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Top 7 Asset Monitoring Tools

  • Bhumika Dutta
  • Jun 01, 2022
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Keeping track of assets manually has become increasingly difficult and time-consuming as businesses employ more of them. Furthermore, due to the complex and dynamic nature of assets, there is a considerable risk of errors in manual asset management operations. 


Underutilized, mishandled, or misdirected assets can have a significant impact on a company's bottom line. According to Deloitte, organizations might wind up spending twice as much on software assets as they need to because they lack a complete perspective of their software ecosystem.


 It is always a good idea to use technology. Many IT Asset Management products are available on the market to assist organizations in managing their assets effectively and accurately.



What is an asset monitoring/management tool?


Asset management software helps businesses maximize asset efficiency while lowering the cost of lost or underutilized equipment. Organizations may save time and money by knowing exactly (in real-time) where their assets are, who owns them, their licensing status, and whether repairs are required by having a top-down, bottom-up, 360-degree picture of their assets—both tangible and intangible. Asset management software (AMS) captures all of this information automatically and provides reports that the company can utilize to maximize asset use.


These asset management technologies have several advantages. It assists you in easily preparing audits, making decisions about your IT assets from planning to procurement to disposal, providing a complete overview of all your organization's IT assets; optimizing and providing the information needed to gain better control over your IT assets, and ensuring software license compliance and removal of unwanted software.


Features to consider before buying any asset monitoring software:


Here are some features you must consider before investing in any asset monitoring software:


  1. It's critical to first determine the apps you have and how easily those applications can interface with ITAM technologies. An ITAM technology that connects with your existing application easily and rapidly may help you save a lot of time, effort, resources, and money.


  1. It's critical to have a platform that provides a full picture of your assets and assists you in managing them from planning to disposal. Any instrument that just allows for partial management does not give enough facts and information to make a definitive conclusion.


  1. There are several tools available, each with its own set of features and functions, as well as a cost. Make sure to assess your requirements and budget before selecting the one that provides the most value to your company.


  1. It's critical to know what type of assistance the tool team provides and how quickly they respond and resolve difficulties. To get the most out of the product, see whether there is a community that provides helpful ideas, problem-solving techniques, and product knowledge.


In this article, we will list some of the best asset monitoring tools available on the market.


The top 7 asset monitoring tools:


  1. Manage Engine Asset Explorer:


ManageEngine Asset Explorer is one of the best overall asset management software because of its mature toolset and plethora of sophisticated features, such as top-notch reporting, unique connection maps, and support for both physical and virtual assets. 


It's a web-based asset management system with plenty of tools and functionality to handle anything from inventory management to software licensing administration to compliance assessment and more. The ManageEngine Asset Explorer is the finest in the industry thanks to its mature technology, ease of setup, and fair price.


The feature-rich toolset of Manage Engine Asset Explorer may appear intimidating to firms new to asset management. You may lessen the learning curve by starting with the 30-day free trial. The overwhelming quantity of tabs and drop-down options might make the arrangement seem overwhelming. 


However, ManageEngine AssetExplorer has a fantastic Quick Links tool that will help you stay focused on the job at hand. It also helps that the UI looks and feels like Windows. The sheer number of options might make adding devices appear intimidating. When using installed Windows Agents on new devices, however, the Windows Agent Configuration streamlines the procedure.


The system can export reports in several formats, including all previous queries, in addition to a few dozen pre-built reports. You may also quickly generate reports that are totally customized. Reports can be scheduled for email delivery to specific recipients in addition to being run.


The lack of a mobile application is, however, a big disadvantage of ManageEngine Asset Explorer. While the application may be accessed using a mobile browser, the user interface (UI) is relatively sophisticated, making navigation on mobile devices more challenging. It's fine for more simple duties like processing repair requests and roadside assistance.


  1. Service Now:


ServiceNow, a rapidly expanding service management company, went public in 2012. The IT Service Management package includes an agent workspace, knowledge management, and modules for issue tracking and problem resolution, change, release, and configuration management, and ITAM and software asset management (on the higher-tier ITSM Professional plan). 


It provides a comprehensive picture of all IT resources on-premises and in the cloud.


ServiceNow is an example of software that allows all asset data to be linked to the service context throughout the whole IT lifecycle. It uses its strong and scalable working technology to handle software licenses, physical assets, and cloud resources. The best feature of this asset management solution is that it is fully customizable, allowing users to include external client inventories.


Due to its vast system, some of the downsides of this program include its slowness and complexity. As a result, the initial setup might take a long time. However, once the consumer grasps the platform, it might be game-changing for the company.


  1. MMSoft Pulseway:


Because its major focus is on becoming a leading cloud-first remote monitoring and management (RMM) software, MMSoft Pulseway is one of the top asset management software for mobile apps. It's a robust, user-friendly mobile asset management and monitoring solution. Pulseway is mobile-first, unlike other remote monitoring and administration software, allowing you to conduct any administrative operation directly from your smartphone or tablet. As a result, Pulseway might be regarded as the ideal AMS for mobile apps.


