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How POPxo is Using Technologies?

  • Soumyaa Rawat
  • Apr 11, 2021
How POPxo is Using Technologies? title banner

Table of contents


  • Digital Days of the Beauty Industry 

  • Introducing POPxo- A Pioneer in the 21st century

  • Marketing Media- The Modern Way 

  • Online Operations: The Path to technological advancement

  • Conclusion 



Digital Days of the Beauty Industry


The coming of the digital age has offered many challenges and opportunities to the masses. From firms to films, companies to commoners, almost everyone is hit by the digital wave where the internet seems to have occupied a much larger space in people's lives. 


What's more, the unprecedented arrival of Covid-19 pandemic triggered the usage of the internet by manifolds. The digital transformation of the beauty industry has eroded the otherwise offline market that pushed levels of beauty industry growth ahead.


Rather, it has pushed the beauty industry on virtual platforms where customers and companies can carry on their business as usual. While the earlier days included beauty brands welcoming their customers through offline means, today, the scenario is much different. 


In the contemporary days, the digital days of the industry have brought in a twist. Through online means and virtual tours, customers are now readily able to select their desired product from a range of thousand such products without even needing to step out of their beds! 


Such a transformation has only proved to be a boon for the world. More than that, it has also helped such businesses to flourish through both, online and offline ways. This transformation is, in fact, an excellent evolution. 


As social media is the new trending mass media platform, the beauty industry has indeed generated an online market through various social media platforms that have only triggered their sales and helped them become popular. 


One such beauty brand is POPxo


Led by its founder and CEO- Priyanka Gill, POPxo is a virtual platform inclined towards women and related issues. Launched in the year 2015, POPxo moved on to become one of the most renowned digital spaces for women, by women, and to women! 


One of the most successful digital platforms in business, this firm is also committed towards women empowerment and reportage of women-related issues. Furthermore, the company has burgeoned by manifold over these years, thanks to an enthusiastic workforce and a much better foundation. 


Promoted over social media platforms, POPxo has gained a huge momentum of popularity in recent times due to its unique ideas and style of marketing and money-making. 


Divided into several categories like popxo beauty, popxo fashion, the platform serves women belonging to urban and semi-urban areas of the nation.  


Introducing POPxo- A Pioneer in the 21st century


The 21st century is when social media platforms emerged and people began using them to connect, contact, and communicate. The digital wave of social media has perpetually motivated the masses to formulate virtual communities and converse over various issues. 


As social media platforms grew in terms of popularity and fame, many businesses like POPxo benefitted from this digital wave and influenced the masses to join along! A pioneer in the 21st century, POPxo has emerged as an extremely popular platform that intends to bring out the best in the women's community. Though the question still remains, how?


Here are some ways that POPxo has achieved success with the help of technology and has inspired many such businesses in the process.


  • Creating a common space for women


As women empowerment is on the rise, the world is walking towards a common space where women can raise their voice, come together, and find solutions to their problems. 


What better way it would have been to launch a digital platform for women? POPxo, as experts believe, launched itself at the right time when the country was just awaiting a platform of this ilk. 


By creating a community where women could read issues that caught their attention and urged them to rethink societal organization, POPxo gained popularity by just offering its followers a safe space to raise voice and come closer in the virtual era. 


Topics like beauty, sex, lifestyle, fashion, wedding, and wellness, and so on are actively talked about on the platform as the team generates some thought-provoking content about such categories.


As popxo beauty instagram and other such handles too gained popularity, the team perceived the type of trends that the masses were responding to. 


As Priyanka Gill herself claims, "Today the consumer is living on her mobile phone. And to reach them, you have to do so by the mobile phone and platforms that are prevalent there."  POPxo CEO Priyanka Gill 


  • Combining technology with trade


When it comes to the company's economic growth and development, POPxo has aced the task of combining trade with technology. The first such venture to enter into the sector of offline trade, POPxo successfully obtained its fundings from launching its offline retail trade with the help of merchandise production. 


