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Blue Origin - Everything You Need to Know

  • Soumyaa Rawat
  • Jun 16, 2021
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What is Blue Origin? 


Founded by Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon, Blue Origin was established in the year 2000. An American aerospace company that is privately funded, Blue Origin is an aerospace manufacturer that provides airflight services. 


The name of the company is derived from the 'blue planet - Earth'.  Blue Origin's headquarters are based in Kent, Washington, USA, and the company has over 3,000 employees at present. 


With the motto of 'Gradatim Ferociter', meaning step by step ferociously, the company has been in the league to explore outer space for a better future. Currently in news for its space rocket - New Shepard NS-15, Blue Origin has been a tough competitor when it comes to the aerospace sector. Considering the current circumstances on Earth, the company is determined to explore outer space and dig out opportunities for human survival on other planets. 


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Evolution of Blue Origin


Launched on September 8, 2000, the company has ever since then been evolving rapidly.  Established 2 years before SpaceX, Blue Origin aims to rethink space travel and make it more human-friendly in the times to come. 


Throughout its journey of over 2 decades, the company has been focused on making the future of our planet a bit more secure by discovering space and finding resources outside Earth. 


Today, the company is working towards the development of reusable spacecrafts that are safe for human travel and viable for all purposes - civil, defense, and commercial. Started off as an aerospace manufacturer, 


Blue Origin is currently a leader in the field of outer space exploration as its latest spacecraft - New Shepard is all set to be the first private vehicle to space. Even though the company lags behind in the race, it has successfully implemented advanced technologies and is today one of the most renowned aerospace companies in the world. 


As the vision of the company has remained firm, the principles of Blue Origin have also stood by the foundation of the company. 


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Vision and Values 


To begin with the company's vision and values, it is important to understand the motto of Blue Origin. 'Gradatim Ferociter' or 'step by step ferociously' stands as the motto of the company that has been there since the beginning of this firm. 


With a vision to create low-cost spacecrafts for space exploration and develop opportunities outside Earth, Blue Origin has often been committed to the cause with much strength and determination. 


The company fosters the belief that in order to preserve Earth's atmosphere and conserve resources that are left in whatever quantity, it is important for humans to explore resources elsewhere and dig into space for a brighter future. That said, this mission of the company has been the lightning force that has inspired its founder Jeff Bezos to nurture the company so far. 


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Aiming to develop space vehicles that conduct vertical landings and takeoffs, the company has interesting insights when it comes to suborbital and orbital space. 


The origin of the company's vision is inspired by its founder Jeff Bezos who has been captivated by the concept of space from an early age. Sources suggest that Bezos will take over the leadership of Blue Origin as soon as he steps down from the leadership of Amazon. 


All set to launch its rocket-powered space vehicle that is privately funded, Blue Origin is stepping towards success as Jeff Bezos will be traveling to space on July 20, 2021. One of the current undertakings of Blue Origin, the space vehicle New Shepard is one of the most popular news that is revolving around the world like wildfire. Find out more about the same in the next segment. 


"In order to preserve Earth, Blue Origin believes that humanity will need to expand, explore, find new energy and material resources, and move industries that stress Earth into space." - Blue Origin - Mission


Current Undertakings 


One of the recent developments in the firm is related to its space vehicle - New Shepard. Ever since its establishment, the company has been looking forward to the day when humans travel to space in a privately funded spaceflight. Let us find out more about New Shepard. 


A launch vehicle for kickstarting space tourism, New Shepard NS-15 is one of Blue Origin's fully reusable rockets that will travel to space and conduct vertical takeoff and vertical landing (VTVL). 


Named after Mercury astronaut Alan Shepard, New Shepard is the hope for humans to explore space more deeply and look out for a new haven for livelihood.  The first crewed flight to space, New Shepard is a suborbital spacecraft and will accompany 4 crew members - Jeff Bezos and his brother, and two space tourists one of which won the auction and readily agreed to pay a gross amount of $28 million for traveling to space.  


The space vehicle will travel on July 20 and will be regarded as the world's first private space vehicle. Out of all interesting features that exist, the space vehicle is doing rounds in the media for it is reusable and will carry humans to outer space. An 11-minute flight to space, New Shepard is what anyone needs to read about. 


"Taking off from a desert in western Texas, the New Shepard trip will last 10 minutes, four of which passengers will spend above the Karman line that marks the recognized boundary between Earth's atmosphere and space."-New Shepard Launch Site


Future of Blue Origin


Before jumping on to the topic of the future of Blue Origin, we shall first consider the future of space tourism. The ' 21st century space race ' as termed by NASA is progressing well. 


While NASA has been in the space exploration history for many years, many more private aerospace players like SpaceX and Blue Origin have entered the arena. Numerous attempts for outer space exploration have led humans to believe that there may be resources and livelihood present beyond Earth. 


While it is still being worked upon, space tourism has emerged as an exciting realm for the elite classes of the world. From a point where humans could not trace all of the Earth's surface, humans have successfully traveled to space and are now launching tourist vehicles to outer space for small jaunts. 


Thanks to technological advancements and the rapidly developing aerospace sector, outer space exploration will eventually succeed. 


The future of Blue Origin per se majorly relies on its current undertakings that not just involve the Blue Origin rocket - New Shepard but also envision the development of more reusable space vehicles like Blue Origin New Glenn and Blue Moon. 


For instance, Blue Moon is a lunar spacecraft that has varied payloads - small, medium, and large. The lunar lander intends to achieve accurate and stable landings on the lunar surface to encourage human sustenance on the Moon. 


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Another undertaking of the company, New Glenn, is the next big achievement that the company looks forward to. Quoted as the ‘ orbital reusable launch vehicle that will build the road to space ‘  New Glenn is named after a leading astronaut John Glenn. While the future of the company depends on such initiatives, it is sure to say that the journey is not without its own hassles. 


Yet, a persistent determination is all it takes to do the impossible. In the coming years, Blue Origin is going to expand its operations and aim for higher possibilities. 


Struggling to keep up with its competitor Spacex,  another aerospace service corporation, Blue Origin will have to gather all its resources and lead the race soon against the SpaceX Starship. A cut-throat competition is what will decide whether Blue Origin goes out of the headlines or stays in, taking ferocious steps towards space exploration.  


"We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win." - John F. Kennedy


In the End 


In the end, space exploration and space tourism are concepts that are dreams gradually coming true. For a thought that has lingered on in many human minds, space exploration is soon going to expand substantially and become a much wider area of study. 


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As private players step into the sector of aerospace, space tourism is the talk of the town with the current news revolving around Blue Origin’s New Shepard. Launched in the year 2000, Blue Origin is not just an aerospace company but it is also a hope for the future that tends to open doorways to outer space. 


While the world awaits the space tour in the coming month, the universe is calling for a revolutionary breakthrough that will lead to many more in the long run! Beside it, read about current breakthrough technologies.