Pulseway provides customers with an ultra-modern and sophisticated user experience regardless of the device or platform utilized, as one would expect from a mobile-first solution. The complete spectrum of system operations is accessible through a simple and appealing interface, and machine communication is practically instantaneous. Although remote desktop access to Windows workstations are available, the Pulseway mobile application also has troubleshooting capabilities for cloud-based servers and other operating systems. From the mobile client, it can stop processes, restart, log out, suspend, and lock non-Windows-based assets.


The availability of real-time status updates via the smartphone app is the actual game-changer. You may pick services and plan tasks that need to be controlled using the notification settings, which are highly thorough.


Pulseway's restricted reporting capabilities are a key drawback. There are a limited number of pre-built reports and no means to change or generate new ones, compared to other possibilities. The reports may be read on a computer screen or emailed.


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  1. Solar Winds:


Solar Sun Service Desk is a complete web-based solution for tracking, administering, and controlling your IT assets on a continuous basis. Its inventory effectively gathers information and records data from various assets in one location. It also keeps track of tangible assets like smartphones, computers, and network gadgets.


It guarantees that the infrastructure meets regulatory requirements. It detects risks and rules violations automatically. It allows you to contact all of your service providers from one dashboard.


The following are some of the software's drawbacks: 


  • Limited automation customisation.

  • Reporting isn't always simple or easy.

  • Implementation is a challenge.


  1. Asset Panda:


Asset Panda offers unlimited users, free apps with barcode scanning, configurable CSV import with field mapping, "premium" technical support, and bespoke reporting for $1,500 per year, making it our pick for the best asset management software value. 


It's a cloud-based asset management solution that works for any sort of company. AMS, despite its appearance and feel, is far from a turnkey solution. Asset Panda, in addition to premium features like unlimited users and bespoke reporting, can be readily modified to match any business's specific requirements, all for $1,500 for 500 assets, making it our pick for the finest asset management software.


Asset Panda is the most comprehensive asset tracking and management solution available. Its inventory management module integrates inventory and asset management into a single platform, allowing users to manage assets across various locations and move goods between them. Users with certain permissions can build procedures for managing assets and goods, which can be monitored using UPCs or serial numbers. 


Asset Panda also allows users to add photographs, documents, and videos to asset data files, and it has some decent reporting tools, including built-in reports that can be customized as needed.


The disadvantage of Asset Panda is that it has a longer learning curve due to its greater ability to tweak and personalize. Companies without internal IT assistance may find it more challenging. 


The good news for small and medium-sized enterprises is that everyone is regarded as a premium subscriber, with unlimited phone assistance. A web portal and an online information base are also available to users. There is no charge for training.


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  1. Spiceworks:


Spiceworks is an effective cloud-based program that manages and monitors the assets of businesses. It automatically locates and gathers data, as well as categorizes inventories of workstations, servers, routers, switches, and anything else on your network. It delivers automated risk updates and eliminates undesirable software that breaches policies from the system.




  • Simple deployment and reporting

  • Integration with active directories is simple.

  • Customization for various applications




  • The capacity to fine-tune data flow is limited with third-party connectivity.

  • The search tool isn't very good.

  • The interface is old.


  1. Go Codes:


GoCodes is a web-based asset and inventory monitoring software package designed for organizations of all sizes. Because of its excellent use of QR codes to track assets simply and rapidly through any computer or mobile device, we recommended GoCodes as the best AMS for tracking physical assets. 


Businesses that aren't technology-driven like the simplicity of a physical sticker. It's truly that simple to check an asset into GoCodes with details like asset type, subtype, serial number, and who is assigned to the asset, as well as any other data recorded using customisable, user-defined variables.


Documentation such as invoices, repair records, pictures, and videos can be stored in asset data files. Managers may track the position of an asset using a mapping tool. GoCodes keeps track of the asset's service requests, repairs, and maintenance. Depreciation is calculated automatically using GoCodes, utilizing the most typical fixed asset calculation situations. Depreciation reports with calculation data that may be exported for more detailed depreciation management are offered. 


Standard, Premium, Premium Elite, Professional, and Enterprise are the five GoCodes programs. Any number of employees, an infinite number of mobile applications, configurable data fields, GPS tracking, and an inventory module are included in all plans. A monthly payment plan is available, but purchasing annually saves you 10%. The standard package provides three users, 200 assets, and email support for $450 per year. The premium plan is $810 a year and includes up to 500 assets for five users. Premium Elite customers pay $1,500 per year for up to 1,000 assets and ten users. The Professional plan, which covers 20 users and up to 2,000 assets and includes custom reports, starts at $2,160 per year.

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