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How is Big Data Analytics revolutionizing the Casino Industry?

  • Pragya Soni
  • Oct 14, 2021
How is Big Data Analytics revolutionizing the Casino Industry? title banner

If you are a Hollywood fan, you might have watched Casino Royale, or even in a Bollywood movie like Teen Patti and Tollywood creation like Lie. The common thing in these three movies is obviously the casino scene. 


Isn’t it amazing how a handsome hero rolls a die in the game, bets on a number, and earns a humongous reward amount? While the hero departed from the scene with the heroine afterwards, we as the audience kept wondering about the game and the profits. Later, we move on to enjoy the rest of the movie thinking that it was a mere good luck of the hero. 


Was it just good luck or something else? Is there any shortcut to win the casino or any gambling bet? Are they just some casual games or can mind and technology make you win it? In this blog, we will read about the Role of Big Data Analytics in the Casino Industry. 



Big Data Analytics and Casino Industry


What is Casino?


Casino is a gambling and betting game. It can be cards or roulette. It is a place where players win or lose money after betting on a particular number or anything. It is usually built around luxury places like hotels, bars, clubs, etc. 


The first origin of the casino is identified from Venice, Italy, in 1638. Casino includes a variety of games such as craps, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, video poker, cards, etc. And not every form is a chance of luck. But it involves AI and technology.


During the pandemic, the casino industry has revolutionized to a great extent. Like other industries, casinos also involve big data, AI, analytics, science, and technology. 


What are big data analytics?


In layman language, big data may be defined as collection of vast data from different resources. The data is collected from different networks of the globe. It includes all kinds of data like structured, unstructured, organized, and unorganized data.


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And big data analytics is defined as the process of analyzing the collected data. After the process facts and rules are derived from the data. These derived facts are later used by the users to ensure maximum benefits. 


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Advantages of Big Data Analytics in the Casino Industry?


Big data helps the players to build strategies, it ensures cyber security, it know about player preferences, and tailored marketing in the Casino Industry.

Advantages of Big Data Analytics in the Casino Industry

Though, big data is transforming many sectors of science and technology. Big data supports industry in many ways like ensuring risk management and playing strategies. The ways in which big data is building casino industry are given below:


  1. Provides information about other competitors


Big data can help in providing information about key competitors. Big data studies the behavior of consumers on different websites. You can analyze these facts to play safe. Not only other users, but even gaming companies also use these facts for following purposes:


  1. To know which game gamers prefer the most.


  1. To track the region where there are a maximum number of gamers.


  1. To outperform the competitor sites.


  1. Big Data helps to create effective game strategies


As the casino industry is revolutionizing day by day. Earlier, there were just offline casino games. But from the last few decades, online casino games have also developed. Now, the casino industry has a global share. 


There are several tools online that track online global tournaments. There are even famous YouTube classes to learn about casino fundamentals and tricks. Users can learn from the strategies of other users. They can learn by practice matches.


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For example, Daniel Negreanu’s new artificial intelligence system, trackers for global poker tournaments, etc.


  1. Tailored Marketing


Tailored marketing is one of the biggest advantages of big data.


Tailored marketing comprises two terms, tailored and marketing. Just as a tailor stitches the clothes according to our body size and need. Tailor stitched clothes fit better than readymade clothes. Right? 


Similarly, tailored marketing is the technique of advertising. It helps the companies to target and tailor their promotion to a particular kind of customer. 


The specific target is set on the basis of personal data of customers, i.e., age, gender, or demographic information. The ads are then launched on different platforms. Big data helps in tailoring the content for gaming sites and operators.


  1. Cuts down operation costs


With tailored marketing big data reduces the extra operational costs. Big data analytics organize and optimize different platforms. Thus, helps in creating an informed market. 


Gaming operators further use this data to reach a wider base of clients. Big data analytics make it easier for the operators to understand a visitor's profile.


  1. Create user-friendly sites


Big data helps the operator to understand and analyze the user’s profile. This further motivates companies and operators to build engaging games. Obviously, the company does this to increase their own profit scale. 


But indirectly it also benefits users and gamers. As they can have their game more customized as per their interests. Thus, big data helps in creating a user-friendly site.


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  1. Enhances cyber security


In earlier days, casinos often lost money to the cheaters. Fraud gamers use different plagiarized ways to defeat others. Now, big data helps in detecting scammers. 


Game floors nowadays are more consistent and transparent. For example, NORA is a reliable anti-fraud system. Cyber security is one of the most healthy advantages of big data.


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  1. Helps to increase savings


By preventing money loss to frauds. Big data helps firms and operators to save big money.



  1. Identification of demographics


Big data helps to identify demographic and topographic features. It helps to understand operators which age group or gender group like what kind of games. This further helps the designers to design more customized content for the users.



  1. Help to know about player preferences


With tailored content, big data helps the operator to know about an individual player preference.



  1. Supplies information related to online gambling


Big data fetches the data related to online gambling to the users. This further helps the users to build their playing strategies in accordance with their opponents. 


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  1. Detect loopholes


Big data helps to detect crucial sites and act in the game. Thus, big data analytics acts as a security guard of the casino industry.


A way forward

Casino or gambling has its origin in India, from the age of Mahabharata. If you have ever read or seen Mahabharata, you might remember how the elder son of Pandu, Yudhistra lost his kingdom, pride, and even wife in gambling. 


The entire Pandava family lost their pride due to the immature playing strategy of the elder brother. Gambling is obviously a risky task. But still, Sakuni mama won the match because of his mind and tricks. 


So, playing at a casino can be rewarding and rewarding when tricks and algorithms are applied. You can use the mentioned advantages of big data to gain more profit. Casino industry is growing day by day. The future of the industry is eccentric yet  profitable. 


With the advent of AI and big data in the casino industry, a benchmark is already set. Though there are the sectors where improvement is required. Like even the raiders can use big data as the means of attack. Central legalization can solve the issue a bit. 


The global government should take measures to legalize the casino industry. As the casino industry not only profits the individuals but can also be helpful to grant a nation’s economy. This could happen when efforts and rules are made on the central level. As an individual you should analyze your risk factors and then program your game strategy.


Happy gambling!

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