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6 Top SaaS Companies in the World

  • Vanshika Kaushik
  • Dec 28, 2021
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Working on softwares is so easy these days. Just search for the web results and you are ready to take that one big leap! Design multiple infographics on Canva or use Salesforce to build customer dashboards, the process has never been simpler before. 


This absolutely comfortable access to the softwares is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). SaaS is all about delivering applications on the Internet as a service. 


With SaaS you are no more required to download applications or follow some lengthy installation process. You access software services via the Internet. 



What is a SaaS Company?



A SaaS company delivers the software as a service. In more simple terms a SaaS company hosts an application and provides the application access to the consumers. Users can access the software remotely. 


SaaS provider ensures easy remote access. The software you use for watching videos, for creating posters and presentations are all SaaS companies that are providing users easy software access. 


Various companies are extensively providing SaaS services. Your favourite streaming applications Netflix and Amazon Prime also employ the SaaS model. Let’s get a quick insight of the most popular SaaS companies 


Top SaaS Companies



  1. Salesforce:- 


Salesforce is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM)  Platform that enables IT, Sales, Recruitment and Commerce teams to work from anywhere in the world. 

Salesforce unifies the teams together and provides a specialized platform (Customer 360) that allows different teams to focus on business stabilization, and delivering quality experiences to consumers. 


Established in February 1999 California, United States, Salesforce provides a wide range of software products including Customer 360, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and Tableau Analytics.


Recently the company has also entered digital marketing and is now providing services like email marketing, digital advertising and Business to Business Demand Generation.  


Accenture, American Express, Adidas, Air Asia, Alteryx and Barclays are using Salesforce’s CRM Platform. This Company has immense potential for the future and is expected to hit new heights. 


 Estimated Annual Revenue:- It made an annual revenue of $21.25 billion in 2021. 


Company Valuation:- Salesforce’s current valuation is 215.2 billion. 



  1. Canva:-


Canva, is a designing application that can be used to create posters, certificates, brochures, infographics, invitations and resumes. Canva offers multiple templates to create different forms of graphic content. 


Founded in 2013 in Perth, Australia this application provides specific designs for creation of mind maps, magazine covers, book covers, and wall calendars. Canva provides access to its premium services via Canva Pro. 


While Canva is an excellent application for making personalized invitations. It is now being extensively used by content marketers to design youtube video advertisements, email newsletters, email headers and social media banners and brochures. 


The business shift from product based marketing to consumer based marketing has paved the way for this SaaS products and platform’s growth. 


This designing software focuses on simplifying the design process to allow everyone to bring out their creative self. 


In the content marketing era Canva is giving a push to various companies' social media presence. With an estimated user base of 55 million this application is giving stiff competition to Adobe. 


Paypal, Intel, Colliers International and American Airlines are some top companies that are applying Canva’s designs to push their social media campaigns. 


Estimated Annual Revenue:- Canva’s Estimated Annual Revenue is $184.6 million


Company Valuation:- Canva’s current valuation is $40 billion


Canva's graphic designing tool lets user create designs

Canva’s Graphic Designs lets you create amazing designs 



  1. Twilio:- 


Twilio is an American cloud communications company that enables software developers to automatically make phone calls, and send automated texts. 


Founded in March, 2008 in San Francisco, it provides communication functions like sending and receiving phone calls and communicating using Web Service APIs is also possible via Twilio’s cloud communications platform. 


The company is specialized in providing intelligent customer care, and creating customer engagement. It provides a wide range of services like messaging, programmable voice and email message delivery. 


Its wide range of services include Twilio Flex, Marketing Campaigns, Twilio Frontline and Twilio Segment. Twilio Segment is Twilio’s unique product that provides personalized user engagement and helps in building user relationships. 


It provides services in retail, hospitality, real estate and healthcare. From email marketing to sending picture messages Twilio has it all. Its best in class services can be used for social media marketing and email marketing campaigns. 


Deloitte, Salesforce, Zendesk, Presidio and Perficient are some big companies that are leveraging Twilio’s services for customer interaction. This popular SaaS company can hit some big goals in 2022. 


Estimated Annual Revenue:- Twilio’s Estimated Annual Revenue is $1.8 billion.


Company Valuation:- Twilio’s current valuation is 176 crores USD. 


  1. Hubspot:- 


Hubspot is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that helps companies in delivering interactive consumer experiences. Its cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform combines sales and marketing teams and further helps in shaping a company’s marketing strategy. 


Established in June 2006 in the United States Hubspot focused on SaaS providing SaaS products. Its long list of products include marketing hub software, sales hub software, and  operations hub software. 


The CRM platform by Hubspot provides the right set of tools for businesses. It can give a perfect push to applications by curating customer data and by automating certain business functions. 


Customer Relationship is integral for the success of every business and Hubspot has identified the essence of CRM. 


Its growing business has now expanded to 120+ countries and WWF, Trello, Survey Monkey, SoundCloud are some companies that are using Hubspot’s CRM platform to build engagement with their customers. 

Estimated Annual Revenue:- Hubspot’s Estimated Annual Revenue is $1.2 billion.


Company Valuation:- Hubspot’s current valuation is $26.97 billion.


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  1. MailChimp:- 


MailChimp is an American marketing automation platform that provides email marketing services. Its email marketing services can be used to create email campaigns. It can help companies to bring their business online. 


Founded in April 2001, Mailchimp puts forth a unique idea of marketing. It collocates audience data from different marketing channels which further helps businesses in reaching their customers faster. 


It can provide online presence to the brand via its campaigns. It can help in creating social media landing pages, brand ads, emails and podcasts. 


Currently, 13 million businesses are using Mailchimp to interact with their customers and to pitch new products and services through cold emailing. Its SaaS platform provides creative tools for businesses to get market insights. 


Its AI creative assistant can create designs within seconds. The analytics tools provide mobile reports, campaign benchmarking, survey insights and an automated dashboard for accurate analysis of customer data. 


Estimated Annual Revenue:- Mailchimp’s estimated annual revenue is $133.5 Million.  


Company Valuation:- Mailchimp is currently valued at $10 billion.



  1. Slack:-


 Slack is a business communication software by American software company Slack Technologies. “Slack is your Digital HQ”, it can assist and transform the businesses way of working by organizing spaces called channels. These Specific channels contain the data related to everything at one place. 


When all the data comes jam packed at a single place it becomes easy to access all the important documents in one place. So whether you are looking for an old excel sheet or you are searching for a brand new file Slack has it all. It is the easiest way to coordinate and communicate with multiple teams at the same time. 


Established in 2009, in Canada the Slack tool is now the perfect choice for over 600,000 companies across the globe. Slack’s solutions are right fit for remote work and task management. 


It provides three types of workspace channels: the private one which lets you keep the information confidential and intact, the public one where any member of the workspace can join, the general channel where data remains intact that means it can neither be created nor be deleted. 


Estimated Annual Revenue:- Slack’s estimated annual revenue is $630 million. 


Company Valuation:- Slack is currently valued at $27.7 billion. 






Hubspot’s CRM and Sidekick are enough for companies that want to transform how they attract, engage and delight prospects, customers and leads and want sales technology that matches today’s buying process. - Brian Halligan CEO Hubspot 



Whether simplifying your sales process or building a website, software access is the need of the modern hour. Companies are leveraging the power of technology to build their business. 


In the fast-paced world, softwares are assisting in social media marketing, product marketing , and service marketing are also being aggressively used in Learning Management. 


SaaS is here to stay. This technology has already simplified the way we work, the way we learn and is now revolutionizing the ways in which we build customer relationships. 

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