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6 Use Cases of AI in Metaverse

  • Pragya Soni
  • Apr 14, 2022
6 Use Cases of AI in Metaverse title banner

“With the metaverse we are transitioning from viewing a 2D world looking at the internet to living inside the internet in a 3D world.”

– Dave Waters


Metaverse technology is the latest trend infiltrating the world. It is defined as an expansive virtual space where users can interact with avatars as well as with other digital objects of the metaverse. It helps to mimic the real-life character in the metaverse. In this blog we will read about implementing AI in the metaverse.



What is Metaverse?


Recently, the term metaverse has ruled the environment. The term was first coined 30 years back by Neal Stephenson. The former has used this term for his envisioned lifelike avatars and other virtual reality environments.


In the current scenario, Metaverse has been used to represent the interconnected virtual or digital environment. Metaverse allows billions of people to work, play, socialize and collaborate in a unique way. Before going through the advantages of artificial intelligence in the metaverse. Let's consider the meaning of metaverse.


A metaverse is defined as a network of 3D virtual worlds. The social connection can be simulated through a digital environment. It uses augmented reality as its principal mechanism accompanied by virtual reality and blockchain mechanisms.


The metaverse is a concept related to social media. In the social media or digital world, it creates the spaces for rich user interaction that is almost a copy of real-world processes and methodologies.


Metaverse consists of a wide variety of digital atmospheres from games, meetings, shopping to Cryptocurrency. For accessing metaverse, you have to connect through a virtual reality interface.


Though, the metaverse is growing aggressively. The owner of Meta company, former Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg estimated that it can take more than a decade for metaverse to become a mainstream feature.


The current features of metaverse can be observed through ultra-fast broadband speeds and virtual reality headsets. Sometimes, the researchers also classify the metaverse as a toxic environment.


Metaverse consists of three parts, hardware, software and IoT. Hardware is defined as the physical parts of a computer, while software is the technology that is embedded inside the computer and the internet is the thing that keeps computers connected.


How does Metaverse Work?


Metaverse is a 3D online concept. It is used for virtual space connecting users in all aspects. Metaverse acts as a link to several platforms, it connects multiple platforms, similar to the internet containing different accessible websites through a single browser.


Metaverse works on the principle of augmented reality. Metaverse is used in blockchain-based games and then helps to manage the crypto portfolio. Metaverse is also utilized in the virtual video game world. Recently, it has served as a socialization tool like Second life and Fortnite.


The metaverse also combines different platforms like social media, games, economies, digital identity, decentralized governance and other applications. User creation and achievement in metaverse helps in developing a single, united metaverse, making it a potential for the future technology.


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What is Metaverse Cryptocurrency?


Metaverse is a new game in Cryptocurrency. It is a digital-avatar based universe. Here users can interact, communicate and play as they do in the real world. Similarly, it is helping the investors and bankers to invest via sharing trades and other transactions.


Metaverse is transforming the crypto market. Metaverse cryptocurrency is a platform that is expected to have its own cryptocurrency or tokens. These tokens can be bought and purchased online on the respective platforms.


The key features of metaverse cryptocurrency are as follows:


  1. Digital proof of ownership: Metaverse allows you to improve the ownership of your cryptocurrency wallet. You can show the transcript of your transaction to reflect your accountability. Owning a wallet with access to private keys can give you a secure identity and proof of ownership.


  1. Digital collectability: Metaverse also helps in balancing digital collectability. It helps to validate the original and uniqueness of an item. Metaverse helps to incorporate more real-time activities in the crypto market.


  1. Transfer of value: A metaverse helps in finding a secure way for the transactions of cryptocurrency. Multiplayer layer games are less secure than a blockchain transaction.


  1. Governance: The metaverse in cryptocurrency needs to find a way to implement fair rules and governance. It is important for metaverse companies to elect their leaders and governments.


  1. Accessibility: Metaverse makes the public blockchain the most accessible way to manage finances and preserve a digital identity.


  1. Interoperability: Metaverse helps to improve the compatibility and blockchain interoperability of different crypto platforms. It allows custom blockchain to interact with each other. All a metaverse needs to learn is a technology to connect all these multiple projects.



Role of AI in the Metaverse


AI is the technology that is responsible for making machines think like humans. It is a process that is responsible for embedding the brain and technology in computers.


The applications of artificial intelligence are way more than our imagination. Artificial intelligence has several applications like facial recognition, faster computing, and natural language processing. AI has combined virtual reality and augmented reality to build a smarter and progressive world.


