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A Step Towards Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI)

  • Ashesh Anand
  • Jan 19, 2022
A Step Towards Artificial Super Intelligence (ASI) title banner

At this point we all have some basic knowledge of how AI is a branch of computer science that focuses on developing intelligent machines and programming them to function and react in the same manner as humans. But what if at some point ahead there comes a phase where AI even surpasses humans? 


In this blog we will discuss all about the concept of Artificial Superintelligence and what it indicates. 


What Is Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)?


Artificial superintelligence is a phrase that refers to the point at which computers' intelligence surpasses that of humans. The term "artificial intelligence," which has been around since the 1970s, refers to computers' ability to think like humans. Artificial superintelligence takes it a step farther, imagining a world in which a computer's cognitive ability surpasses that of a person.


Machines with superintelligence can think of abstractions/interpretations that are simply impossible for humans to consider. This is due to the fact that the human brain's thinking ability is limited to a few billion neurons.


Superintelligence has long been the inspiration for dystopian science fiction that depicted humanity being overrun, overpowered, or enslaved by robots. 


Aside from replicating multi-faceted human behavioral intelligence, the concept of artificial superintelligence focuses on the ability to not only understand/interpret human emotions and experiences, but also to elicit emotional understanding, beliefs, and desires of its own, based on its understanding functionality.


Whatever we do, whether it's math, science, the arts, sports, medicine, marketing techniques, hobbies, emotional relationships, or applying a specific human intelligence to a particular problem, ASI would be considered superior. 


ASI would have a better memory and be able to process and understand circumstances, data, and stimulus acts more quickly. As a result, we may be confident that super-intelligent beings/machines' decision-making and problem-solving capabilities will be far superior and precise to those of humans.


Although the prospect of having such powerful computers at our disposal may appear tempting, this concept is fraught with unforeseen implications. It is either a myth or pure speculation as to what impact it will have on humanity, our survival, and our existence.


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What Caused the Development Boom in AI?


In the 1950s, the phrase "artificial intelligence" was coined. However, all of the substantial research in this sector began in the late 2000s. Since then, AI research has advanced significantly. What happened in the first decade of the twenty-first century?


The solution is based on data. AI thrives on data, and the 2000s saw the emergence of larger and better datasets than ever before. Large corpora for text analysis, massive data sets for photos, and video processing were developed. This greatly increased the accuracy of AI systems.


Nvidia introduced improved data processing units called Graphics Processing Units around the same period (GPUs). This provided enterprises and people alike the ability to create advanced AI models and algorithms with greater strength and speed.


Deep Learning is the result of the combination of these two factors. Deep Learning is a type of machine learning algorithm that is more advanced. It focuses largely on the 'learning' aspect, feeding algorithms data and instructing them to 'learn' from it.


AI has never looked back since then. Today, anyone can simply purchase GPUs, obtain enormous datasets for training AI algorithms, and develop mind-blowing technologies without breaking the bank.


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The Current State Of Artificial Intelligence


However, AI is far from being super-intelligent in its current condition. If an intelligent cyborg from the future travels through time and meets its forefathers in present-day San Francisco, it would be saddened by its primitiveness. Imagine encountering Neanderthals tens of millennia ago in Western Africa.


The truth is that most AI models can only do one thing at a time. If you try to convert speech to text using a computer that translates languages, it will fail terribly. Humans, on the other hand, are capable of doing a wide range of jobs. 


A human can effortlessly translate from English to Spanish and transform speech into writing. Artificial Super Intelligence is a thing of the future because of this. While humming an Elton John tune and composing Christmas messages to all his cyborg mates, the ASI should be able to brew coffee.


Multi-task Learning and Transfer Learning are two recent AI projects and models that are starting to do a number of distinct tasks at the same time. These algorithms, on the other hand, work best when the set of jobs is closely connected. For example, extracting named things from a prose piece and determining its sentiment.


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Developing Artificial Super Intelligence


Researchers from all across the world are attempting to make AI that is more intelligent. The assumption that a machine should adopt and exceed a human brain's manner of operating paved the path for ASI.


In the long term, it is unavoidable that ASI will outperform humanity in every way. What a human brain can accomplish is limited by chemical and biological constraints. For a super-intelligent sentient, there are none. It will only get smarter and better as time goes on.


  • The Human Brain as a Model


Improving computers' cognitive capacities would be the first step toward Artificial Super Intelligence. Numerous efforts are dedicated to simulating human brains and giving robots consciousness. Most corporations and organizations do not divulge much for the sake of a competitive edge, therefore actual advancement in this area may not be seen.

  • Immortality And Genetic Engineering


Researchers have been trying to outsmart biology for years. Genetic engineering has become a huge aspect of our lives, both now and in the future. What can we do to slow down the aging process? Or find remedies for the world's most deadly diseases? 


How can we rejuvenate and restore limbs and body parts that have been lost? How do we eventually achieve immortality and live happily ever after? Are you curious as to what all of this has to do with AI, specifically ASI? All of it has the potential to happen!


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Bottom Line: Beyond Narrow AI

We are on the verge of Narrow AI, in which systems are assigned with a single goal, such as automated spam filtering or e-commerce site suggestions, to mention a few examples. In other words, it is less difficult when compared to advanced technologies and is considered a weak AI.


However, research is underway to make existing AI systems more sophisticated, and corporations want to achieve ASI by training their current limited AI systems to perform more complicated and multiple jobs. Though ASI is still a hypothetical idea, scientists predict the technology will become a reality in the not-too-distant future.


Despite the concerns and complications connected with the technology, it is known to have the potential to tackle some of our time's most urgent challenges, such as climate change, female empowerment, and even disease outbreak. 


While the discussion has mostly focused on a dystopian future, it is still too early to be concerned about the machine's capabilities or to anticipate its future course of action.

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