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SQL - Easy or Tough??

  • Riya Kumari
  • Sep 17, 2020
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'SQL' is the term that every student of the IT world is familiar with. But, there is one question that often arises in the heads of students of SQL, those who are new and those who want to go in this field, "Is learning SQL easy or tough?". So, if you are also in this line and searching for the answer to this question then you have landed in an appropriate place.


In this blog, you will get all the answers to your questions. This article will describe the importance of learning SQL, is SQL hard or easy? The massive uses of SQL, What are the job opportunities, and many more.


Hence before starting the article, let me clear you with a simple answer, No, learning SQL is not tough. Even for the individuals who for the most part consider the universe of computer science light years away from their usual range of familiarity. So, here is a surplus of data to demonstrate that it truly isn't too tough to learn SQL. Peruse on if you need to discover how learning SQL could be a simple and productive lift to your profession. (Read my previous blog to know the basics of SQL)


Why Learn SQL?


Structured Query Language or SQL is a computer language that gives database instruction. This language is used by various people including devoted SQL database supervisors, other experts, marketers, scientists, and even hobby data enthusiasts.


So, let's catch a glimpse of some points of why you need to learn SQL


  1. Even if you're not a tech normal, there are so many convincing motivations to get over your mind hindrance about SQL's trouble. Here is a major one. Data isn't only the future instead it is NOW. Data analytics is not, at this point, the elite favourite spot of huge companies. An immense number of companies, both huge and little, are using data to drive their business methodologies. (Recommending here to visit for learning top BI tools and techniques in 2020)

  2. Due to the prominent position of data in endless ventures and parts of our lives, an ever-increasing number of organizations are searching for SQL-astute staff.

  3. Also, marketing divisions, customarily more about art than science, are progressively searching for SQL abilities. So if you know SQL, you will have an advantage in many prospective job interviews. (Do you know, market research and data science are two faces of a single coin, here is a detailed description).

  4. If you set aside paid work, SQL abilities are consistently helpful to have added to your repertoire, even if you don't plan to use SQL in your profession. Whether you appreciate arranging or exploring databases, or simply need to enable your brain to remain fit by learning new things, SQL will make your synapses nimble and keep you up to speed with the data realm.

  5. SQL is not math or anything like that, if you think "I am not a math person, not even a tech nerd so SQL is out of my reach", then you are absolutely wrong. SQL is plainly an English language. It is just used in a particular manner to fetch data from databases. ( Understand the importance of Statistics and Probability in Data Science)


Is Learning SQL Easier Than We Think?


People who think SQL is tough to learn, it is just because they haven't tried it yet. Thus, let's have a glance at some points which will prove that learning SQL is easier than we think.


  1. It is not that hard to learn how to select, insert, update and delete in SQL. Is this not simple? If you learn only this, you will be 70% close to SQL abilities.

  2. Everything is tough before you try how to do it. So, learn and then you will realize how easy SQL is.

  3. Now, you must be thinking that maybe the basics of SQL is easy but advanced SQL will be hard. No, this is not true as if you are enjoying your basic studies about SQL then what wrong in moving towards the next step? So, jumping into the advanced from basics is not that tough.

  4. It is not a programming language, it is like the English language so if you know English at a basic level, you can easily write SQL queries.

  5. Nowadays, there is a great opportunity if you are advanced in SQL. So, you can earn satisfactory money.


“We think we're going to be especially strong in a platform where we have our two platform brands: our database brand is the Oracle Database 12c, and our programming language brand is this thing called Java.” - Larry Ellison


What are the jobs we will get in SQL?


Now, if you are thinking about what you will do after learning SQL, then here is the answer. You can make your career better by applying for jobs like;

  • Marketer- If you are a marketer then you have to be data-driven. They use SQL to recover information for more focused on and successful promoting efforts.

  • Business Owner- Basically, they use SQL to better discern clients and business demands to expand company methodology.

  • Data Analyst- As you can see that 'data' is itself in the title. In this, knowledge of SQL is a must. Data Analysts analyze data and create techniques to direct the business choices of the directors.

This image is indicating some of the jobs you will get after learning SQL

List of jobs after learning SQL

  • Data Modeler- They are the systems experts who centre around issues like decreasing repetition of information and improving the simplicity of move between frameworks.

  • Data Scientist- They are the ones who know the data better than anyone on this planet. They use technology outcomes to generate measurable and prescient models. (Follow the links to know more about how SQL is useful for data scientists

  • Database Administration- They manage databases so that they function effectively and dependably.

  • SQL Developer- They mainly formulate SQL databases. Also, inscribes SQL inquiries to examine and enhance usefulness.


Have a glance at this video to know why you should opt for a career in SQL and many more details. How to become a Successful SQL Developer. Therefore, these are only a few examples, there are many more jobs for SQL learners.


What are the Biggest Uses of SQL Today?


Here are some of the greatest uses of SQL-


  • The greatest employment of SQL today has to do with utilizing a since quite a while ago settled customary language for social databases with recently developing enterprises IT conditions, similar to cloud-native systems, virtual organizations, and so on. (Read here, the virtual reality implementation)

  • It is frequently the default device for "working" on the ordinary database, to change tabled data, recover information, or in any case alter an existing informational index. 

  • Thus, part of the explanation that SQL is still so well known endless years after its creation is its universality in current IT systems. The conditions may have changed a ton, yet the relational database technologies have changed all the more gradually. 

  • Another significant aspect of SQL's prime use today is in its effortlessness. Straightforward SQL orders like SELECT, ORDER BY, and INSERT help managers to course data in and out of a database table.

  • SQL is widely utilized in companies and in other varieties of database management.




So, we can conclude by saying that learning SQL is not that hard. If you start admiring the basics of it then you can easily develop the enthusiasm for learning it to the advanced level. Consequently, you have good career options if you learn SQL as you have already read above in the blog about career options. 

As you know that practice makes a man perfect, so the same applies in this case. The more you practice the more you become intelligent in this computer language, not in SQL but also in R, Julia or Python.

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