In the metaverse, AI plays a vital role as it is responsible for company's research in areas like content analysis, self-supervised speech processing, robotic interactions, computer vision and whole-body pose estimation.


The predictive nature of AI and its ability to maintain real time data has built the foundations of the metaverse. Metaverse is a fusion of two words, metallic and universe.



Advantages of AI in Metaverse

 Advantages of AI in metaverse :1. Accurate avatar creation2. Digital humans3. World expansion4. Multilingual accessibility5. Intuitive interface6. Self-supervised learning

Advantages of AI in Metaverse

 Here is the list of advantages of AI in the metaverse.


  1. Accurate Avatar Creation


Avatar is defined as the visual representation of non-visual concepts or matters. In simple words, it is an icon of the internet world. AI helps you to design accurate avatars for you by just uplifting the user experience.


AI algorithms analyze 2D sample images with 3D scanners and then formulate a highly realistic simulated image. It analyzes a variety of facial expressions, hairstyles, aging and emotions. Later, it uses and combines all of them to make the avatar more realistic and dynamic.


Talking about avatars we all know how Snapchat creates avatars for its users, it captures a photo and then processes it into a 3D animated figure.


  1. Digital humans


Digital humans are the 3D versions of chatbots. 3D humans exist in the metaverse and are almost similar to humans in functions. They can be defined as AI enabled non-playing characters in a video game.


Digital humans are the landscape of the metaverse and all built using the entire concept of AI. It reacts and responds to actions in the virtual reality world.


The application of digital humans in the metaverse can be seen in different fields from NPCs in gameplay to automated assistants in VR workplaces. And several popular companies like Unreal Engine and Soul Machines are solely invested in this.


  1. VR World Expansion


VR world expansion is the real investment of AI in the field. The AAI engine works with historical data, analyzes the previous data and comes up with different results every time.


AI is expanding into a virtual world similar to the real world. It is providing outputs almost similar to the real world. It trained and practiced to create real life like humans to create entire virtual worlds. More development in the field can help to sustain the metaverse without the intervention of humans.


  1. Multilingual Accessibility


Multilingual accessibility is basically defined as availability of languages for each user. It involves multiple language features. Digital humans use this feature for their languages and communication. Multiple language accessibility allows the language to convert into any language. Only those users can access it, who have been trained well with AI and its applications.


AI also helps in natural language processing. It can break any natural language, for consideration of English into machine-readable format, process the command and then send it back to the user in the original language. And most importantly, this whole process takes less than a second, just like a real conversation.


  1. Intuitive Interfacing


Intuitive interface is defined as an interface that works exactly as per the user’s expectation. For example, we know what a click does, no matter the procedures and protocols.


AI assists in human-computer interactions. For example, if you put on a sophisticated, AI-enabled VR headset, the sensors will allow you to analyze and predict the electrical and mechanical patterns to derive how you have moved inside the metaverse.


Thus, AI helps in recreating an authentic sense of touch in virtual reality programs. It also assists in voice-enabled navigation, so that you can interact with virtual objects and digital humans.


  1. Self-supervised Learning


Another advent of AI is self-supervised learning. It is a method of machine learning. Self-supervised learning can be regarded as an intermediate form between supervised and unsupervised learning. Self-supervised learning is based on artificial neural networks.


Self-supervised learning brings automation in the metaverse. Self-supervised helps digital humans to act like real-life humans. Self-supervised improves the automatic skills of AI algorithms. Self-supervised approach helps AI to learn algorithms and data without any supervision. It employs NLP algorithms as the principal mechanism of progress.



Challenges of Metaverse


Though, metaverse is still updating everyday with new research and operation. Still AI implementations run into some issues.


  1. Ownership: It is the major drawback of AI. The content created is always prone to copyright.


  1. User’s transparency: Transparency is another risk factor of AI. It is always subjected to fraud and fake accounts.


  1. Employment of ML algorithms: It is hard to apply AI and machine learning algorithms in the metaverse interactions.


  1.  Right use of data: Consent mechanisms are another risk factor to the use of data. Thus, the ethical application of data is quite different.


  1. Biased AI: Even in the earlier time, AI has been gender biased. AI algorithms display bias sometimes.


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Though there are few challenges and few benefits of implementing AI in the metaverse. Still, it would be quite difficult to create authentic or engaging content with a scalable metaverse. Recently, all gaming and social media companies are working in close hands with Meta to curb the limitation of AI in metaverse and improve its potential with future respect.

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