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The Process Breakdown of Predictive Modelling

  • Ashesh Anand
  • Jan 11, 2023
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A new generation of data mining methods and technology called predictive analytics uses previous data to forecast future patterns. By adjusting their resources, firms and investors may take advantage of potential events and deal with challenges before they become serious ones thanks to predictive analytics. It can pinpoint your income growth or predict customer behavior based on what they've done in the past.


A mathematical model's analysis of historical data that has been entered into the system can result in operational adjustments that are suitable. Anyone may create a competitive predictive analytics model using Python due to the simplicity of the language and the Python framework's recent development.


You've probably seen long lists of things you need to accomplish in advance if you're planning to employ predictive analytics for admissions, enrollment, student success, or any other institutional objectives. However, these hardly ever acknowledge the work you've previously done with your data. The good news is that if you use data in any way—whether it's through ad hoc data requests, internal or external reporting, SIS or LMS extracts, or any other means—you're already "accidentally" getting ready to develop a model.


Predictive modeling and its technique will be thoroughly covered in this article. Later, we'll show you how to create a productive predictive analytics model with the Python framework and the resulting output.


How does Predictive Modeling work?


A technique called predictive modeling makes use of mathematical and computational approaches to foretell an occurrence or result. An equation-based model that explains the phenomenon under study is used in a mathematical approach. Based on changes to the model's inputs, the model is used to predict an outcome at some point in the future. 


The model's parameters offer explanations for how the model's inputs affect the result. Examples include time-series regression models for forecasting airline traffic volume or fuel efficiency forecasting based on an engine speed versus load linear regression model.


Because it relies on models that are difficult to express in equation form and frequently require simulation techniques to produce a prediction, the computational predictive modeling methodology differs from the mathematical approach. Because the structure of the model does not shed light on the variables that link model input to the outcome, this method is frequently referred to as "black box" predictive modeling. 


Examples include employing bagged decision trees to forecast a borrower's credit score or neural networks to determine which winery a glass of wine came from.


Predictive modeling is defined as: is the process of creating, processing, and validating a model that is used to predict the next events and outcomes using well-known data. Regression and neural networks are two of the most popular methods for predictive modeling. Time series data mining, decision trees, and Bayesian analysis are additional methods.


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Importance of Predictive Analytics in Fraud Detection:


In the past ten years, corporations have increasingly used predictive programming. Businesses use predictive programming to find problems and opportunities, anticipate customer behavior and trends, and improve decision-making. One of the frequent use cases that highlight the significance of predictive modeling in machine learning is fraud detection.


Combining several data sources makes it easier to identify anomalies and stop illicit activity. Real-time remote analytic capabilities can enhance fraud detection scenarios and boost security effectiveness.


Fortunately, not every application necessitates building a predictive model from scratch. The models and algorithms used by predictive analytics tools have been thoroughly tested and are suitable for a wide range of use scenarios.


Techniques for predictive modeling have evolved over time. We can do more with these models as we add more data, more powerful computation, AI, and machine learning, as well as analytics as a whole advance.


The top five models for predictive analytics are:


  1. Classification model: 


It is thought to be the most basic model and classifies data for an easy and quick query answer. To answer the query "Is this a fraudulent transaction?" would be one example of a use case.


It functions by classifying objects or people based on common traits or behaviors, then developing more extensive plans for each group's strategy. An illustration would be assessing a loan applicant's credit risk based on the prior behavior of those who were in a like or identical position.



  1. Forecast model: 


This model is fairly common and is based on learning from past data. It may be applied to anything with a numerical value. The algorithm consults past data, for instance, to determine how much lettuce a restaurant should order the following week or how many calls a customer service representative should be able to manage each day or each week.


  1. Outliers model: 


This model examines unusual or outlying data points. For instance, a bank might use an outlier model to spot fraud by determining whether a transaction is out of the ordinary for the customer or whether an expense falls under a specific category that is typical or not. 


For instance, a $1,000 credit card charge for a washer and dryer at the customer's usual large box retailer would not raise any red flags, but a $1,000 purchase of luxury apparel somewhere the consumer has never charged any other things could be a clue of a compromised account.


  1. Time series model:  


This model assesses a time-based series of data points. For instance, the number of stroke patients admitted to the hospital in the previous four months is used to estimate the number of patients the hospital can anticipate admitting throughout the course of the coming week, month, and year. As a result, a single statistic that is measured and compared across time has greater significance than an average.


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The image depicts the different steps involved in Predictive modeling which are Get Data, Preparing data, Train the model, Test Data, and Refine.

Steps involved in Predictive Modelling


Predictive Modeling: Process Breakdown


Predictive modeling functions as follows:


  1. Data collection: 


The process of gathering data may consume a lot of your time. However, your forecasts will become more precise the more data you have.


