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How is Myntra Using AI?

  • Vanshika Kaushik
  • May 25, 2022
How is Myntra Using AI? title banner

What if I told you that the T-shirt you are wearing is machine made, and its AI and not the designers that have carefully crafted the design; this might be unbelievable for some but Myntra has made this a reality. 

Yes you heard it right, Myntra is making use of AI, to design T-shirts, kurtis and jeans. Fascinating, intriguing and a whole new concept right.


Now you might want to know how this is possible and if you are  geeky; you might want to know more about the fusion of Tech and Fashion so let’s understand step by step how Myntra is making use of AI for designing apparels. 



The Fashion GameChanger- Myntra


F in Fashion stands for Fast and Myntra is embracing this Fast Fashion concept in a whole new way, the biggest game changer in the Fashion realm “Myntra” was founded in 2007 by Mukesh Bansal, Ashutosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena. 


What started as a personalized gift shopping hub in 2007 transitioned into the Fashion and Lifestyle market in 2011. In 2012 Myntra offered products from over 350 international brands and Indian brands presently it follows a Business-to -Customer (B2C) model. 


Fast forward to 2021 this e-commerce brand currently offers more than 1,50,000 products from 1000 brands and is making a profit of Rs. 1,719 crores (as on November 22, 2021). 


Myntra has brands like Mango, Vero Moda, and Van Heusen and well now with machine made designs from Myntra’s very own Moda Rapido and Here and Now, the company is set to hit its profit targets in the financial year 2022. 

This image describes how Myntra is making use of Artificial Intelligence

How Myntra is using Artificial Intelligence


How Myntra use AI to Design and Customize Apparels 



Myntra has embraced the AI revolution and is putting this new age Technology in use in a variety of ways. Along with AI the company is also making use of Augmented Reality to design “Talking T-shirts”. 


The futuristic technologies like AI and data science and augmented reality has enabled Myntra to level up the competition. 


Following are the 4 ways in which Myntra is making use of AI:- 


  1. Moda Rapido:-


Moda Rapido is the “computer generated” brand at Myntra. Moda Rapido is an entirely automated brand. For designing purposes the AI models are trained by feeding the data. 


Myntra has access to data from websites like Flipkart and Jabong. With a huge amount of data from Myntra’s customer records, bestsellers, social media popularity, the computer creates a mix of multiple combinations and further analyzes on its own which design can be the “next bestseller”. 


That means the computer is scanning data, creating designs, and even finalizing the best combination all on its own. 


“No Humans Involved in the Designing Process” is how it is going. Previously Myntra was making use of AI to shortlist the “best selling designs”, meanwhile Fashion designers used to design the latest T-shirts, kurtas by mixing the best selling designs with new ones. 


But at Moda Rapido everything is automated and even people are excited to hop on this new trend. The computer generated brand made 50 crores that too within the first few months of its release. With the latest advancements in AI Moda Rapido is sure to hit new highs in the upcoming years. 



  1. Generative Adversarial Networks:-


 In simple words Generative Adversarial Methods refer to a machine learning model, where two neural networks compete with each other to analyze the variations in a particular dataset. GNA’s are helpful for multimodal query. With a large amount of data pouring in the e-commerce websites at times it is difficult to get the desired product results, and this is when GAN’s come into play. 


Conditional GAN related methods are used to show the accurate search results. So next time when you type “pink socks with stripes” and use image plus text search for getting the desired results on Myntra know that this search operation has been made possible by GANs. 


For training the GAN the machine learning model is fed with different types of data, this data helps the ML model to differentiate between similar products. The GAN’s are trained to learn the differences, for example the GAN model is fed with data to understand “black T-shirt with white stripes” and “ black T-shirt with cross check” are two different product categories. 


So next time when you wonder how the Myntra application shows the right product category you know Generative Adversarial Networks are scaling up the game. 




  1. AI Based Return System Sabre:- 


The fashion world is extremely dynamic so what is in trend today might be a thing of the past tomorrow. Returns are hence an indispensable part of the fashion industry with different requirements in terms of size, design, colours customers often tend to return apparels more frequently in the fashion industry. 


Myntra follows a 30 day return policy, so if the product is not the right fit for you, you can exchange it within 30 days. 


Checking out the real and genuine exchange cases is a big deal. For this purpose Myntra use Sabre, an AI based return system. This return system is fed with the customer's shopping history and return details. It analyzes the data to make a list of customers that are very frequently returning products with no genuine reasons. 


The list is further assessed by humans and the customers that are too frequently returning orders with no genuine reasons are further contacted to inquire about the reasons of return. 


In a collaboration with Google researchers Myntra has also developed an AI based system that can “predict whether the customer will return the product or will keep it”. The uniqueness of the machine learning model lies in the fact that even before a consumer actually buys the product, the model will predict whether it will be returned or kept.


Myntra’s product return rates varies from 12 to 14% it classifies the returns in different categories based on its AI return system Sabre. 



  1. Collaborative Filtering:- 


Collaborative Filtering technique is a way to understand the user preferences based on the collaborative choices (or preferences of the past users). In simple terms the review recommender system suggests the products that have good reviews and are among the best selling categories. 


For the fashion industry what looks best is always preferred fast and at times consumers come up to shop for a different T-shirt/ kurta/ dress and end up buying something else. Myntra recommends similar products to the consumers that lead to quick conversions.


The most boring task of all is to choose what to buy. Consumers often tend to get bored of choosing the right fit for them. 


Myntra’s recommender systems suggest similar types of products so let’s say if you come up for “purchasing a black cardigan “ its recommender system will also display the results of “brown” and “blue” cardigans alongwith the black ones. 


Collaborative Filtering is extensively used to suggest similar products in terms of slightly different colour combinations and slightly different designs. Myntra also use content based filtering and historical product attributes like fabric, sleeve type, designs, colours, patterns for personalized suggestions.


Myntra offers personalized recommendations based on users historical data. The recommender system filters the data and further analyzes it to provide personalized product recommendations. 





The bigger goal for us is to build an AI-based fashion platform which continuously produces insights and churns out customer-loving products in real time. Consumption is moving from plan and buy to on-demand across industries. Seeing the mobile revolution kicking in, the pace of change is faster than ever before. The customer today is a curator and creator. By using data science and AI, we are able to give real time responses.”-  Ganesh Subramanian, Head of New Initiatives – Myntra


The e-commerce market in India is expected to reach US $ 111.40 by 2025. With some big players like Amazon, Flipkart and Nykaa the e-commerce industry is set to hit some big records in the upcoming years with futuristic technologies like AI, data science and machine learning coming into play; the future of e- commerce industry is surely bright. 


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Myntra is using the new age ways to maximize profits and it is also setting some high standards for other Fashion based companies. With technology setting in the Fashion domain, the fusion of Fashion and Tech will indeed rule the future.

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