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Role of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in Animation

  • Riya Kumari
  • Sep 21, 2020
  • Updated on: May 11, 2021
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Today's world is full of digitalization and technology is ruling the realm with its unique powers. Artificial Intelligence is one of its parts that is developing step by step and it makes our life more proficient.


AI powers numerous projects and administrations that assist us with doing ordinary things, for example, associating with companions, utilizing an email program, or utilizing a ride-share administration.


AI or machine learning has a tremendous future in several industries such as the animation industry. Animators are intense about creativity but now it looks like that their art is on the edge of an extreme alteration.


However, it is not going to totally replace humans; instead, it will boost up the creativity of the animators. We all know separately AI and animation but have you ever thought about how they work together?


So, in this blog, you will get to know the basics of AI, how AI is used in animation, the future of AI in animation, some of the examples where AI is used, the latest technology of AI and several more aspects.


About AI


Artificial Intelligence or AI or Machine Intelligence is a knowledge shown by machines, dissimilar to the common insight shown by people and creatures. John McCarthy is the one who has given rise to this term 'AI' and that's why he is called the father of Artificial Intelligence.



  • AI is a wide-extending part of software engineering concern to building shrewd machines equipped for performing assignments that ordinarily require human knowledge.

  • Artificial intelligence is an interdisciplinary science with numerous methodologies, yet headways in AI and profound learning are making a change in perspective in almost every part of the tech business.

  • Hence, Artificial intelligence methods have become a basic aspect of technology patronage. It assists in taking care of many testing issues in computer science, software engineering, and activities research.

  • AI is used in almost every field like the media industry, aviation, cartoons and animation, and many more. (Catch latest on AI in the media industry)


How is AI used in animation?


As we all know that technology is replacing everything, we have gadgets and machines that do our work like mobile phones and dishwashers. Technology is expanding day by day and replaced several jobs which ran to competition in the market. Now, the next step is to replace creativity moreover.


Animators are on the stage where they might lose their jobs. Thus, advanced technology has already taken away the jobs of several people. There are presently different mechanization devices that can do the greater part of the tasks that animators can be utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). Not exclusively is AI step by step ruling the business, yet it is likewise making a superior presentation than people.


The creation of powerful artificial intelligence will be “either the best or the worst thing, ever to happen to humanity.” - Professor Stephen Hawking.


Nevertheless, late years have seen the quick development of profound learning and AI basically based apparatuses that are coming to extend the advanced extent of animation to concealed levels. 

  • Norah AI might be a groundbreaking animation instrument that was recently uncovered by Absentia. This art development apparatus fleetly takes the animation and game style technology into the false Intelligence area.
  • Norah AI encourages the quick formation of shifted game components like 3D models and animations, story combinations etc.


Example of AI in animation


Walt Disney is the massive name that comes into mind when we talk about animation. Thus, they are inseparable from the mainstreaming of animation. As discussing Disney and animation, explore our exclusive presentation on Disney Plus 


He was a visionary, he pondered the future even in his time. His capacity and creative mind turned simple 2-D characters upheld a mouse and a duck into a multi-billion dollar business combination. 


Previously animation used to be a particularly work serious exercise, and cartoonists or animators needed to draw outline by outline to do the whole movie. Where Disney is recognized for using AI to create storyboard animations just from contents by utilizing words, for example, "turn right" and having the animated virtue turn toward that path.


However, note that this cycle isn't as simple as portrayed and requires a great deal of work preceding it having the option to work effectively. Even the Disney group discloses that making an interpretation of the text to animation using AI isn't easy. There are several more movies and cartoons that use AI in their animation. Also, in the future, AI will make the work of animators more wonderful.

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Future of AI in animation


It is not strange that robots can work more effectively than humans but what about the living, alive realm of animation and movement pictures? Yes, it's strange but AI has already started this to convert it into reality.


So, what do you think the future of AI in animation would be? Let's have a glance at some of the points.


  • In the future, AI will grab most of the tasks in animation. That day might not be so much far when going to the theatre to watch a film that was conceptualized by AI.


That film will be enacted by robots and animated comparably as delivered by profound learning calculations. With the help of big data in media and entertainment industry, AI is prominently used in animation industry.

  • There are facts that indicate there are certain jobs that now ought not to be executed physically and AI mechanization will do them effectively.  However, there's a greater requirement for capable individuals who will prepare profound learning calculations to perform routine assignments like making an advanced character look life-like.

  • AI would help innovative artists to focus on extra entrancing things rather than on the work escalated outline by outline redaction technique.

  • Artificial intelligence is mechanizing animation duties exclusively all together that the artists don't get the chance to draw outline by outline. The AI-based progressed calculations are fit for mechanizing the delivery of cutting edge enhanced visualizations.




So, in conclusion, we can easily say that Artificial Intelligence (AI) has influenced several industries as well as people. AI in the field of animation is boosting a lot in bringing about extra interesting and fascinating movies and cartoons.


Artificial Intelligence can modify our lives in a bigger number of ways than one can envision. It keeps breaking limits, particularly in the field of animation and movement portrayals, it portends a ton of development and long haul utilization.


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Also, there are numerous other fields where animation and AI are working together such as formulating smarter cancer medications and self-driving technology.

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