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How can NFT change the world of Photography?

  • Harina Rastogi
  • Feb 23, 2022
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“People are buying and selling NFTs today and 99% of people in this world are not aware of this billion dollar market and this opportunity is really a once in a century opportunity.” ― Anuj Jasani


If we speak simply then NFT’s are just images that can be saved with a right click of your mouse. Then why do people purchase it? The real motive behind buying NFT is to get its ownership. This concept is not very much known to everyone but in the future there will be a time when every person will have NFT.


NFT and photography are two areas which have combined to give an amazing result. Many people are passionate about photography and want to make it their profession. NFT gives a platform to talented and young artists to feature and sell their best clicks to people across the globe. 


Obviously ownership doesn’t mean getting copyrights of someone else’s photographs but you will get the proof of authenticity which is more than sufficient. As quoted by Anuj Jasani- “Once 100% of the artist become NFT artist and start buying, selling and creating NFTs, NFTs will become the most useful digital asset on the Internet.”


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Can Photographers use NFT?


There are many popular photographers which have used NFT to add value to their portfolios by making the biggest sale of their career. For example: A Michigan based photographer Bryan Minear used NFT to sell 5 of his photos which ranged from $200 to $2500. It took him nearly 10 minutes to sell all of his 5 photos. He is a landscape photographer and like him many people have sold their creations. 


While sharing the experience Bryan Minear said that- “It’s not like a life-changing money, but at the same time, when you go so long just creating for the love of it, and then you finally have that moment of validation, like somebody loves your work that much they’re willing to spend some money on it, it’s kind of incredible.”


The reason he chose NFT was because the crypto market will stay for a long time and in future people will find the need to be on it. It is a myth that NFT is a bubble that will pop soon. In fact it is the opposite. 


NFT will give an opportunity to all the budding photographers to put their foot forward in the right direction and kick start their journey and continue their passion. Once they upload or sell something on NFT it will last forever with their name embellished along with it. No matter who resells it, the name of the creator will always be there.


Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are providing platforms to share content like photos with a large audience but artists are not able to make money by sharing their work. NFT on the other hand is giving them what they need. 


On social media it takes time to monetize everything. But in NFT it takes less time in fact 10 minutes are enough as you read above in the case of Bryan Minear.


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How to kickstart your journey in NFT as a photographer?


NFT’s is a great platform for photographers to get wider- audiences, collectors and people that appreciate art. So if you are a landscape photographer, fine arts photographer or any kind of photographer NFT is the future for you. Here is how you can kick start your journey on NFT.

Steps on how to make and sell NFT for Photographers?ResearchStrategyPlatformCreationFeesFollow Up

Steps on how to make and sell NFT for photographers


  1. Research


You need to spend some time researching the market. Look for different NFT sites and what people have put forward. How much is the price offered and booked? Go through some articles and blogs about NFT in Photography. 


You will see different ideas and what is in trend. Do not feel discouraged or demotivated by the stuff posted by others. Always have an open mind and be open to new ideas as well.


  1. Strategy


You have to strategize about everything. Starting with the photos that you will display. Will you put all the photos or some unique ones? 


You have to decide it. Once you have decided with the photos you need to jump to the pricing part. At what price you will offer the photos. Based on your research you have to decide the prices.


  1. Platform


There are multiple sites where you can post your stuff. You have to find a suitable platform for your photos. A platform where you can post your themes and share your creations. One which is popular and regularly visited by collectors. You can try Superera, Wazirx and even OpenSea.


  1. Creation


Once everything is done, it is time to upload the photos. This process is called minting and it requires you to give details about the following things:


  1. Description for your artwork.


  1. Your selling mode. Whether you will auction, or have a fixed price or a combo of both.


  1. Your method of selling i.e. ethereum or bitcoin.


Most people use ethereum but there are crypto lovers as well. Minting is a very important stage. 


  1. Fees


Every platform will charge you a fee called “gas”. This fee will depend on the demand of the piece and will go up or down depending on it. Some platforms charge fees before uploading like Wazirx while others charge after you sell an item.


  1. Follow up


Once you have posted a photo you have to get publicity and promotions so more people are engaged. You can share on your social media handles and tag the platform or even tell your friends to share your experience further.


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Following these steps will help you develop a strategic path when you want to go to NFT to sell your photos. It is a great platform for photographers as no one can alter, modify, hack or delete any of your stuff.

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