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Top 10 Financial software in 2022

  • Bhumika Dutta
  • Nov 15, 2021
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All the processes related to the business are gradually increasing their efficiency with the help of advanced technology. Now, all business accounts are handled by software instead of manual processes. There are many software and cloud-based tools that can provide financial assistance. 


In this article, we will learn about the top 10 financial software. But, before that, let us first learn what financial software is.


What is financial software?


Financial software is a sort of program that is specially developed to automate, assist, and store personal or company financial data. It manages a set of financial transactions, data, and procedures by storing, analyzing, managing, and processing them.


Personal finance tools and applications help us understand the fundamentals, improve our money management skills, and even find new approaches to achieve our long-term financial objectives. 


The finest personal finance software to use is determined by one's present financial demands. Some personal finance software can assist customers in budgeting and cost tracking, while others can assist with managing the overall investment portfolio. (More to learn about managing portfolio: Portfolio management)


There are many options of finance software in the market, including paid and free ones. Customers can choose any according to their preferences.


Working of financial software:


According to this article written by techopedia, Financial software is based on financial information management principles. It may be used as stand-alone software or as part of a larger financial data system (IS).


Most financial software includes basic financial data management, financial transactions and management, budgeting, account administration, and financial asset management, among other capabilities.


Business financial software and personal finance software are two types of financial software. Furthermore, financial software may offer other services like accounting and/or bookkeeping, as well as being incorporated with other organizational information systems.


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Now let us learn about the top 10 financial software in 2022.



Top 10 Financial Software in 2022


  1. Quicken:


Quicken is one of the most well-known personal finance software programs on the market, having been around for years. The software may be used to manage numerous elements of financial life, including budgeting, debt monitoring, savings goals, and even investing counseling. 


Excel exporting is included in the program, allowing users to alter and conduct extra computations on their data. Bill paying is one of the more complex capabilities, allowing users to set up payments for any bills directly from the program. 


One may also use it to keep track of the value of their assets so that they can calculate their entire net worth accurately. The software is capable of handling both personal and company spending and property management tasks such as collecting rent payments from renters. The program is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android and costs $35.99 per year (source). 


Every Quicken membership level comes with free customer support, essential program upgrades, and 5 GB of free Dropbox online storage.


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  1. FreshBooks:


FreshBooks is one of the best accounting software for small businesses. It has over 24 million people worldwide who trust it, and it offers excellent customer evaluations and supports features. FreshBooks is cloud-based accounting software that is aimed to assist all types of small company owners, including:


  • Freelancers

  • Professionals who work for themselves

  • Employees in small enterprises

  • Contractor-based businesses



  1. QuickBooks:


QuickBooks is a popular financial management software for small and medium-sized businesses and accountants. It assists companies with bank reconciliation, invoicing, expenditure tracking, payroll, and advanced reporting, among other things. Both cloud and on-premise options are available. 


While it is more complicated, its robust capabilities provide a compelling justification if we deal with large quantities frequently. QB might be intimidating for a small firm with few requirements. It is designed for accountants and businesses, and rates start at $10 per month.


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  1. Mint:


Mint is one of the most widely used budgeting and cost management programs. One may input their bank and credit card information into the program to evaluate their expenditure and identify places where you can save money to improve your finances. 


Mint allows users to set notifications for things like payment dates and low balances to keep on track for increased responsibility. These tools assist customers to avoid paying high penalties for late-payments and bank account overdrafts. 


Mint will offer users real-time information on how much they can spend on items like food and petrol if they’ve set up budget categories. Mint is available for download and usage on iOS, Android, and PC.



  1. Zoho Finance Plus:


Accounting, invoicing, inventory, cost management, and tax compliance are all covered by Zoho's finance suite, which breaks down departmental barriers and provides an end-to-end integrated platform for all the back-office processes. 


The suite includes apps that are adaptable, scalable, and secure and can be used to manage the complete financial process. Every app is connected to the others, allowing for smooth use. 


The granular user roles restrict access depending on particular requirements, and one may fine-tune them to the last detail. It's appropriate for small and medium-sized enterprises.


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  1. TurboTax:


TurboTax is one of the pricier tax preparation tools, but it is also very consumer-friendly and can help in tax preparation and while filing a tax return. One may either upload their W-2 information from their employer or take a photo of it and the program will automatically transfer the information into the form. 


Whether one has used TurboTax in the past, the program will recall a lot of your data and ask if there have been any significant changes. If you only utilize form 1040 with no associated schedules, the most basic version allows you to submit your federal and state returns for free. 


TurboTax Live, on the other hand, links customers with a CPA or Enrolled Agent who can provide them specific tax guidance and answer their questions.


TurboTax's paid editions contain a function that helps them find deductions that may not have known about. One can use TurboTax on the web, but for increased protection, one may also download the software to their device.


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  1. Sage Intacct:


Small and medium businesses may use Sage Intacct's apps to handle their general ledger, accounts payable, accounts receivable, cash management, and order management. You can link them with other company programs such as CRM, payroll, and POS systems thanks to their open API framework. It may be appropriate for large corporations, but it is not appropriate for small and medium firms. It is one of the most expensive alternatives available.


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  1. Kissflow Finance & Ops Cloud:


Kissflow is meant to help users establish a system of approval workflows for financial activities, while it isn't strictly a financial management solution. There are pre-built applications for purchase orders, invoicing, and cost reimbursements, or one may build their own with zero code, depending on your needs. 


Finance process automation may be made a breeze with standardized approval procedures and semi-automated operations. 


Kissflow is unique in that its visual interface allows users to adapt the applications to meet their specific demands. Regardless of the intricacy, no code is necessary.


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  1. Tiller Money:


Tiller Money automatically updates any checking, credit card, loan, investment, and other account data into a configurable Google Sheet or Excel template, allowing users to see all of their money in one spot. 


Tiller Money gives them the option of using pre-made templates to arrange their data or customizing the spreadsheet to meet their specific needs. It will also send them daily emails summarising any recent transactions and balances.


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  1. Future Advisor:


FutureAdvisor is an excellent alternative for DIY investors searching for low-cost access to a financial counselor. The investment program makes individualized suggestions to help people diversify their portfolio, which customers may choose to follow or ignore as you see appropriate. 


If you have at least $5,000 in investable assets, you are eligible to sign up for the software. FutureAdvisor administers the funds they deposit in the account for a fixed yearly charge of 0.5 percent of the managed assets, invoiced quarterly at 0.125 percent. When we deposit funds into our account, FutureAdvisor attempts to combine them into accounts with its partners, Fidelity or TD Ameritrade.


To sum up this discussion, Financial software can be very beneficial for businesses. For the following reasons, replacing manual financial records with intuitive personal finance software is transformative. It is convenient, reliable, and boosts productivity to a huge level. 


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With an expanding variety of personal financial software alternatives accessible, the ideal match for both personal and company needs is out there. In this article, we have learned about the top 10 financial software. 

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