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7 Major Industries Impacted by COVID-19

  • Neelam Tyagi
  • Apr 10, 2020
7 Major Industries Impacted by COVID-19 title banner

The bizarre federal health crisis, the coronavirus epidemic, has been listed as a pandemic by WHO on March 11, 2020. The new diseases first identified in Wuhan, China, in December and now known as COVID-19 that proceeds to escalation, initially in China but now the cases also reflected is around 203 countries at the time of writing this blog. 


COVID-19 concerns stretch to clutch the world with an increasing number of people affected and dying. In counting to the human misfortune, there is also an extensive impact on business that will be discussed in the coming section.


The Black Swan: Outbreak of COVID-19


COVID-19 has demonstrated itself to be bulky and abrupt for multiple industries and enduring business models. It's high time for prudence and concern. 

An image shows the impact of coronavirus as the black swan event.

An outbreak of COVID-19 as a Black Swan Event 

WHO is operating jointly with global experts, government authority, and other health management to prepare suggestions to the different countries in particulars of prudent and careful methods.


When one can’t neglect the crisis of COVID-19 in many countries is presumed to become a momentous impact on the global economy inclusive trade, supply chain severance, economic slowdown, logistics, and products.


In order to understand accurately the impact of the coronavirus on the economy of the world, it is essential to inspect its effects by industry.  So, let’s see how!!!


Impact on Industries


Coronavirus is flourishing up the industry and user response on a giant scale, both public and private domains are crawling to curb the extent of the ailment and carry COVID-19 infections. 

Listing the dominating and defeating industries for the short term when interpreting the economy due to COVID-19.

Listing Potential Dominating and Defeating Industries for short-term

When the whole economic outgrowths are yet fuzzy, the impacts of virus and harsh actions being taken to regulate it, are already accelerating changes over industries, here are the implications and changes that the pandemic has introduced on various industries in four dimensions: personnel, operations, supply chain, and revenue including IT technologies, healthcare, payments and e-commerce, education, travel, and manufacturing, etc.


Where few industries like aviation and hospitality have been especially knocked quite severely, other industries that also rely on overall supply chains and manufacturing for their equipment are observing decaying-value edges. 



1. TV and Streaming Industry


TV industry and streaming assistance providers are also heeding vital dips at their decline edges, live sports have always been a decisive aspect in the contented calendar of large scale TV broadcasters and streaming assistance providers. 


But the corona surge has yielded in a remarkable cancellation of all dominant sports leagues as an outbreak relief action like the biggest sports carnival Tokyo Olympics is highly likely to get postponed. 


The streaming industry is suffering from huge deviations;


  • When TV shows and sports called off, streaming assistance providers are facing an excess of content and are timid that this excess of content can cause their customers to opt themselves out of their streaming subscriptions along with the emerging peril of recession.  

  • Sports streaming is likely to give many-billion advertising dollars to the streaming business, but coronavirus led to cancellation or suspension of all the massive sport-events.

  • Although, advertisers are obtaining larger incentives to stir online, when more people indoors and pinning themselves up to streaming and TV,  regular and commercial ads are not rendering any attention, so it compels the shifting of advertisers to the online streaming floor. (Reference source)


2. Chemical Industry


Most of the chemical plants have been shut down, so the shipments and logistics have been constrained. Around a sizable part of the production has been impacted by the interruption in raw ingredient supply. For instance, China is the leading provider of Indigo that is required for denim, business in India also gets hit hence industrialists acquiring their supplies. 


Taking it as an opportunity, the US and UK can try to expand their markets, so few businesses can be redirected to India that can be considered as an asset of improvement.  


3. Electronics and IT Industry


Being a primary supplier in electronics, China provides raw materials and final products in the electronics industry. India might face the supply severance, stock, and composition, lower impact on production cost because of large-dependency on electronic-elemental quantities directly or indirectly and regional production and manufacturing.


IT Industry get affected acutely;


As the major action of lockdown has taken place in multiple locations due to coronavirus outbreak at different timing, it can have adverse effects on the revenue and growth of IT companies. 


4. Travel and Tourism Industry


Traveling is restricted due to coronavirus outbreak, so the inflow of tourists from other countries to India will be dropped that would impact the tourism domain and revenue. 


  • The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) has notified the cut of over 40 million jobs worldwide in the travel and tourism industry due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the industry already faced a quarter slump this year.

  • Travel restrictions could also complicate the traveling of medical authorities and the delivery of medical stock. 

  • The reduction in global travel in 2020 might lead to respective cuts in jobs. In order to regulate it, local authorities also try to eliminate or shorten visas wherever possible, decrease travel taxes and propose incentives once this epidemic is under control.  

Displaying the list of major industries that face severe consequences in TV and Streaming Industry, Chemical Industry, Electronics, and IT Industry, Travel and Tourism Industry, Auto and Manufacturing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Education Industry.

Impact of COVID-19 on major industries


Not at Large-scale, but Other Industries also endure changes


5. Auto and Manufacturing Industry


COVID-19 impact on Indian companies will fluctuate and confide on some extent of business with China and other countries. As China’s business is affected badly, however, ongoing stock of inventory appears to be adequate for the Indian auto industry. But if the closedown in China stretches then it is supposed to the little shortenings of Indian auto manufacturing in 2020.


Manufacturing Industry will experience one of the hardest hit by COVID-19; This sector will be one of the hardest hit by COVID-19, though some factories are starting to come back online as of this writing.


  1. The automobile, rapid-changing consumer products,  and pharma division have been influenced severely because of supply disruption from China. 

  2. A huge impact on the manufacturing workforce as most of the workers cannot work from home that will bound the production unit at huge-scale. Millions of workers cannot go back to their work due to quarantine or travel restrictions. (Source)


6. Pharmaceutical Industry


In contempt of being one of the finest systems of medication exporters in the world, the pharmaceutical industry of India depends massively on the import of bulk drugs. Due to transportation restrictions, it will also be struck.


The pharma industry will observe developed stress on supply chains, but constant demand will secure additional growth. But growth rates will be cheap as unnecessary purchases are limited.


7. Education Industry


The higher education sector is handling positively with the pandemic,

  1. To restrain the spread of infections on campuses, the board of universities and business schools is turning to online conduction of teaching and test-taking.  

  2. Many universities have canceled classroom lessons for a rest semester, and will also suggest examinations from home.      

  3. Universities also prohibited all-university-concerned international air travel up to the end of May 2020. 





Nearly, all the administrations have declared various plans for a scope of economic impetus packages in order to induce hope and reliance on their industries. All the industrialists should have resembled hopefully in this outbreak of COVID-19 and support multiple approaches that can give the power to combat in tough situations.  


The black swan that the eruption of coronavirus has manifested itself to be a reason for plenty of uncertainty and quivering, but as said, uncertainty is the solitary certainty in any business. At last just to say, stay safe and stay healthy. Never miss a single analytical update from Analytics Steps, share this blog on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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