This alone helped it gather enormous popxo funding and that it became successful overnight and collaborated with many popular icons to produce best-selling merchandise. 


Thus, combining technology with trade proved to be a great move for the firm and as it turns out, it still is! More such initiatives over these 5 years have only helped the firm succeed and flourish as it stayed rooted to its customers. 


  • Churning information instantly


Another way that helped POPxo pioneer the 21st century digital transformation in the beauty industry is that the firm tends out to churn information instantly. Led by a journalist, POPxo officials are trained to have hands-on writing and editing experience so that they are able to produce information the moment it becomes public. 


So, whether it is about a celebrity rumour or a film that has just hit the box office, the POPxo team is all set to provide its version of content to its followers. The churning out of information instantly is also empowered by the internet, that is known for connecting people from different corners of the world within seconds. 


As the internet is the go-to mass media for almost everybody, such platforms call for instant infotainment with respect to a 24-hour news cycle. In addition, as content is regarded as the top-notch requirement for such businesses, it becomes a necessity to add creativity and innovation to content so that it instantly captures the viewers' interest and compels them to pay heed to what's going on. 


Here is a short clip by the founder itself to help you understand why content is the "king" for digital businesses. 

Marketing Material: The modern way


Another realm where technology has helped POPxo to gain success and fame is marketing. The way the company has carried its marketing so far is immensely representative of the current scenario and totally justifies its virtual values. 


As the internet became a thing of recent times, social media platforms gave way to digital marketing wherein companies hired professionals who could promote their products and services via digital platforms. 


Similarly, POPxo followed a strategy of this ilk and led on to market itself in a much more innovative way. One way that it aced this task too is that it rather hired digital influencers who could help the film promote its services and products. 


These digital influencers were already budding celebrities on social media who helped the company kickstart its marketing management by using different digital marketing methods. The marketing media, in this case, were social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. 


Much before when Instagram had been launched, Facebook was already assisting website owners to market their websites on its platform. Thus, POPxo's founder Priyanka Gill adopted the same way and established her own digital marketing strategy: the modern way of marketing. 


So, when Instagram made its way, she was sure to make the platform’s marketing more innovative and creative. 


Moreover, the platform accommodates a vast collection of content that is yet another reason why the marketing stint of this firm is on point. Engaging trending topics and accompanying creative content is what drives marketing towards huge success. 


Likewise, when the POPxo team worked towards its content creation skills, these factors played a major role in promoting the firm and its platform altogether. 


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Online Operations: The path to Technological Advancement


The way a business runs tells a lot about the company. So when Priyanka Gill decided to run her operations online, her business was sure to succeed and fly high! 


Adapting to the high-end digital domain and operating an entire business over an online portal, the company came up with various processes and committed itself to make the whole venture a one-of-a-kind stint. 


Walking towards technological advancement, the firm, as the official website puts it, "is India’s largest online community for millennial women to read, watch, shop and hangout". POPxo - India's Online Community For Women


A challenge in its own way, online operations for the firm were also burdened with the issue of content creation and marketing the services. Yet, as we have quite well understood, the team managed to pull off a beautiful game out of all challenges and that is the reason why again I'd like to mention that POPxo is a pioneer in the beauty industry and one of the most successful online businesses in India. 


Not only has it adapted to the technological terrain of the currey scenario, but it has also become a leader by building a business model that is both blooming and brave! With over 10 million users on a monthly basis, the company boasts of a grand fandom comprising women who belong to urban and semi-urban areas of the country. 




In conclusion, POPxo is the biggest online venture that aims to form an all women’s community that empowers women to raise their voice and represent their opinions rather than being frowned upon or shut down.


From fashion to beauty, the platform accommodates a vast variety of content that helps the firm to reach out to more than 10 million users on a monthly basis. That said, the firm is a true pioneer in the beauty industry that has successfully adopted technological advances and combined technology with trade to put out a fancy show for all its users. 


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There is no brainer that the firm is a success in all terms, yet what surprises us the most is that the firm has very well clubbed technology and trade and managed to gather tons of followers from all around the country.