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The science behind what clicks with the audience remains a mystery

  • Mallika Rangaiah
  • Sep 04, 2020
The science behind what clicks with the audience remains a mystery title banner

What can attract an audience? A wink? A composition? A name? A phrase? A random rap mashup extracted from a TV show? You never really know what the next unpredictable fad would be which could click with an audience and take social media by storm. That's right, this article has been inspired by the entertaining mashup clip taken from a leading television show "Saath Nibhaana Saathiya" and created by YouTuber Yashraj Mukhate. 


In case the readers are unfamiliar with this series, Saath Nibhana Saathiya is an old television show which sheds focus on a rich patriarchal family and its traditional values and practices. Its lead characters, namely Rashi, Gopi, Kokila, and Ahem have been the source of a horde of memes and humorous content spread across the Internet over the past couple of years. Yet the hilarious recent rap mashup prevails over every fun meme created on the show in the past. 


In the particular scenario, Mukhate has selected to create his mashup, Kokila can be observed scolding the characters Gopi and Rashi regarding a mishap that took place in the kitchen. She is grilling the two over the mishap and demanding to know who put the cooker on the stove after discarding chickpeas from it.


This led to the legendary “Rasode mein kaun tha?” question emerging, which swept the social media like wildfire, becoming a legendary source of amusement and entertainment. The answer, “Rashi thi” has become a trending topic across all social media platforms with the character becoming a globally popular name. 


Shared below is the video the world is talking about :


 The video has exploded across social media with artists creating a horde of spoofs and comical versions of it. What's more interesting is how various popular brands leverage these trends to promote or publicize their products and objectives. 



How Brands used this viral trend to their advantage


Viral trends become an excellent asset of marketing for brands, aiding them in adding a fun element and freshness to their presence and approach on social media.


Little did Yashraj Mukhate anticipate that his mashup would blow up social media to such an extent that even brand creatives would leverage the concept to publicise their objectives, featuring Rashi in their quirky posts. 


The entire trend set an entire meme gala in motion online, with various popular brands joining the crowd. It even led to the All India Trinamool Congress and the Jaipur Police chipping in on Twitter.


The leading brand Zomato which has always been popular for its eccentric posts on social media shared a tweet on Twitter stating how it’s more advantageous to order food online, rather than to end up placing an empty cooker on the stove. 

The image shows how Zomato leveraged the "Rasode mein kaun tha" trend to its advantage

How Zomato leveraged the Rasode mein kaun tha trend

Meanwhile, Mc Donald’s is not leaving any scope to miss its chance. The brand also tweeted many posts relating to the trend, in one of which it gave the effective title of “Four ways to give a break to your Rasoda”.

The image shows how McDonald's leveraged the "Rasode mein kaun tha" trend to its advantage

How McDonald’s  leveraged the Rasode mein kaun tha trend

Even brands like Dunzo, Netflix, Hotstar, Parle-G, Tinder, and Goibibo have jumped on the bandwagon, by making many lively and creative posts on the trend. Some of the posts by these brands have been shared below. 

The image shows how Disney + Hotstar leveraged the "Rasode mein kaun tha" trend to its advantage

How Disney + Hotstar leveraged the Rasode mein kaun tha trend


The image shows how Dunzo leveraged the "Rasode mein kaun tha" trend to its advantage

How Dunzo leveraged the Rasode mein kaun tha trend


The image shows how Parle-G leveraged the "Rasode mein kaun tha" trend to its advantage

How Parle-G leveraged the Rasode mein kaun tha trend


The image shows how Netflix leveraged the "Rasode mein kaun tha" trend to its advantage

How Netflix leveraged the Rasode mein kaun tha trend


The image shows how Tinder leveraged the "Rasode mein kaun tha" trend to its advantage

How Tinder leveraged the Rasode mein kaun tha trend


The image shows how Goibibo leveraged the "Rasode mein kaun tha" trend to its advantage

