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Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends

  • Soumyaa Rawat
  • Jul 15, 2021
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Understanding Digital Transformation 


To cut to the chase, digital transformation is defined as the engagement of digital transformation technologies to transform or advance businesses, operations, and services. 


Simply put, digital transformation or digitalization promotes the process of digitization and encourages digital advancements in any and every field. Integrated with technological developments that benefit a particular domain and make it more effective, digital transformation has been the talk of the town for a long time. 


As more and more advancements are taking place in the field of technology, digital transformation is being looked at as an amenity more than an amendment. 


Incorporated with the help of a digital transformation strategy that strategically defines the path of transformation, digitalization has been of great use to all - corporate houses, educational institutions, and governmental organizations. 


Often, this kind of transformation is defined as a cultural transformation of the functional ecosystem, so as to underline the aspects of transformation. As this process affects all stages of an organization, it is termed to be a functional, cultural, and operational transformation. 


A number of digitalization trends have emerged in recent years that have immensely helped organizations and benefitted the masses on a large scale. 


Numerous examples of digital transformation reflect the way these trends are becoming popular. Let us now discover the top 10 digital transformation trends in 2021. 


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Top Digital Transformation Trends for 2021


From data analytics to the internet of things, there is a tremendous range of trends in digital technology that has emerged on the surface in recent times. While they have been in the process for a long, they have just been introduced with power-packed technology that enables them to be used by one and all. Discover these trends below.  


  1. 5G Technology


Another development in the long-term evolution (LTE) mobile broadband networks, the fifth generation or 5G technology has topped the list of digital transformation trends. 


With a promise of nearly 100 times faster speed than the 4G network, rapid connectivity, and cellular data exchange, the 5G technology is spreading like a wildfire amidst a world that is hungry for such a digital transformation. 


Seeming to be a highly effective and beneficial advancement for big businesses and organizations, the 5G technology is surely a top player when it comes to digitalization trends. 


Although it has been in news for many years, the year 2021 has unfolded with many companies rolling out smartphones and other digital gadgets empowered by this technology. 



  1. Contactless Payments


Believe it or not, the concept of contactless payments is actually worth every applause! 


Considered to be a major breakthrough in the realm of digital transformations, contactless payments have become one of the most lauded technological advancements, allowing the masses to pay for commodities and services via contactless means. 


Numerous applications like Paytm, Google Pay, and smart cards have emerged in this respect and have enabled people to carry out cashless purchases. 


This particular trend has been considered a necessity in the contemporary era when the entire world is struggling to survive the Covid-19 pandemic. With the rise in contactless payments, the future ahead seems safe, secure, and super-efficient! 


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  1. Cybersecurity


The concept of cybersecurity has long been discussed around the world. This bell rings in our ears every now and then, provoking us to be alert and active when it comes to cybersecurity. 


However, cybersecurity had fallen behind in the race of digital trends a while ago. It is only now that the urge to rethink cybersecurity has emerged again, pushing people to preserve their data. 


This has become possible by inducing privacy-enhancing devices and software that tend to support cybersecurity and help a user to keep his/her data protected. 


Today, the focus on cybersecurity is pushing digital transformations in the right direction and is helping technology to assist humans in a better and beneficial way. 



  1. AI Applications


Recently, AI has become a major highlight as every single Google search is being transformed into a digital advertisement displayed on web portals. As every single person is guessing this catch-all capability, AI is working its magic behind the curtains. 


The best AI applications constitute digital transformation techniques that have increased the implementation of artificial intelligence techniques in our day-to-day lives. 


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AI Applications,Source:www.edureka.com 

Thanks to the pandemic, the world is even more reliant on virtual ways to survive through the day. As Netflix suggests to you what to watch next and Spotify recommends another song from the same genre, AI is unfolding its massive capabilities on the most mundane platforms. 



  1. Industrial Automation


‘Automation is the key to sustainability. What better way than to make machines work instead of humans to get an errorless and efficient outcome!


While machines have for long been in the place of humans, working in factories day and night to support industrial operations, the ‘need’ for this digital transformation has emerged in recent times. 


While earlier automation was considered to be an indicator of profitable business operations, gradually all businesses are perceiving it to be a necessity to transform their businesses and services and step into the age of digital revolution. 