You'll have to work with data from many sources in the future, therefore all of that data needs to be approached uniformly. Therefore, gathering data is a vital step in making informed predictions. Make sure your firm has the right personnel in place and that you have the necessary infrastructure in place before doing that.


The majority of data scientists, it has been noted, spend 50% of their time gathering and exploring their data for the project. By doing this, you'll be able to recognize your data and connect it to your problem statement, which will help you develop more substantial business solutions.


  1. Data analysis: 


Dealing with the enormous amounts of data that data scientists analyze is one of their biggest concerns. Performance depends on selecting the ideal dataset for your model. In this situation, data cleaning is necessary.


To make our data sets more effective and useable, data cleaning involves removing redundant and duplicate data.


Data conversion necessitates some data preparation and modification, enabling you to gain insightful knowledge and make crucial business decisions. The aspect of cleaning and filtering will also need to be taken into consideration. When data is stored in an unstructured format, like a CSV file or text, you may need to clean it up and organize it before you can analyze it.


  1. Feature engineering: 


A machine learning technique called feature engineering extracts features from unstructured data by applying domain expertise. In other words, feature engineering uses statistical or machine learning techniques to convert raw data into desired features.


You may already be aware that a "feature" is any quantifiable input that may be used in a predictive model, such as an object's color or a person's voice tone. Effective feature engineering techniques result in an optimal final dataset that contains all pertinent information that affects the business challenge. The most precise predictive modeling tasks and pertinent insights are produced by these datasets.


Different predictive analytics models, including classification or clustering techniques, are available. Predictive model construction starts here. We use a number of algorithms in this stage of predictive analysis to create prediction models based on the observed patterns.


Numerous libraries in open-source programming languages like Python and R can effectively aid you in creating any type of machine-learning model. Reexamining the current data to see if it is the proper kind for your predictive model is also crucial.


For instance, do you even start with the right data? The marketing and IT teams frequently have the essential data, but they are unsure of how to best present it to a predictive model. Existing data can be reframed to alter how an algorithm anticipates results.


  1. Performance estimation: 


We will evaluate the effectiveness of our model in this step. Think about evaluating your prediction model's reliability and accuracy using the test dataset. Repeat the feature engineering and data pretreatment procedures until you get good results, even if the precision is good.


Here are a few examples and actual use cases of how different businesses are utilizing predictive models to speed up workflows and increase profitability.


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Examples of Predictive Models:


Here are a few examples and actual use cases of how different businesses are utilizing predictive models to speed up workflows and increase profitability.


  1. Retail: 


Predictive analytics supports retailers across several geographies with inventory planning, dynamic pricing, performance evaluation of marketing campaigns, and selection of the most suitable tailored retail offers for customers. 


Staples has realized a 137 percent return on investment by studying consumer behavior and improving its understanding of its clients with the aid of prediction algorithms.


  1. Healthcare: 


By utilizing healthcare data, the healthcare sector analyses and projects future population healthcare needs using predictive analytics and modeling. 


In the healthcare sector, predictive models assist in identifying actions that improve patient happiness, resource efficiency, and cost management. The healthcare sector can enhance financial management with the help of predictive modeling to improve patient outcomes.


The Centre uses predictive modeling for Addiction and Mental Health (CAMH), Canada's top mental health teaching facility, to optimize bed space and streamline treatment for ALC patients.


  1. Banking: 


Predictive analytics help the banking sector by fostering a credit risk-aware mindset, controlling capital and liquidity, and meeting regulatory requirements. 


Predictive analytics methods offer more effective control and compliance, as well as more substantial detection and prevention. With the use of predictive models, banks and other financial institutions may customize every client encounter, lower customer churn, gain the trust of their clients, and produce exceptional customer experiences.


Predictive analytics are used by OTP Bank Romania, a member of the OTP Bank Group, to control the quality of loan issuances, produce more accurate business and risk projections, and achieve profit targets for the bank's credit portfolios.


  1. Manufacturing: 


To foresee maintenance risks and lower costs associated with unplanned breakdowns, manufacturing businesses utilize predictive modeling. Predictive analytics models enable firms to maximize customer satisfaction and product quality while also enhancing employee productivity and overall equipment efficiency.


Predictive modeling is used by SPG Dry Cooling, a well-known producer of air-cooled condensers, to better understand performance and optimize maintenance, leading to increased dependability and cost savings.


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The predictive analysis builds predictive models from predictors (known attributes) in order to get future results. Predictive modeling has numerous uses in both finance and healthcare insurance. In a wide range of disciplines, meteorology is linked to predictive modeling. 


Predictive models have many advantages, including demand forecasting, labor planning and churn analysis, forecasting of external factors, competition analysis, equipment or fleet maintenance, and modeling of credit or other financial hazards. Artificial intelligence will likely play a significant role in the development of prediction models.


In spite of all its advantages, predictive analytics has some drawbacks, including data labeling, the need for large training data sets, the explainability issue, the generalizability of learning, and bias in data and algorithms.

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