 

Trust Wallet is supported by Binance and is one of the most well-known crypto versatile wallets available. 


The application is viable with both Android and iOS. It rolls out a smooth client experience, ideal for novices in this speciality. Assortments are conveniently coordinated, and it even gives energized perception of NFTs and recordings. 


One of the principal benefits of Trust Wallet is its cross chain similarity. This wallet lets you store NFTs across various blockchains incorporating famous arrangements with low gas expenses, such as the Binance Smart Chain or Solana. 


You might want to learn more about the famous cryptocurrency building platform Solana. 




  • Great UI and graphical portrayal of your NFTs 

  • Supports 53 distinct blockchains 

  • Allows marking for easy revenue 




  • Only comes in Mobile application structure 


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4. Math Wallet – Multi-stage to get to NFTs from anyplace 


Math Wallet is one more famous blockchain wallet choice for minting NFTs. It seems like the ideal all-arounder on a superficial level. The essential value of Math Wallet is the multi-stage support, matched with cross-chain ability. 


This wallet is accessible on pretty much every stage under the sun. There's an augmentation for different famous programs, a portable application, and surprisingly a web wallet that can get through any web empowered gadgets.


So in case you are a maker that desires to spread your NFT craft across various blockchains and commercial centres, you'll need to investigate Math Wallet. It may turn into you all in one resource for printing, selling, and dealing with your help. 



  • Multi-stage (Chrome expansion, cell phones, web wallet) 

  • Cross-chain upholds 70+ major blockchains 




  • Low on highlights 

  • Clunky interface 

  •  Some repeating bugs and crashes


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5. Enjin Wallet – Best NFT Wallet for ERC-1155 Tokens 


If you haven't been hiding away in the previous year, you probably learned about well-known blockchain games like Axie Infinity. 


Moreover, the Enjin group provides an additional blockchain convention called ERC-1155.


With it, engineers can make non fungible and fungible tokens.  It is beneficial in gaming, as the engineers can mint the in-game money as a fungible token. Simultaneously, things and characters can be recorded as NFTs. 


To store these ERC-1155 tokens, you should utilize the Enjin wallet, a versatile application for Android and iOS. 


This wallet is extraordinarily adaptable, as, notwithstanding ETH and ENJ, it permits you to store well-known coins like Bitcoin and Polkadot. 




  • Stores Bitcoin, Polkadot, ERC-20, ERC-721, and ERC-1155 tokens 

  • Fingerprint open-element 

  • Multiple functionalities (wallet, commercial centre, dApp program, trade) 




  • Interface could utilize a little work 

  • Support in mobile only.


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6. Coinbase- The Perfect Wallet


Circulated by the widespread Coinbase cryptographic money trade, this wallet has gradually made strides as one of the most mind-blowing NFT wallets available. 


Coinbase is known for its digital currency trade, the first crypto-related business to be recorded freely on the NASDAQ stock trade. 


The Coinbase name is an excellent selling point for novice NFT authorities. The wallet appreciates persistent improvement from a grounded organization. Clients can depend on help from an authorized and controlled organization in the US. 


Coinbase clients can connect their Coinbase Wallet with their exchanging account and effectively move assets from and to the wallet with no additional expenses. 


It has an incorporated dApp program, so you can utilize it to dispatch decentralized trades. For example, Uniswap straightforwardly from the wallet. 


Noteworthy is that this is an ERC-20 wallet in particular, so it will not help Bitcoin or any blockchain other than Ethereum. 




  • Can be connected to your Coinbase.com account 

  • Simple and successful interface 

  • Trustworthy name from a famous organization 




  • Holds just Ethereum-based NFTs 

  • Can't utilize Coinbase's exchanging highlights with the wallet


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7. Kukai (Tezos)


Kukai is an advanced open-source wallet, built on the Tezos blockchain network. Building an NFT wallet with Kukai is easy, just download the app, encrypt the Kukai wallet file with a password; download the encrypted file and you are ready to roll. 


For work areas, clients need private keys to get in, and these keys are put away with complete encryption on their internet browser. 




  • Kukai is an open-source NFT wallet, and everything codes can be freely perused or confirmed 

  • Coupled with the disconnected exchanges, security on Kukai is powerful 

  • Kukai's interface is flawless, essential, and simple to utilize, in any event, for beginners 

  • No stowed away charges or expenses 




  • Kukai wallet only supports Tezos blockchain network





Shockingly, there's no inside and out champ, this time, as every last one of the best NFT wallets has a slight downside that keeps us from suggesting it over all the others. 

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