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Data Analysis in Product Development: Relevance & Techniques

  • Vrinda Mathur
  • Mar 30, 2022
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Analytics is essential in product management for one important reason: product enhancement. Without analytics, product development would be reduced to a series of guesses, and product teams would have no idea how effectively their solutions meet customer expectations.


The practice of analyzing raw data to derive relevant insights is known as data analytics. These insights are then applied to decide on the optimal course of action. When is the most appropriate time to launch that marketing campaign? Is your existing team structure as efficient as it could be. Which client groups are the most likely to buy your new product


Finally, data analytics is a critical component of any successful corporate plan. But how do data analysts transform raw data into meaningful information? Data analysts employ a variety of approaches and strategies depending on the sort of data at hand and the types of insights they seek.


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What is Product Development?


Product development is commonly used to refer to all stages of getting a product from concept or idea through market release and beyond. In other words, product development encompasses the complete life cycle of a product.


Product development is the process of creating a new product or service. It entails a variety of activities such as design, engineering, and marketing. A product development process might take a long time, therefore it is critical to have all of the best individuals working on it.


It is also not something that can be accomplished in a matter of days or weeks. A new product requires a significant amount of time, effort, and money to develop. However, there are some critical actions you must follow if you want to construct an efficient product development process.


When you understand product development in this context, you can see that it is not synonymous with product management, despite the fact that the phrases are frequently used interchangeably. Product development, in fact, does not refer to a single position at all.


In some organizations, the term "product development " may refer to the implementation team, which is made up mostly of developers, engineers, and possibly quality assurance personnel.


However, when it comes to personnel, the house should see it as more of an overall process or strategy for bringing items to market, which involves numerous teams across a corporation.


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Role of Data Analysis in Product Development


Data and information are rapidly rising; the rate of information expansion is so rapid that the information available to us in the near future will be unpredictable. Data is produced by hundreds of users, corporations, and sectors as a whole. Try to figure out what you'll be losing if this data, not big data, but the data you've gotten from your firm, is wasted.


Metrics measurements and analytics insights assist product teams to make informed decisions about improving product functionality or adding features. They would have no idea if the adjustments adopted were effective or even necessary unless they measured and analyzed the results. They'd be flying in the dark.


The five most important rules of analytics in product development and management are as follows:

Role of Data Analysis in Product Development1. Viability of the Product, 2. Product Selection, 3. Product Development Tracking, 4. Inspiration of Product Development

Role of Data Analysis in Product Development

  1. Viability of the product


A number of analytics tools can be used to validate product concepts, assisting developers in testing, learning, adjusting, and retesting in order to accelerate the product design and launch process.



  1. Product Selection


That is, well-informed Decision-making has become more objective, dependable, and timely as a result of analytics. While intuition based on experience and expertise may and should be used in product creation, it can and should take a back seat to objective data.



  1. Product Development Tracking


Product analytics can advise team members about which features are and are not working. Analytics is essential in developing an accurate product roadmap that can tell you where your product is now, where you want it to go (what you want it to be), and how to get there.



  1. Inspiration for Product Development


Analytics may assist jump-start innovation and keep an existing product viable for a long time. When used in conjunction with qualitative methodologies, quantitative analytics can provide a more comprehensive perspective of a product. 


They allow product management teams to make the kind of targeted enhancements and tweaks that will help sustain the product's value and extend its lifetime.


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Why is Data Analysis Important in Product Development?


Data Analysis will help your marketing efforts succeed in the long term by allowing you to identify new potential customers and prevent wasting resources on targeting the wrong individuals or sending the wrong message. 


You can also track customer satisfaction by reviewing your clients' feedback or the effectiveness of your customer service department. From a management standpoint, examining your data can help you make business decisions based on facts rather than mere intuition. 


One of the most important components of analytics is modeling and visualization, thus in order to advance, you must first comprehend the subtleties of the process as a whole.


Previously, data processing required a large number of expert analysts, however we now have tools for conducting high-speed data analytics on vast amounts of data, giving entrepreneurs the possibility to include data analytics when making decisions


For example, you can learn where to invest your money, identify development prospects, forecast your income, and deal with unusual events before they become problems.