Industrial automation is yet another digital transformation trend that is pushing us towards technological advancement. 


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  1. Data Analytics


One of the biggest digitalization trends is in the realm of data analytics. Wondering why? Well, it all begins with data. Data is at the core of computational power that makes the survival of technology possible. 


With digitalization in business, more companies, businesses, and organizations are able to manage data and procure vital information from large bits. 


In an organization, the presence of data is as significant as the presence of finance. Henceforth, data analytics is a benchmark trend in digitalization that is successfully transforming operations in every single aspect.


Be it customer feedback or employee records, data is omnipresent. What’s more, data analytics has become increasingly capable of establishing predictive patterns and results that assist organizations and businesses in their future goals and decisions.


“Salespeople particularly benefit from access to more and better data. When marketing and sales teams share information across a CRM, and individual sales reps enter sales activity and keep their pipelines up to date on the platform, information flows freely throughout an entire organisation.”Digital Transformation and Data Analytics



  1. Cloud Computing


Let us attempt to understand cloud computing as a network of computers, just like a network of people residing in an office and working in coordination. 


Were you able to imagine the scenario? If not, try this. The cloud computing architecture acts as a cloud or network of computers that are attached to each other through wireless technology, able to coordinate and synchronize information. 


A major trend of digitalization, cloud computing has successfully grasped the need of the hour. As the era of work from home is becoming more relevant in the current times, cloud computing has emerged as yet another moderator of data among people who are located far from each other but connected through technology. 


While a cloud computing architecture can be accessed by people present in almost any corner of the world, it is managed by a public cloud operator. 


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“Microsoft changed course to build relationships with other software and technology companies. Public view also changed, as Microsoft went from being seen as an outdated or stagnant company to a forward-thinking cloud solution. As it proves itself with more deals and growth, Microsoft’s star continues to rise.”Digital Transformation and Cloud Computing



  1. Internet of Things or Things of the Internet?


That’s right! The 21st century is a digital century as is put by tech gurus and experts. The Internet of things is a well-known concept to one and all. 


However, a breakthrough transformation in digitalization is the list of things on the internet that have surrounded us from everywhere. Hey Alexa, please elaborate! 


To put it another way, the internet is in itself a huge platform that has entirely grasped the needs and desires of humans and is rapidly taking over their daily routine. 


Be it a food recipe or a call alert, everything is well-managed by the internet and the endless things it has gifted us in this century. 


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  1. Virtual Operations


Needless to say, a digitalization trend that has all eyes on itself is the spike in virtual operations among businesses, corporations, and institutions. 


Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world switched on to the virtual ways to continue with its affairs. Now, almost every meeting, interview, examination, and purchase is taking place through virtual platforms that have reprimanded the need to be physically present in a place. 


Work from home is a major outcome of the virtual operations that are being carried out by institutions and organizations from around the world, as have other outcomes too. Nonetheless, it is a worthy transformation in the realm of digitalization. 



  1. Blockchain Technology


Usually connected with cryptocurrency, blockchains are digital nodes of a ledger that preserve the trading data and keep digital money secure. 


Even though the blockchains of cryptocurrencies are not authorized by central organizations, they are defined to be highly secure and safe. 


Blockchain technology in banking has successfully become a digital transformation trend as more and more financial institutions are relying on blockchain transactions to digitize their operations while preserving data in the form of blockchains, ensuring safety and privacy, all at once. 


A digital record of financial assets, this technology has proved to be a major trend that is immensely assisting organizations to become digitally smart and secure! 


In the End 


In the end, digital transformation has set its feet in the 21st century and has successfully led to revolutionary changes in the way organizations and institutions operate. 


Empowering the masses to make their day-to-day things more efficient and errorless, digitalization trends are yet to unfold their true capabilities in the upcoming years. While the world still awaits future digitalization trends, the current trends are progressing rapidly and leading the world in a never-before-seen way. 


Be it cashless payments or Netflix recommendations, let us accept that this technology has grabbed our attention and is nowhere near to getting extinguished. Lastly, with digitalization being worked upon in full force, it is time for some more trends that are yet to come and spread like wildfire.

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