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After Sale Services: Importance and Techniques

  • Vrinda Mathur
  • May 21, 2022
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What is the primary goal of a business? Profits and customer satisfaction These two goals run parallel and are equally vital. How will you please your customer? Of course, you must provide a product that meets or exceeds their expectations. But is that all?


No, creating a fantastic product is one thing. However, after selling the goods, it is crucial to assist your clients in every manner possible. Even after the product has been sold, a company must ensure that the customer's questions and concerns are adequately addressed. In summary, a company must see after-sales services as equally crucial as selling its goods.


What exactly is after-sales service? Why are they significant? What are the different sorts, and how can a company enhance its after-sales service? In this blog we will answer all these questions. 


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What is After Sale Services?


After-sales support or after-sales service refers to the assistance or services that a company gives to its consumers after they purchase a product from the company. After-sales service is a contemporary and very successful instrument for client satisfaction and retention.


After-sales service, the services and support that a company provides to its clients as part of its customer satisfaction and retention policy after the offering has been sold.


After-sales support, often known as after-sales service, refers to any assistance offered to a consumer after they have purchased a product. A retailer, manufacturer, or a third-party customer service or training provider may provide after-sales assistance. 


Typical examples of after-sales service include warranty servicing, training, repair, and upgrades. After-sales service may also be included in a company's entire marketing plan. Customers may choose a company's products based on its after-sales support, such as Best Buy Co.'s Geek Squad or Apple Inc.'s Applecare.


The second question that may come to mind is who provides customer support or after-sales service. A product passes through several hands before reaching the ultimate user. As a result, the after-sales service may be provided by a manufacturer, merchant, or even a third party.


After-sales service is nearly a required component of every company's total marketing objective. High-quality customer service may boost client happiness and loyalty. However, according to the definition, after-sales service is a "parcel" that arrives when a consumer purchases a product or service from the company.


Why are After Sales Services Important?


Companies who make it easy for their consumers to reach them have an edge over those that overlook this critical aspect of customer service . Customers usually only need to make a fast web search and a few clicks to discover essential contact information. Even if this is the case, gaining contact with a company may take longer or be more difficult than clients would want.


More than 60% of customers would prioritize digital self-service tools for after-sales support, such as a website, smartphone app, or other. And over two-thirds of individuals believe that offering a good customer experience is the most essential thing a company can do to indicate that they appreciate their customers' time.


Why is after-sales service so crucial that companies incorporate it into their whole marketing strategy? So, here's why:


  1. To begin, a high level of after-sales care is an essential component of the "customer satisfaction" mantra.


  1. It unquestionably boosts a company's brand image and increases brand loyalty.


  1. After-sales service improves the trust relationship between the vendor and the buyer. Of course, long-term clients are won via trust.


  1. A good after-sales service can encourage "word-of-mouth" marketing. A satisfied consumer is a walking advertisement for the firm. Positive reviews on social media networks will almost certainly bring in additional consumers.


Customer satisfaction and retention are greatly influenced by after-sales care. It creates loyal customers and raises the brand value.  Customers begin to believe in the brand and stay with the company for a longer period of time. They are complimentary about the firm and its products and services. 


A pleased and happy consumer attracts additional people and, ultimately, more income to the business for a long time. After-sales support is critical in cementing the relationship between the firm and its clients and for profit and sales maximization. 


After Sale Services Techniques 


Some of the most prominent and practical after sale services techniques are as follows:- 

Techniques for After Sale Services:- 1. Guarantee and Warranty 2. Online Assistance 3. Services for Pre-Installation 4. Program of Loyalty 5. User Education 6. Freebies 7. Return/ Replacement 8. Upgrades 9. Benefits and Functions

Techniques for After Sale Services


  1. Guarantee and Warranty


A written warranty is a promise or assurance provided by a company to its consumer that particular conditions, such as product quality and longevity, would be satisfied. 


If a product fails to satisfy any of the specified requirements, it can be returned, repaired, or replaced, depending on the stipulations in the contract. The distinction between a warranty and a guarantee is only a matter of wording.


  1. Online Assistance


This is the most recent form of after-sales service. E-commerce platforms are the most common providers. However, this is not an absolute rule. Almost all international corporations offer a customer service hotline.