Effective data analysis assists firms in making business decisions. Businesses now collect data in a variety of ways, including surveys, online tracking, online marketing analytics, collected membership and registration data (think newsletters), and social media monitoring, among others.


Here are five reasons why we believe data analysis is essential for prioritizing the best product development options:


  1. Get a better 360-degree view of the Customer


While a completely connected view of the client may still be more ambition than reality, and presume that such claims are the result of ambitious sales or marketing, advanced analytics technologies can assist you in getting there. 


Quickly constructing a query that combines customer and user data can provide insights that neither data source can provide on its own.



  1. Increase your Data Preparation Versatility


While most firms consider data preparation and analysis to be independent universes, we have discovered that there is a growing need to move seamlessly between prep and analysis. When you construct datasets on the fly, or when you move them into R or Python for a different method, data prep occurs. 


You need a lightweight and flexible technique to ready your data if you want to explore other avenues that weren't clear when you started your study.



  1. Recognize that the Data you have is Flawed


To extract answers from the data you have, you must be quick. It's likely insufficient, but you'll only be able to expand on it if you're willing to undertake a good lot of clean-up and validation before you begin. 


You'll certainly discover that events are incorrectly classified or that the data model does not incorporate a new release. Product data is always changing. Recognize that there will be iterative rounds of refining.



  1. Collaborate to take Benefit of Data held by other Parties


Other departments have consumer data dimensions that can help inform product decisions. It is ideal to use an analytics platform that allows you to simply share and collaborate on analysis. Product teams lack perspective until they examine product health metrics alongside sales, marketing, and customer service data.



  1. Switch back and forth quickly in Early Analysis


You'll be going from iterative analysis to rapid visualization to prototype at first, and you'll want to make sure you're on the right track. Finally, you want to update your present Business Intelligence tools or construct data apps for long-term operations that address the majority (or most prevalent) questions from stakeholders and other end users. 


The lessons learned may need to be applied to similar models such as marketing lead scoring or customer success health scores. Consider this to be the transition from investigation to monitoring.


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New Age of Analytics in Product Development


Advances in data management, cloud computing, and practically every business and organization's enthusiastic adoption of Big Data are ushering in a new era of product analytics. The data and insights it generates are powering a revolution in new product development procedures and approaches.


  1. It is now possible to improve product development and success chances by categorizing and analyzing key characteristics of previous product successes – characteristics such as customer involvement level, salesforce collaboration, and key metrics to model the relationship between product development factors and eventual product success. 


  1. The trick is to collect important product development qualities data and connect it all to market success. This can be difficult because most of the data pertaining to customer demand and response, as well as competing reactions, is located outside of the firm.


  1. Regardless of its drawbacks, the potential of product analytics is incentive enough to use it for your next product development project. Analytics are crucial for informing you about the status of your products, from development through launch to customer satisfaction.


  1. Product analytics can disclose the cold, hard truth about your product's capabilities and functionality, as well as how customers actually use it. Analytics provides you with the most complete view conceivable, allowing you to create the finest product possible.


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Product development is an iterative, organic, and continuous process. Product teams strive to understand their users and the role the product plays in their lives: this may be measured in terms of value (e.g., for a trading application that is literally used to generate profit for traders), or some other metric that is closely related to the product's purpose.


In business-to-consumer applications, data analytics is required (B2C). Organizations compile data obtained from customers, enterprises, the economy, and practical experience. After acquiring the data, it is processed and classified according to the requirements, and analysis is performed to investigate purchasing trends, among other things.


Product teams are continuously looking for chances to improve their product so that it better serves existing use cases or can start to service new, potentially adjacent use cases as their consumers' needs change and evolve, sometimes in drastic new directions. 


Product teams concentrate on identifying product-market fit early in the product life cycle. Once that match is proven, the emphasis shifts to improving the user experience and generating greater value, whether for users, the business, or both. Updates are proposed, prioritized, produced, launched, and rolled out. 

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