How Goibibo leveraged the Rasode mein kaun tha trend

Some interesting viral sensations in the past


Observing and engaging in the latest viral trends becomes a brief reprieve for netizens from their hectic lives. These trends become an interesting source of amusement and enjoyment for online users and also help build some unforgettable memories, bonding friends, and acquaintances together. Some of the recent viral sensations have been discussed below :  





Surely almost all of you would have been observing the “Binod” trend expand rapidly over the past couple of months. Recently everything on social media sites seems to be about 'Binod'. The name is everywhere. This latest trend has rendered the online users baffled as they observe memes relating to this name emerging in varying contexts for no comprehensible reason.


So who exactly IS Binod? And how did this trend even begin? The trend originated when a leading YouTube channel Slayy Point's video got viral. The channel, which is headed by the duo Abhyudaya and Gautam released a video titled 'Why Indian Comments Section is Garbage (BINOD). The video highlights and digs out and ridicules the absurd comments which Indians at times make on YouTube videos. One of the comments which had been highlighted in the video was from a YouTube user named Binod Tharu who had merely commented with his own name "Binod". Making the scenario more hilarious were the seven likes users had rewarded to that particular comment. 


The trend escalates to such an extent that even top brands and personalities start reacting and leveraging #Binod. For instance, the leading Indian e-commerce payment platform PayTM even changed their twitter username to Binod after being challenged to do so by a twitter user.  


Various other brands joined in the trend by posting creative memes and GIFs. Alongside this, even the social media accounts of Nagpur and Mumbai police leveraged Binod memes to promote awareness on various issues.


“Maaro Mujhe Maaro”


Extreme and intense emotions relate with many people which is largely the case of what unfolded with the “Maaro Mujhe Maaro” guy. Post India’s win in the 2019 India Vs Pakistan match in ICC’s WC, a Pakistani fan Momin, had a bizarre and comical meltdown expressing his frustration which gained attention worldwide. After this meltdown went viral, the remark “Maaro Mujhe Maaro” became an extremely popular and entertaining catchphrase and meme which users have started using across all social media platforms. 


The Wink


Who would have thought a mere wink could overtake the world? Priya Prakash Varrier emerged as an overnight legend on the Internet after a clip of her video from the Malayalam film Oru Adaar Love's song 'Manikya Malaraya Poovi' was spread rapidly across social media. The girl became the most searched personality in India in 2018, as per Google India.


Chai Pi Lo

Somvati Mahawar, who ran a channel on Vigo Video, emerged as the nation’s not so official brand ambassador of tea after her video suggesting her followers drink tea exploded across the Internet. What’s more bizarre is that there wasn’t much to the video. This video mainly consisted of her greeting her “friends” and requesting them to drink tea post which she drank a sip via her own cup, sheepishly confessing that it was pretty hot. Post this video going viral, her “Hello friends, chai pi lo” greeting emerged as a popular catchphrase as well as a catalyst prompting a sea of memes. 


Even the Mumbai Police used her video as a reference while propagating their “helmet pehan lo” warning on Twitter. As reported by Exchange4Media various popular brands, which include Bajaj Allianz Life Insurance, Foodpanda, and ShopClues leveraged her video to market their digital campaigns. 


X Æ A-12


Recently in May, Tesla’s founder Elon Musk alongside his partner Grimes stunned the netizens by revealing their decision to name their child X Æ A-12 Musk.


Well, a name filled with merely confusing numbers and signs is bound to perplex the public which is exactly what happened in this case. Highly stumped online users started reacting to the name, from attempting to comprehend its meaning to trying to understand how the name is pronounced. This of course resulted in a sea of GIFs, videos as well as memes very confused and amused the Twitter populace. 




A skim through this article confirms how the science behind what interests and amuses the online audience is a mystery which you can say is as complicated as the name of Elon Musk’s child. The viral world of memes and interesting new fads is an enigmatic phenomenon so we can just sit back, observe, and enjoy these trends as and when they emerge. 

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