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8 Top Real Estate Startups

  • Muskan
  • Jun 01, 2021
8 Top Real Estate Startups title banner

Real estate caters to the needs that are most essential and inevitable for people. There are such startups which have made available the services in a few clicks for people via the internet with utmost convenience. 


Real Estate is a trending search among students who live away from their homes, work culture engrossed people and simply for the people who are willing to move from one place to another. 

Real estate and property are terms which are often used interchangeably, whereas property can be anything you own immovable or movable, real estate is a property basically a land with buildings on it. 


Real estate businesses flourish by the livelihood of buying, selling, or leasing property, buildings or housing and getting the profits from it. 


So, it will not be wrong to say that infrastructure is needed for a lot of purposes and its demands can never suffice. 

Real estate has been most advertised in newspapers and by property dealers, as such businessmen traditionally dealing with real estate called. However, nowadays the internet has become the most suitable place to find property and cater to housing needs. 

There are a lot of real estate startups which make finding the correct space hassle free via making the best of the technology from the comfort of our homes. Now lets have a look at those.


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Top Real Estate Startups


1. NestAway 

The requirement of renting a home is particularly the  most ‘never going out of requirement’ NestAway was founded in 2015 and is a Bangalore based company with its presence across 13+ cities in India currently like Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai etc. This was co-founded by Amarendra Sahu, Smruti Parida, Deepak Dhar, and Jitendra Jagadev


This idea was evoked to solve the problem of bachelors not being the choice if the homeowners and the exorbitant rents in the decent localities for the homeseekers.
This company works with a business model to provide services for house owners as well as to the house seekers without any brokerage fees and hidden charges. 


However it charges a fixed 12.5% of total rent generated from the home as it’s commission and makes sure that the rent is paid before 5th of every month.

NestAway provides for fully furnished apartments, semi furnished apartments. As well as it provides for all the varieties as per the requirement of the home seeker ranging from 1BHK to 8BHK luxury villas. They operate all this with a mobile application and Their app provides furnished home bookings, services like home cleaning, electric and plumbing checks, 


By now NestAway has acquired StayAboard, Zenify and ApnaComplex and has Flipkart, Tiger Global Management, Ratan Tata, Goldman Sachs, InnoVen Capital, Epiq Capital, Chiratae Ventures as it’s primary investors.


2. PropTiger 

PropTiger was founded in 2011 by Dhruv Agarwala & Kartik Varma. This Gurgaon based company is a virtually operating real estate advisor and a digital marketplace with an exhaustive range of property listings throughout India, however what makes it different is that they provide for site visit, bidet affordability analysis he;ping with selection, application filling as well as guiding through regarding home loans. 


This company generates revenue broadly by online classifieds, advertising and property buying. PropTiger has sold more than 12000 properties which can be  evaluated around $1.2 Billion. 


In November 2014, NewsCorp invested in the company making the company;s way to acquiring Makaan in 2015, which was the first online real estate portal in India.
This company is primarily focussed on building a successful mobile interface as more than 50% of their traffic comes from the mobile only. As well as this the company is focusing on more sales expansion in the impending years. 



3. Colive 


As the name might suggest this real estate firm Colive focuses on providing co living spaces for the people with all the amenities in the urban business and education hubs for young couples, professionals and students. Currently they operate through their website and mobile application.  


This Bangalore based company was founded in 2016 by Suresh Rangarajan K as a solution to the problems that are faced by millennials while seeking housing solutions. Colive works by taking buildings for long terms from builders and franchises  by paying them fixed sums are then converted into coliving spaces andare rented out to the customers on which anything earned beyond the fixed amount is Colives’ revenue. 


As for the future plans,  Colive has launches lined up in Hyderabad, Pune and Mumbai. It aims to scale up from the current count of 25,000 beds to 1 lakh beds till 2021.

The platform's leading investors include Angel Investors, Ncubate Capital Partners and Salarpuria Sattva Group. 


Image Showing Icons of Top Real Estate Startups  NestAway PropTiger Colive Awfis Ghar360 Zolo Stays StayAbode Square Yards

Top real estate startups

4. Awfis


Awfis was founded in 2015 by Amit Ramani, is a New Delhi based company providing coworking spaces. Coworking space is basically a combined area with all the office-like amenities for the people of various companies to work together on their personal and professional projects in a shared space.  


