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Marketing Strategies Used By Supermarkets

  • Vrinda Mathur
  • May 14, 2022
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It is no secret that supermarkets have historically spent enormous sums of money promoting their companies in the aim of increasing customer spending. You can create an effective marketing plan that increases sales and profits by taking into account consumer and societal behavior.


The social behaviors and customer behavior method is based on the idea that where there is a will, there is a way, and in order to spread the word about your supermarket, you will need to understand how your customers belong to a specific social group that will assist you in creating hype about your marketing campaigns. The steps that they may desire to do may assist you in raising awareness of your supermarket and driving sales.


What is a Marketing Strategy?


A marketing strategy is a company's overall game plan for reaching out to prospective customers and converting them into clients of their products or services. A marketing plan includes the value proposition of the organization, important brand message, statistics on target consumer demographics, and other high-level aspects. 


A comprehensive marketing plan addresses the 4 Ps of marketing - product, price, place, and promotion. A coherent marketing strategy should focus around the firm's value proposition, which conveys to customers what the company stands for, how it functions, and why they should do business with it.


This gives marketing teams a framework to use for campaigns involving all of the company's goods and services. Walmart (WMT), for example, is generally known as a bargain retailer with "everyday low pricing," and its business operations and marketing activities are based on that concept.


A Marketing Strategy is the long-term planning of the company's commercial objectives. To attain these goals, it is critical to carefully select precise activities to strengthen the reputation of products and services or enhance market sales. 


Taking advantage of chances is critical for locating the target market and retaining consumers so that the company's positioning improves. In order to accomplish positioning among consumers and fulfill customer and organizational relationship loyalty, it is critical to identify how you wish to position the product/service in the market. 


A well-defined marketing plan must be founded on the firm's value proposition, which informs consumers about what the business stands for, how it operates, and why it is worthy of their confidence.


Marketing teams are given a foundation for making choices throughout the company's services and products. Walmart (WMT), for example, is renowned as a bargain retailer that delivers "everyday cheap pricing," and its business operations and marketing efforts are centered on this premise.


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Strategies used by Supermarkets

Top 7 Strategies used by Supermarkets;- 1. Free Samples 2. Instant Delivery 3. Caps at the ends 4. Liner at Check Stands 5. Food Waste Reduction 6. Crating Stir 7. Slow Music

Top 7 Strategies used by Supermarkets

Every year, supermarkets spend a lot of money on marketing efforts to figure out how to entice customers to purchase more. They seek techniques to tempt more purchases using behavioral, social, and economic psychology — and you may not even be aware of it. Pay attention the next time you go grocery shopping, and keep an eye out for these supermarket marketing ploys to avoid.


With massive changes on our doorstep in the supermarket retailing industry, we will argue that supermarket pricing wars will end and that remaining businesses will pivot to a greater value proposition and convenience offered to gain both market share and share of wallet. 


Below we’ve listed some of the marketing strategies adopted by Supermarkets :


  1. Free Samples


Most people are uncomfortable taking anything without offering something in return, and grocery retailers are well aware of this. When the pleasant little women bring you samples of energy drinks, protein bars, or vegetarian chips, you might feel compelled to make an additional purchase to balance things out. Pay heed to this instinct and only purchase the thing if it truly excites you.


  1. Instant Delivery


This is one of the most effective marketing methods employed by supermarkets. Customers nowadays have established an atmosphere in which they expect to pay for items and receive them instantly. Traditionally, the quickest and easiest method to accomplish this has been through retail businesses. 


However, as a consequence of digitisation, mobile-first consumers, social media, the introduction of new digital channels and supermarket tactics, and simple access to the internet, customer behaviors have changed, and consumers are altering how they acquire their daily food.


  1. Caps at the Ends


It's difficult not to notice the large, obnoxious displays at the ends of each aisle. You're probably thinking that these products are on sale, new, or somehow fantastic to have such excellent real space. However, end cap products are sometimes overpriced due to their prominent location.


  1. Lines at Check Stands


Does your grocery shop constantly seem to have a queue at the checker? It's not a result of poor planning, but of design. Supermarkets understand that the longer you spend near the costly candies, gum, beverages, and magazines, the more likely you are to purchase anything. Resist the temptation.


  1. Food Waste Reduction


Food waste has long been a major issue, not just from an environmental standpoint, but also from a financial standpoint. Ordering, receiving, refilling, and managing inventories all cost money. As a result, it is preferable to sell it rather than toss it away.


All contemporary grocers are currently working hard to reduce food waste, launching a variety of initiatives such as contributing to food banks, using circular economy strategies such as Woolworths' "bread" beer, and launching active food waste diversion programs.


  1. Creating a Stir


By building buzz on social media sites, you can keep your consumers engaged in your grocery. You may target a certain brand by launching a Twitter campaign. This strategy will succeed because individuals trust other users more than they trust pages like ForClerk. This is extremely useful while preparing to launch.


In this instance, you should concentrate on ensuring that the marketing leaves your clients happy. You may make it very evident that your items are trustworthy and valuable in the globe.


