Gaming Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Technology

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  • Aug 30, 2022
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Not so long ago consoles’ games in pixelated screens were more than we could wish. Today, looking back at that time and remembering some particular games that were on top, it is obvious that a giant leap in the gaming industry has been made. What is more, the industry continues to grow, expand, attract more and more investors as well as to lead an ongoing evolution.


This is what intrigues all game lovers the most. What innovations can be expected in the gaming industry in the near future? How gaming trends will shape the future of technology? After a few decades, when we look back at the present time, will we also be amazed by the huge technological leap? 


Although it is difficult to answer these questions unequivocally, below we will discuss several categories in which this progress can be expected. Let us have a look!


Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality


Augmented reality is an interactive experience, when the environment that surrounds a game player is used for a game. Such a game requires a camera-equipped device as it is a tool to blend digital content with the details of the real world for the game. One of the best game examples where Augmented Reality was used is Pokemon GO. 


Virtual Reality creates a three-dimensional experience which makes the game player feel that everything he sees or feels is real. For Virtual Reality games a Virtual Reality headset is required.


Since the gaming industry is based on new experiences, the strength of experiences, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are great ways to develop such innovations. Therefore, there is no doubt that over the years they will have an increasing importance for game developers and the development of future technologies as well.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence was started to be used in gaming more than 70 years ago. Yet its importance has grown over the years as the ability to record a player’s actions and to predict what he or she is going to choose to do in future is a key to the success of a game in a way.


This is a huge challenge for game developers as they have to maintain a balance. On the one hand, don't make a game that is too easy. On the other hand, it cannot be too difficult and can only be overcome by professionals. Therefore, Artificial intelligence requires a lot of psychological knowledge and a strong team in order to seek the results expected. Thus, there are no doubts that Artificial Intelligence will remain relevant in the future.


Cross-platform games


These have become extremely popular since COVID-19 pandemic as they offered a way for people to socialize with each other. Such games as Call of Duty, Minecraft, Rocket League, Fortnite and other games have increased the numbers of their daily active users as well as their stock price.


That is why cross-platform games have a lot of potential for further growth, if only game developers are able to exploit it. Especially since modern technology makes the game possible to access any region you would reside in. There are no more barriers to play, even if the other player is on the other side of the world.


Mobile gaming


Having in mind that a smartphone has become a device that one could not imagine his life without it in the recent decades, it is hard to believe that the situation could change. A phone is used not only for making phone calls or texting but also for taking photos, filming, surfing the Internet, taking care of your health and much more. In other words, a smartphone has become like a device that combines a computer, photo camera, mp3 player, pedometer and many others.


The increased importance of this device had a positive effect on the gaming area as well. Today, it is estimated that more than 2.5 billion smartphone users regularly play games on their phones. These numbers are expected to grow, which means that the gaming industry is rapidly expanding into the mobile environment. What is more, this will definitely affect the decisions of the game developers when making one or other decisions about the games they are developing.




These are taking the stage from broadcasts of sports competitions. More and more people, especially the younger generation, prefer watching video games competitions between professional players. Such trends also suggest that the importance of esports will grow in the future. Also, the prestige of players will increase and offer a promising career opportunity for future generations.


In this way, the game industry will inevitably grow, and even greater challenges will await game developers as well. However, the growing interest on a global scale will not allow this opportunity for the growth of the gaming industry to be missed for sure.

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