This company began with the idea of organizing the cluttered industry of coworking spaces in India by providing integrated work spaces at affordable prices and hassle free experience. 


This company works by transforming commercial real estate assets into Grade A workspaces. The users of Awfis can book work-desks, private cabinets, business centers, meeting rooms online as per their convenience. 


This concept and the company has been favoured by the people  making it grow from 20 desk equipped centres to 70 of such in just 4 years. This company also provides access to events for the members to cater to their tagline i.e. where work meets life, to have fun while working. 


Awfis has by now raised a funding of $84.4 Million and has found its due place in the rapidly evolving coworking space sector in India. 



5. Ghar360


Ghar360 is a Bangalore based startup founded in 2012 by Ajesh Joy and Sanju Thomas


This is a home designing and buying application and what makes it most fascinating and one of its kind is that it enables the users to get a 3D view of their homes via an integrated augmented reality system so that they can get a virtual tour of the house to get a clear insight of their in house experience. 


This feature also enables the users to make any further changes in the house as per their need and lets them have a basic realistic idea of how the new furniture or the change would look in their house before they buy them. 


By combining the features of architecture, interior design and home renovation Ghr360 is working with a goal of revolutionizing the industry as it does not have any direct competitors in the market. 


This works on a subscription based model and customized packages for the clients where they offer tial packages as well as change additionally for per floor plan post the trail. 

The startup is currently looking for funding to consolidate its market position. 


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6. Zolo Stays 


Zolo Stays is a startup founded in 2015 by Akhil Sikri to provide branded accommodations for students and early professionals. They basically deal with all the kinds of required accommodations to choose from  PGs, serviced apartments and independent flats. 


Zolo works on a business model where they rent 50-70 rooms and they manage the tenet and the amenities that might be needed by them ioth the option of listing property as well where the deemed PGs and apartments can also individually list themselves. 


This has also enabled the option of sharing the rooms for the people who might like this option and also provides for sanitization options, maintenance options for the zoloites. Not just this, PG owners with their listed properties can still accommodate non zolo clients as per their own convenience. 


With the wide grown and reach in the major cities like Delhi, Bangalore,  Kota, Mumbai, Kolkata etc. the company has grown 15% every month in their initial period and by now The company earned revenue by charging a commission on the monthly rent by the tenants. 



7. StayAbode 


StayAbode is a Bangalore based startup founded by Viral Chhajer, Devashish Dalmiya & Varun Bhalla in 2016. This company focuses on providing a space where people can feel that they are the part of a like minded community but also get their private space. 


This work by StayAbode takes up entire building space on long-term leases and then re-works the interiors to convert it to a coliving space and then sub-rent it to their customers via their online portal and application. 


They also charge a fixed rent which covers living and utility expenses and has a defined margin with every landowner which differs from property to property with regard to its location and type. 


They offer fully furnished homes to the young professional mobio=ing in the new cities with housekeeping services, laundry and maintenance work. 

They have until now raised 4 rounds of undisclosed funding for their business. This company is a major competition for other such real estate service providers like Colive, CoHo and OyoLiving. 


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8. Square Yards


Square Yards is a Delhi based company founded in 2013 by Tanuj Shori and Kanika Gupta. The company is a real estate  mortgage company presently working in more than 9 countries.


They work by providing one on one assistance to the clients to guide them throughout the entire process of property ownership like home search, legal paperwork, cyclic payments and even loans required focusing on providing the best services of its kind. 


Despite the pandemic this company is such a widely established one that it managed to sell ovr 3100 inits online worth INR 1600 Crore during the lockdown period only. 


By now Square Yards has raised over $73 Million in 6 rounds of funding and is successfully positioning itself to play a leadership role in consolidating this fragmented  real estate market through technological changes and advanced analytics. 




The real estate market in india is a huge one and a lot of companies are trying to diversify their services and the operational locations to be able to target the major population which will be using their services ideas like co living and coworking had been even as they provide for a new experience and economic way of living are being provided in the form of options by the companies and hence this market is flourishing because buying and mortgaging of the property is never ending. 

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