  1. Slow Music


Dreamy, languid music lifts your spirits and causes you to stroll more slowly. The more time you spend at the grocery store, the more goods you will buy. Wear headphones and listen to your favorite cheerful music to combat the slow pace, which will push you to walk quicker rather than slower.


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Case Study of Big Bazaar The Fastest Growing Supermarket in India


BIG BAZAAR is a well-known retail brand. It has now become a brand image in the private retail sector. Wal-Mart is a chain of retail stores in the United States that is well-known across the globe for its trendy and economical products. Big Bazaar may be described as the Wal-Mart of India, with a network of over 100 retail locations.


The Indian retail industry is undergoing one of the most frenetic marketing campaigns in history. Companies are competing to win the hearts of their customers. There is always a "first mover advantage" in a new industry. In India, "BIG BAZAAR" has this benefit. It has resulted in several changes in the purchasing habits of consumers as it provides products at lower rates as compared to the market  


4 Ps of Marketing at Big Bazaar


  1. PRODUCT: Big Bazaar has the greatest selection in every product category. The product is the same in every store in town, however Big Bazaar has more brand alternatives and the quantity for each product is not restricted to huge packs alone. The retail chain's goods include its "own items," which have a ready distribution network.


  1. PRICE: In a competitive sector, price is everything. Big Bazaar operates on a low-cost basis. It claims its low pricing to be its unique selling point. In comparison to their MRP, all goods have an average discount of 6-8 percent.


Product prices are inexpensive since it can obtain stock straight from the manufacturer. There are significant synergies in bulk purchasing, shipping, and central warehousing. All of these criteria help businesses keep their prices low.


  1. PLACE: The location of the business is referred to as its place. Big Bazaar has always worked in low-cost areas. Its location is aimed towards the semi-urban populace. Its approach is to choose a low-cost site and to avoid city hotspots. It depended on advertising initiatives to compensate for unappealing settings. 


  1. PROMOTION: Big Bazaar has huge promotion budgets. The overarching goal of all ads is to persuade consumers to buy in quantity. There are two sorts of huge bazaars promoting tactics. 


The first is advertising, which promotes the brand and raises public awareness of it. It is not intended to promote individual stores, but rather to promote Big Bazaar as a low-cost shopping choice.  


The business has been promoted on TV, at road shows, and has launched a reality show-style advertising campaign called "The Big Bazaar Challenge." 


Promotions such as "Sabse Sasta Din" (Cheapest Day) are a very effective method for achieving good outcomes. Goods in categories such as furniture, electronics, kitchenware, clothes, and food products are available at the lowest possible costs, with enticing promotional programs.


Marketing Strategy of Big Bazaar


Big Bazaar has introduced a new marketing approach based on guerrilla marketing. Guerrilla marketing warfare techniques are a form of marketing warfare strategy that consists of a long succession of tiny strikes that employ surprise and hit-and-run tactics to wear down the adversary. 


Attack, withdraw, and hide, then repeat until the competition goes on to other markets. Guerrilla forces are organized into tiny units that assault the target at its weak points. In today's world of fierce rivalry, corporations adopt an extension of the same marketing technique.


Corporates such as Pepsi, Coke, and others have been using it for quite some time now, and the most recent entrant is our very own 'Future Group'- Big Bazaar, Future Bazaar, Pantaloons, and e Zone are all part of this group, and they are taking on the biggies such as Shoppers Stop, Lifestyle, and Tata's Westside. 


In order to do this, Future Group has created three clever and cheeky ad campaigns that certainly attract our attention and that one cannot not but appreciate.


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A marketing plan is a company's overall strategy for reaching potential customers and converting them into buyers of its services or products. 


A marketing plan incorporates the company's primary value proposition and key brand messaging, demographic data on target customers, and other high-level aspects. A well-planned marketing strategy will incorporate "the four Ps" of marketing: product pricing, location promotion, price, and place.


The ultimate goal of a marketing strategy is to build and communicate continuous advantages over rivals by understanding their clients' wants and needs. It makes no difference whether it's a printed ad style, mass customisation, or a digital strategy marketing tool; what matters is how well it communicates the company's key value proposition.


Market research may help determine a campaign's performance and find untapped customers to reach lower-cost targets and enhance revenues.


Knowing your competitors and knowing that what you provide to your clients has the additional value that the competition does not have are essential for an efficient marketing plan.


There are numerous ways to make marketing strategies effective, therefore it is crucial to focus on the most significant communication channels (traditional and virtual media) and to be able to carry out the plans with good strategy implementation follow-up.


Consumers are increasingly turning to the internet to do their shopping. Retailers must adjust to shifting patterns. Large supermarkets are not regarded as beneficial or handy by consumers. The era of the mega-supermarket is over. 


For the first time in twenty-five years, consumers and shoppers are returning to basics and seeking a local high street experience. They desire stable pricing (fewer promotions), niche / specialized offers, smaller local stores, and an engaging 'in-store experience.'


Smaller retail locations, as well as improved stock inventory management systems and delivery networks, will decrease the existing over-reliance on bulk stocking, package pricing, huge discounts, and purchasing more for fewer value propositions.

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