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Top 8 AI-powered tools for Human Resources

  • Bhumika Dutta
  • Sep 09, 2022
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Artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding quickly, and the fact that it is vastly available is pushing an increasing number of businesses to use it. The Human Resources Department is one such division. Every business must have an HR department to take care of hiring, management, and administrative tasks. The amount of manual labor required by the HR department is now being reduced, thanks to AI-enabled solutions.


In this article, we will talk about the AI-powered tools that assist the HR department in various ways. But before going to the tools, let us know how AI helps in HR management.


Role of AI in HR Management:


Thanks to the refinement artificial intelligence has brought to HR, there have been significant technical improvements. AI-based systems support HR efforts by handling tasks including employee engagement, hiring, and training.


The top 3 uses for AI in the HR department are:


  • Recruitment:


AI facilitates the recruiting process by simplifying it and making it more user-friendly. Automatically triggered evaluations and resume screening features to speed up the hiring process, giving recruiters more time to interact with prospects, form bonds with them, and enhance the candidate experience.


In addition, AI may assist HR managers in locating qualified applicants by managing and analyzing data and recognizing the appropriate features in a CV. Additionally, there is Intelligent Screening Software, which has the capabilities to automate resume screening, enable recruiter chatbots to interact with applicants in real-time, and conduct digital interviews to determine a candidate's suitability.


  • Automation:


One advantage that artificial intelligence has brought to all businesses is the ability to automate foreseeable and simple-to-repeat administrative duties. AI software for HR also makes sure that administrative duties like keeping track of records, updating internal databases, etc. are automated to the point that HR personnel have more time for strategic thought and can contribute more to helping workers.


  • Engagement:


The ability to judge how their coworkers feel about various aspects of their occupations is made easier for HR professionals by specifically building Employee Recognition Systems and internal surveys.


AI software for HR may improve employee engagement while also assisting the system in analyzing and evaluating employee performance and deciding which employees should be promoted. It can lower the price of hiring talent further and boost employee retention.

Use of AI in Human Resources

Use of AI in Human Resources (source)

6 Types of AI tools for the HR industry:


Here are 6 types of AI technologies that are revolutionizing work and shaping the direction of the human resources sector.


  1. Robotic Process Automation (RPA):


The first AI in HR solution, known as robotic process automation (RPA), may reduce the repetitiveness of many professions by freeing people from boring busy labor so they can work on more engaging and important activities. The grading and screening of resumes is one instance. By comparing resumes to job criteria, AI can choose the best candidates from a vast pool of applicants. It may then alert them, schedule interviews, or even reject them. AI systems used in HR are highly sophisticated, allowing for complicated decision-making while reducing procedures.


Another area where AI in HR may simplify procedures is onboarding. Each employee may have different credentials and papers to complete based on their department and job. The RPA system can rapidly determine and obtain the required forms for each employee by providing an automated intelligent procedure.


  1. Cloud-based Services:


Large businesses can choose from a variety of services provided by cloud-based providers like Google or Microsoft to personalize their HR technology tools. Predictive analytics is one way cloud-based AI can help if your business wants to invest in employee engagement. A tool like this may identify productivity dips, foresee possible flight risks, and pinpoint staff members who could be prepared for career options by analyzing data from across the firm.


By identifying trends in employee data, this kind of intelligent technology may aid in rewarding employees as well as developing and retaining talent. Accessibility is a benefit of a cloud-based system; these systems include mobile apps, making HR services on the move available and practical for all employees.


  1. Data Workbench:


When several divisions within a business employ dissimilar systems that cannot interact with one another, data silos result. They can also occur while transferring between platforms inside a single employee's workflow. HR departments cannot compare one data set to another if they keep the data segregated in their own distinct systems. The data workbench is one remedy for this. Companies may use this AI-assisted technology to identify trends in different data sets and to provide strategic insight.


  1. Microservices:


Employing a microservice is an option for businesses that wish to deploy AI aimed at particular tasks without completely overhauling their systems. One illustration of a microservice is Traitify, which provides candidates with sophisticated evaluation tools by swapping out conventional word-based examinations for image-based ones to determine which personality characteristics are most appropriate for different job tasks. 


A microservice can be an excellent approach to try out AI solutions when HR teams see a specific need within their recruiting (either for increasing efficiency or for improved data-backed decision-making).


  1. Embedded AI:


AI software tools are a common feature of the platforms used by tech services. In order to streamline the hiring process, increase productivity, and find qualified individuals based on data, this system automates publishing job ads in the most intelligent way possible. It makes use of potent AI algorithms for a variety of daily operations carried out by HR experts, such as budget optimization and job categorization utilizing natural language processing. With integrated AI, each stage of the hiring process includes an AI component that is already there to locate qualified applicants fast and effectively while also making wise selections.


  1. AI First Suite:


This kind of AI solution for HR is made to function as a complete intelligent system, giving engagement methods and predictive data to keep prospects and workers interested throughout the employment lifecycle. It also provides employees with access to a "virtual career coach" to manage staff retention.


Top AI-powered tools for Human Resources:


  1. Skillate:


An innovative decision-making tool called Skillate streamlines and expedites the recruiting process. It provides enhanced applicant experiences, intelligent recruiting services backed by AI, and people analytics. Additionally, Skillate gives companies the option to conceal candidate personal data in order to make objective recruiting judgments.


