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Top 5 Travel Companies in India

  • Muskan
  • May 20, 2021
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Travelling can be categorized as both a wish and a necessity, depending upon the traveler. Mostly, it is done to get a feeling of exhilaration, adventure, exploration,  pilgrimage, and if not that then for the sole reason of an urge to see for real a new place, get an escape from the monotony of everyday lives and relax for a few days. 


With whichever reason one chooses to travel, it comes with a lot of preparation by the side. What this means is that making a travel itinerary is not a piece of cake. This involves a lot of site research and the best activities on-site as well as the best deals which one might seek to have. 


Moreover, the accommodation and the meals are something that is an unsaid consideration for every travel journey. It’s not always possible that a person is able to plan, prepare and do such deep research and even have a general detailed knowledge which is a prerequisite. Also, the abrupt need to travel sometimes can fail to even leave room for all of the planning.


This is where the travel companies come into the picture.

Role of Travel Companies

Travel companies can help solve a lot of travel-related concerns, ranging from planning a well-suited itinerary based on the travel month and day, arranging the tickets for the same beforehand so that the plan doesn't get ditched. 

Also, such companies provide an expert guide to information about the various stories and anecdotes of the travel destination throughout the travel making it even more exciting and informative. 

They make all the things available in the form of a travel package which is both for a group as well as personalized for families and extended families willing to travel together.  The dealers and the companies can be contacted for personal planning as well as there is an option listed on several travel companies' websites from where there are pre-made packages of different places from which one can seek the best suited. 


The purchase of the travel package makes it very convenient and time-saving to travel with the best safety measures and expert guidance about everything which needs to be taken care of is it the identity documents that might be needed, health checkups based on the traveling venue (some places ask for that before allowing you to travel based on the risk of the journey ) or a simple list of what essentials to carry. 

Travel Companies Make Travel A Cake Walk!

India is a huge country with a lot of places to explore;  different places, cities, some of the cultural importance, some of religious significance (we have a diverse population!) and some attract travelers with their serenity and scenic beauty. There are a lot of travel companies in India that work to make travel easy and convenient with their distinct features and packages.


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Top Travel Companies in India 


There are a lot of travel companies in India that work to make travel easy and convenient with their distinct features and packages.

1. Make My Trip 

Make My Trip was founded in 2000 by Deep Kalra, who got this idea white contemplating the wide possibilities of the internet in the travel businesses by eradicating the role of the middlemen.  


This company works on a B2C model and provides for all the travel-related solutions, including air tickets and bus tickets booking based on the destination, purchasing of pre-set holiday packages, book hotel accommodations, and hire vehicles. Also, this provides for other travel-related services like visa processing and travel insurance that are provided by third-party vendors.

Based on the company’s wide reach being able to cater to the variety of demands MMT launched a separate program called MyBiz to offer various corporate travel-related packages for the trend travel markers like workation and staycation keeping in consideration the easy management and travels for the employees by their companies using a single dashboard. 

Due to such a hike in growth, this company is the leading travel operator in this market, providing for both domestic and international travel services.


2. Yatra

Yatra, as the name suggests ‘journey’ is another travel agency, a tough competition of Make My Trip in the travel industry. This company operates with the goal of being the most trusted travel brand across the globe. 


With its headquarters in Gurugram, Haryana this 2006 founded company deals with a B2B model because of its acquisitions with other companies. However, Ticket bookings and other travel facilities can categorize it as a B2C business model company. This online travel company was founded by Dhruv Shringi, Sabina Chopra, and Manish Amin


The company provides various different travel-related services such as air travel and hotel bookings, homestays, end-to-end cabs, tour packages, and cruises operating via both a website and an application.

Yatra is also involved in partnerships with amazon's business marketplace and UpGrad. Due to this famous and rapid growth in the market, this has as of yet raised about a total of $136.7M over eight funding rounds with its major source of funds from Reliance Industries. 


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Top Travel Companies in India  Make My Trip, Yatra, Goibibo, ClearTrip, Travelguru

Top Indian Travel Companies


3. Goibibo 


Goibibo was founded in 2007 by Ashish Kashyap, Deepak Tuli, Sanjay Bhasin, Vikalp Sahni, and Uma Shankar. Despite being slightly late in the travel market this company has been able to become the number 1 startup solely due to its innovative ideas like the introduction of the travel sector’s first virtual travel booking currency, named as GoCash, and travel social network, GoCash+ Rewards for the users making them approach the website for more rewards and redemption. 

This company which began as a social networking service transformed itself into a travel booking giant with just seed capital of $50k has raised a 200% growth in its first year. Goibibo was the first company of this kind to be able to process instant refunds to their customers. 


Dealing with international and national flight bookings, hotel bookings with the most effective techniques of rescheduling, and as previously mentioned refunds. Also, this launched a bus service to add to its travel booking forms, and afterward, goibibo acquired RedBus for an estimate of Rs600 Crores. 

In 2016 the two big travel giants Goibibo and Make My Trip announced a merger which provided a lot of solutions like making them the fastest air travel booking service and paving way for a lot of other optimum solutions and modifications making them gain the millennial and digital attention. 



4. ClearTrip


ClearTrip is an Indian travel and booking industry company headquartered in Mumbai, operating in India and the Middle East. This company was founded by Stuart Crighton, Hrush Bhatt in 2005. 


Cleartrip provides services like booking flights and train tickets, hotel reservations, and activities with a small sign-in process into their website’s portal. In no time this company became popular due to its efficiency and quality-based services even though they initially did not provide any high characterized discounts to the customers on the bookings. 


The main target of this company has remained frequent travelers instead of the ones who traveled once in a while. In 2012 they launched an app as they previously functioned through an online website only.  This has further encouraged Cleartrip to launch several programs. 

In 2016 the company launched a PriceLock feature which allows the users to lock the prices of the flights until they find a suitable time for booking it. This was followed by the launch of Cleartrip Local which was another feature that helped the users to find out the activities they could find in the nearby areas. 


In 2017 the company modified its user profile in a way that enabled the users to share their experiences with their friends and family over their Cleartrip profile called Cleartrip Stories. In the same year, Google partnered with Cleartrip for its flight search application, Google Flights, which was a milestone for the company to attain more growth and popularity. 

Cleartrip for work is another feature that enables travelers with a GST number can access unlimited corporate fares on flights with benefits as mentioned in their attention to the frequent fliers by giving them discounts and cashback and these benefits can be also used to redeem in hotels for domestic and international travel.


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5. Travelguru


Travelguru was founded in May 2005 by Ashwin Damera and Ganesh Rengaswamy who were influenced by the growing scope of e-commerce businesses in India. This company is headquartered in Mumbai and it offers the best prices on flights, hotels, and holiday packages across India and the world and is looking forward to starting with car rental services also.


This is one of the earliest travel ventures started in India. What makes it more fascinating is that within one year of its establishment it acquired Desiya ( a New Jersey-based travel portal)  in November 2006 making it expand its reach and team in the market. 


However in August 2009, Travelocity Global acquired Travelguru which made the international company get the hold of the local base built by travelers in India to their benefit.


The change happened when in the year 2012 another Indian company Yatra.com purchased Travelguru, this acquisition was a promising strengthened for both parties as well as promised strong financial progress in the market while competing with MakeMyTrip, another Indian travel giant at that point of time.  Travelguru.com now operates as a 100% subsidiary of Yatra.com. 




The travel industry like others is a huge industry making each company trying to have their share but there are only a few companies which has gained the user attention so much so that not only they are on the favorite lists of the people but are constituting up to a major share in the market enabling the travel more accessible and easy with minimum effort beforehand for the commuters.

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