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How is AI used in Email Marketing?

  • Harina Rastogi
  • Jan 02, 2022
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Companies market their products using advertisements, social media posts, blogs and promotional articles, newspapers, etc. They always look for something that will catch people’s attention. In fact this is what an ideal marketing strategy should be. 


Even when there are hundreds of products in the market companies should make their products the outstanding one.


Digital marketing became more commonly used after people understood the power of the internet. Many times you will see some promotional activity on your facebook page. Sometimes on your Whatsapp you will find some promotional messages. Recently I found one of medibuddy, they provide pharmacy services to people during covid.


Likewise there is email marketing. Companies are constantly improvising the means and accommodating AI in their marketing strategies to reach out to maximum people at once. You will learn about most of the aspects of email marketing below.


What is Email Marketing?


It is direct marketing of products or services of the company through emails. It is also a type of digital marketing. Through email marketing companies provide the latest information about their products. 


It is considered very effective as most people check their emails almost daily. These promotions usually pop on the top of your emails.When you open them you can click on the image or the link provided in it and you will be redirected to the website.


Not only it promotes the product, but it also helps the companies in generating potential leads. A relationship is built between the customers and the companies through this form of digital marketing. 


Are you aware of the first ever email? It was sent by a computer engineer named Ray Tomlinson. You might wonder what he sent and to whom. He actually sent some numbers and alphabets. He was also the first person to introduce @ symbol. Thereafter began the era of emails and email communication. 


There are many advantages of email marketing. A survey in 2015 has shown that if a company spends $1 on emails then the return they get is $38. Can you see how much power email marketing has? The ROI you get is 38 times of what you spend.


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AI in Email Marketing


AI helps the machines perform cognitive tasks better than humans. You can adapt AI in any kind of technology like machine learning, deep learning, language processing, metrics etc. AI in email marketing is another aspect of the use of AI. It will help the companies in the following ways:


  • Write the subject.

  • Write paras in email.

  • Personalized emails to clients.

  • Improve the sending time.

  • Create email newsletters 


To learn about the importance of AI let us take a basic example: You can communicate with a virtual assistant like Siri just like you are talking with some other person. How is it possible? It is all because of AI.


AI can analyse a large set of data (numbers too). It uses various techniques to extract insights from your data as well as customer data. You can get more info about the customer behavior. AI will help in making predictions and it will recommend certain things that will increase the scope of marketing and attract more customers.


Newsletters can also be generated via AI. Newsletters are also a part of email. Many tools are used to make special and effective newsletters. They are reports on the activities and products of business. 


They are sent to specific customers, members or employees of the company. Often referred to as “grey literature” they are an effective way to engage customers into buying the products of a company. 


AI has allowed generation of smart newsletters as well. People are confused that newsletters and emails are the same. In reality newsletters are more detailed and are in report forms. They are a part of email marketing technique.


Here is an example of a popular newsletter- Moz Top 10.  This marketing company issues some mind-blowing newsletters about SEO and different digital marketing techniques in the market. They send emails to people ( 2 emails per month) with information and news articles so the members don’t have to go anywhere else to dig.


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How does AI improve the technique of email marketing?


There are 2 ways in which AI will make your email marketing technique better. Those are:


  1. Lower the costs


With AI you can launch various campaigns with full efficiency. The tools that you will use during email marketing will make it better, efficient and effective. All this will reduce the cost. Moreover, the companies have to bear the initial setup cost and installation costs only. After that they can have a smooth ride for a long time. 


  1. Increase the income


Just like mentioned above the average ROI you get with email marketing is almost 38 times of what you spend. So, the cost involved will be less and the revenue generated will be more. 


Companies can use the click rates to generate more revenue also. Whenever a customer clicks on the link intentionally or by chance the click will add in revenue.

The marketers need to prepare a marketing strategy based on what they wish you achieve through email marketing and how AI can improve it. Once they are successful the overall results will be amazing. 

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How does AI improve the emails you send?


AI can help companies to draft emails. Some of these emails have to be sent to special customers and a personalized email needs to be generated for them. AI will also help in generating a personalized email. Let us examine how AI can draft emails for us.


The subject lines are written through tools like Natural Language Generation(NLG). These tools write better than humans. These tools will analyse the company’s objective, understand the brand, understand the needs of customers on a larger scale and then draft the perfect email which people cannot resist many times. 


The deep learning tool used in AI will help companies to generate a personalized email for special customers. This tool will analyse the particular individual or segment or group and find out their needs by analysing the past trends and data. Once that is done a perfectly drafted personalized email will be generated. 


Personalized emails help in engaging the customers and developing the relationship. AI tools also help in generating phrases for the subject of emails.


With AI tools your chances of reaching the target audience increases a lot. The needs and demands of the audience plays an important role in a company's marketing strategy. AI has enabled them to reach out and engage the audience. With AI there are hundreds of combinations that you can use to reach the audience. Let us see how.


  1. Breaking the existing campaigns into smaller ones


By using AI advanced tools in email marketing your current campaign can be restructured and broken into smaller ones based on different needs of different sections of the audience. Once the campaign is re-structured the emails will be sent accordingly. It will increase the chances of targeting maximum customers in one go.


  1. Reduce the sending time


AI tools will help you to optimize the time of sending emails. It will also ensure that each customer gets the email in minimum time.


  1. Clean the outdated emails


AI tools help in arranging the emails based on the time. It implies that all the outdated emails will be deleted from the system. Also, timely revisions will be done on customer databases( like names, addresses, phone numbers and orders.)


AI in email marketing can be a boon to the companies as it will send the email to customers on the right time. It will pop the message when the customers are most likely to engage in it.

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