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Different Types of Advertising

  • Harina Rastogi
  • Feb 02, 2022
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“A good advertisement is one which sells the product without drawing attention to itself.” – David Ogilvy


There are multiple ad campaigns that we see on a daily basis. The aim of these campaigns is to spread awareness about the product and give the right information to the right people at all times. These campaigns are useful to attract new customers as well as keep the old customers happy. 


Maintaining a healthy relationship with both new and old customers is equally important. Which campaign is best suited for a company will depend on the audience it is likely to target. Along with it the campaign needs to be cost effective. The revenues generated through the campaigns should be greater than the cost. 


Businesses should form a proper group of experts that will understand the target audience and design a proper advertising campaign based on their preferences. 


For example- if the targeted niche prefers a particular social media site then the company should deliver the campaign on that particular site so that more people see it and get information about the product. 


So, the type of campaign that is used for advertising plays a very vital role. In this blog you will read about different types of advertising and relevant examples of each type.


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Types of Advertising


One can be as creative as they want while designing the ad campaign. There are so many different types of advertising that are mentioned below. It is rightly said that-


“A good ad should be like a good sermon: It must not only comfort the afflicted, it also must afflict the comfortable.” – Bernice Fitz-Gibbon

The image shows the Types of Advertising which is mainly - Radio, Television, Online Advertising, SMS, Product Placement, Outdoor, Emails, Newspapers, Magazines, Directories, Catalogs and Theatres

Types of Advertising

  1. Television


Television ads will never go out of fashion. Sponsors use matches, tournaments and what not to show their ads between breaks and sometimes during the game. With the help of internet ads are shown during live tournaments as well. Television will always be one of the most reliable ad sources. In television we see infomercials as well. 


They are similar to ads but provide social messages to the public for awareness. Like vaccines, HIV campaigns done by the government. Television ads are very costly. Right from hiring famous people to shooting a lot of money is spent on these ads.


  1. Online


Online advertisements also known as digital ads are types of messages that are converted through the internet. Since a decade online advertising has become more popular. Sites like Google and Facebook earn majority of their revenue through ads. 


This type of advertising is very useful as we can target any age group or person online. It is also one of the best cost effective ways of advertising. The only disadvantage with online advertising is that people often don’t click on the ads. They either close the dialog box or ignore them. 


Also, a proper technical team of experts is required to design an online ad and put it on different social media and online platforms. But still it is one of the rapidly growing advertising types.


  1. SMS


SMS ads are advertised through mobile phones. Because SMS language is short and crisp the user is given all the relevant information in limited words. But this was before the internet. Now, with the help of the internet it is easy to send ads through messages to a large number of people at once. 


Pre-designed message templates are prepared and sent on the mobiles of people. Experts claim that in near future SMS ads via the internet will be the most crucial advertisement strategy adopted by companies.


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  1. Product Placement


It is a form of covert advertising. These ads are a little different then the normal ad. The audience can see the people in ads using the products but the product is not mentioned. Such ads can be seen in movies as well as TV shows. 


For example- Samsung, Apple are some brands whose ads are covert. You can see the person using their products in the ads without mentioning its name.


  1. Outdoor


This type of advertising is done to reach large masses. Usually in metros, buses, trains, hoardings, cinemas ads are given. Since huge masses of people use these services this type of advertising is popular. People can see these ads while using them. It can be done for a very long period and is very effective.


  1. E-mail


Emails are one of the best types of advertising now. Because emails can be personalized based on individual requirements. Emails can help in developing a more personalized relationship between company and customers. 


It takes a lot of effort to make sure that people read these emails and they do not go into junk mail. It is not a very costly mode.


  1. Newspaper


Newspapers contain so many different ads and information in it. You can find jobs, matrimonial sections, sports and what not in it. Before the internet and e-newspapers became popular people purchased newspapers daily. 


Some still do but it is not as effective as before. E-newspapers also have ads in them but the feel of newspapers in hands and those crisp pages is still missed. Types of Newspaper Advertising includes both Display Advertising and Classified Advertising


  1. Magazine


There are many periodicals and magazines that people subscribe to. These are delivered either weekly, monthly or fortnightly. On the pages of such magazines you will find the ads. 


Either on the corner or the whole page will have the ad. There is a very expensive brand that uses magazine ads called “Rolex”. Apart from it you can find many apparel brands, cosmetics and beauty products in these magazines. 


  1. Directories


In earlier times people were familiar with telephone directories. These directories have to be updated regularly in case you change your phone number, address or anything else.


You can add all the services, business related information in the directories. It is not a very popular mode but if your market prefers directories then you can go for it.


  1. Catalogues


This includes brochures, handouts and other leaflets that are handed to people outside malls or other places. They are used to promote a specific product or service. You must have seen many coaching institutes, hotels and salons using this type. They distribute these handouts to people in parks and malls.


  1. Theatres


In cinemas we see so many different ads and infomercials. Before the movie starts, during interval and after the movie ends so many ads are shown. These are very costly just like television ads. 


Moreover people cannot skip them. They have to see the whole ad as they wait for the movie and they have paid for it. Companies are using this type of campaign in order to make sure the audience gets all the information without any interference.


  1. Radio


Radio ads are sent through the radio waves. Mostly audio messages or jingles are advertised through radio. People can listen to the whole ad. 


This form is not very popular now as radios aren’t very used nowadays. But still there are some people whose morning routine starts with the radio. For them this form is quite reliable.


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Today companies have a wide variety of options for advertising their products. Ads reach people through TV, SMS and other sources. From the previous traditional modes we have shifted to many new types of advertising. 

Print media and digital modes have also clubbed together. Digital mode of advertising is also widely preferred by companies. Because of this digitization companies are able to ensure that they are able to satisfy the target audience and effectively carry out all the ad campaigns.

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