With the use of AI-based JD assistants, Skillate employs deep learning to extract information from resumes and recruit superior candidates by creating job descriptions. Additionally, it provides a job description assistant, an auto-interview scheduler, and data-supported insights and analytics into the hiring process.


Companies that use Skillate are BYJU’s, Big Basket, OLA, Trell, Grofers, Rapido, Mahindra, Sony, and many others. 


  1. Entelo:


Entelo is a recruitment tool that is utilized by well-known companies like Goldman Sachs, Netflix, The New York Times, etc. It is based on predictive analytics and natural language processing. It enables recruiters to gather information on candidates from a variety of groupings, including gender, race, and veteran status. Entelo holds the distinction of being the only platform available that removes obstacles to quicken your pre-application procedure overall. The solution also includes options for prospects to apply directly from the software or via the corporate website.


  1. Talenture:


Talenture provides hiring using insights from ML and AI engines. Marvin, a virtual recruiting consultant, keeps an eye on and directs the hiring process for companies. To rate applicants on criteria like recentness, availability, employability, or a mix of these three, it employs Intelligent Heuristics.


Additionally, to speed up decision-making, its CRM offers a 360-degree picture of business interactions with applicants. Talenture provides services for finding candidates using job boards, social media platforms, career websites, email, and desktop folders. There is a mobile app for it as well.


More than 1,000 businesses have hired for more than seven million positions using Talenture. SR Corporate Services, JobExcel, GenNEXT, Recruise, Venpa Staffing Services, and others are a few of its customers.


The two price plans for this platform are listed below. The normal price is Rs. 1350 per user per month and covers applicant sourcing, resume parsing, candidate management, candidate search, and functional categorization. The most popular plan is the professional plan, which can be used by up to five teams and costs Rs. 2050 per user each month. It offers headhunting leads, various role processes, customizable function classification, sophisticated reporting, and billing.


  1. Harver:


Harver specializes in volume hiring. The difficulties arise as the employment program expands in scope. Here is where some of the most well-known businesses in the world put their confidence in the AI-powered evaluation software created by Harver. 


Its algorithm measures an applicant's aptitude, level of cultural acceptability, soft skills, etc. to assist you to forecast the quality of a candidate. The data set that satisfies the requirements is then processed automatically, saving time while maintaining the accuracy of the data.


By taking over the matching process from recruiters, Harver's two-way matching technology offers all the information required for rapid decision-making. Without requiring human interaction, automation algorithms that advance applicants through the funnel are triggered by matching data. Customized automation is made possible by Harver from "Apply" through "Hire."


  1. TurboHire:


TurboHire is a collaborative, data-driven, and intelligent hiring tool. It leverages the strength of both human and artificial intelligence to produce data-centric insights for candidate sourcing, screening, and evaluation.


Additionally, TurboHire provides cloud-to-customer communication that is encrypted and guarantees military-grade protection for consumer data. The company claims that while employing more than 50,000 applicants, businesses have saved over 10,000 hours of recruitment time and $2 million in hiring expenses by using TurboHire.


Over 5,000 recruiters, including Cure.fit, ICICI Bank, Wakefit, ClearTax, and Accel Partners, utilize TurboHire.


  1. Loxo:


An applicant tracking system, a recruiting CRM, and a talent intelligence platform are all provided by Loxo. The effort required by the AI recruitment automation software is cut by 80% while directing recruiters to the top applicants.


Its proprietary directory also contains data from hundreds of data sources totaling more than 530 million persons. More than 1.25 lakh recruiters are being served globally, including those from Amazon, World Wide Technology, Kensington International, and Cigna.


  1. HireVue:


Pre-hire evaluations to find the best applicants and reduce bias, conversational AI to automate workflows using text, online, and WhatsApp interfaces, and the provision of structured interview guidelines to replace ad hoc and inconsistent interview procedures are all services offered by HireVue.


Reduced unconscious bias is HireVue's competitive advantage over rivals. By removing unreliable and inconsistent factors, such as selection based on phone and resume screening, our AI-driven strategy reduces bias and frees up recruiters to concentrate more on job-relevant criteria.


Within the first year of utilizing the platform itself, HireVue promises to reduce the time it takes to fill a post by 90%, boost diversity by 16%, and see a return on investment of up to 131%.


  1. Talla:


This is a SAAS company that specializes in assisting in the automation of processes. Talla is an AI and automation platform that integrates with your current systems and processes and creates machine learning-based models of repetitive operations. It is trusted by major businesses like PayPal. The routine administrative processes are streamlined and automated, which increases productivity for HR personnel.




As AI is a facilitator rather than a comprehensive solution, it would be premature to say if it will replace people in the role of HR. Giving data-driven insights that, when combined with human action, may produce the best results. 


Given that it contains delicate employee personal information that is often kept private and secret, the enormous volume of input data utilized for AI should be appropriately maintained and preserved. 


AI can work miracles if HR is able to pinpoint the questions they want to have answered or the issue they are attempting to address, as well as the advantages and usable data inputs for the algorithm.

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