The company's helplines are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The firm representative listens to the customer's inquiry and gives appropriate counsel for the customer's convenience.


  1. Services for Pre-Installation


When a product is purchased, it comes with an installation manual. The installation may differ depending on the nature of the product. While some items require highly complex installation instructions, others are user-friendly. 


While certain devices, such as ceiling fans, air conditioners, and washing machines, require technical skill to install, others, such as mobile phones, do not. One of the after-sales services is free pre-installation.


Most businesses give this service for free, with only a handful charging. Providing effective installation services begins with solid customer and customer service interactions. Installation of industrial gear, electronic home products, and copier machines need technical skill.


  1. Program of Loyalty


A customer loyalty program, while considered a sort of sales promotion, may also be regarded as another type of after-sales service because it can assist sustain a relationship with consumers and develop loyalty. 


A loyalty program, in particular, provides customers with benefits like privileges, discounts, and special offers that are not available at the point of sale. It is often obtained by membership via a loyalty or reward card or by subscribing to a mailing list.


  1. User Education


Another aspect of after-sales support is end-user training. This is a critical component in the case of industrial machinery. Even in the case of surgical equipment utilized in operating rooms, it is critical that the doctor be educated on the system. 


Organizations such as St Jude's, Medtronic, and others make certain that end users or doctors in their instance receive effective training. It is critical that user training be offered if the user will be handling the product.


  1. Freebies


Freebies might include free product samples or services connected to a purchased item. Providing such services overlaps with other sorts of after-sales services, such as warranty and guarantee, customer support, mailing list inclusion, and loyalty programs. 


Specific examples include, among others, free repair within a set time frame, no-cost delivery, insurance, product information such as manuals, and free complementing items.


  1. Return/Replacement


Companies give free product replacement for a limited time in the event of any issues. However, some terms and limitations apply. In certain circumstances, the complete device may be replaced, whereas in others, only the damaged element may be replaced.


In the event of a return, the product is returned to the firm, and the consumer is either given shop credit, a replacement product, or the cash is repaid. The rules may differ depending on the firm. For example, Amazon offers returns on practically all things but just a replacement on a few.


  1. Upgrades


This type of post-purchase service is frequently given by electronic or software firms. A famous example is the limited-time updates supplied by software firms.


The constant update supplied to iOS users pushes them to purchase Apple items. These updates are required for the gadget to work properly. Companies use this method to limit the use of their products. The consumer may continue to use his equipment, but it may no longer perform as well as it once did.


  1. Benefits and Functions


Some businesses provide additional benefits and services. In most cases, the product comes with a lifetime guarantee. Companies make their cloud storage systems available for free.


This servicing provides a lifetime guarantee on any malfunctioning machine part. Some businesses provide free therapy and advice to their consumers.


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After-sales service is just as crucial as sales. While it does not create income for the corporation, it does boost the organization's goodwill in the market and among consumers. 


After-sales service is critical for not just retaining clients but also regaining lost ones. After-sales service may be described as the procedures that occur after the product has been sold. Maintenance, advice, and repair are examples of services.


Customers' wants and desires must be met in order for them to promote positive word of mouth. In today's world, positive word of mouth is extremely vital in marketing businesses and products.


After-sales service ensures that products and services meet or exceed customers' expectations. After-sales service covers a variety of actions to determine whether or not the client is satisfied with the items. After-sales service is an important part of sales management that should not be overlooked.


The nature of after-sales support is totally determined by the industry and the product. While some may necessitate installation, others may necessitate cleaning every few months.


The goal of after-sales service is to increase a product's attractiveness and sales value, provide product differentiation, build and maintain relationships with customers, create loyalty, encourage repeat sales from these loyal customers, promote the image of the business or its brands further, and encourage customers to refer the business or its products to others.


Customers who have a negative experience with a product have more avenues to publicly complain than ever before. As a result, businesses should be proactive in reaching back to customers after they make a purchase to ensure that their experience is as positive as possible. 


Reaching out to consumers as soon as possible will help to minimize product returns and public complaints, which can lead to unfavorable public opinions. Such contact should also be ongoing, giving clients the option to revalidate their choice to purchase a product. 


Companies can also make it simple for satisfied consumers to share their product experiences, such as by allowing them to publish reviews, suggestions, and tales on social media. 


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