What is LinkedIn Analytics? Explanation with LinkedIn Analytics Tools

  • Neelam Tyagi
  • May 08, 2020
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  • Updated on: Aug 25, 2020
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LinkedIn is the global premier B2B social networking platform with close to 706+million users in more than 200 countries and territories around the world. Even though, no other social medium matches LinkedIn when it avails to sharing and absorbing professionally focused content. This platform is best-known as a place where users can post their resume and search for a job.


If you are looking to recruit the finest talent or deploy a B2B marketing strategy, your search ends here, yes, LinkedIn is the place to be. LinkedIn is the professional and business world for users who are seeking to share with accordant professionals and acquire from the best in their realm.


In this blog, we will go over the understanding of LinkedIn analytics (complete overview) and the top 5 LinkedIn analytics tools. Let's start with the basics of LinkedIn analytics.



Understanding LinkedIn Analytics


LinkedIn Analytics is a compilation of metrics (followers, clicks, shares, and comments) that can be utilized to measure how the potency of a user's social game plan and monitor their performance. It assists in understanding the conduct of LinkedIn posts, articles, ads, and a company page in its entirety.


It can help you to measure;


  1. The number of users who viewed your post,

  2. The number of times content was liked and shared,

  3. The demographic of users who come and follow your page including their location, preference, and industry.    


On any social platform, one must try to grasp several analytical and reporting tools and methodologies and also what available matrics convey in order to maximize and optimize its on-platform performance. 


LinkedIn is no exception in this regard, even though within the company’s LinkedIn page admin tool, one can have access to a variety of analytical and data features that can be used to check that you are posting the right content at the right time and providing to audience demand. 



LinkedIn Analytics Dashboard: 


It is a place to regulate in order to look for in-depth insights about the LinkedIn profile, it prevents from having to sign in to the advertising platform and manually collect, modify and obtain insights from user data. Moreover it then, 


  1. Presents all the data in one place.

  2. Updates in real-time.

  3. Relates to other metrics.  


Broadly, it is categorized into three parts;


  1. Updates - engagement metrics for content posted on LinkedIn

  2. Visitors - people statistics who visited your page)

  3. Followers - Demographic and numerical data of users who follow or subscribe to your page. (in reference with


Moving to the next section, let’s talk about the topmost analytics tools for LinkedIn.  



What are the top 5 LinkedIn Analytics Tools?


LinkedIn has grown as a career-making space network that enables people to promote their expertise and professional portfolios online. They can hunt excel career opportunities in a forum and also recruiters can find out superior. It has become a leading convention hub and platform for B2B interaction and marketing. (how LinkedIn helps marketers)


By the reasons of these proficiencies, LinkedIn is an imperative site for businesses that serves other businesses. 


What part important here is the importance of analytics in making better business decisions, so below are the some LinkedIn analytics tools that can be of use to any business (in no any particular order);    


1. SocialPilot


  • It is a strong tool that provides a detailed analysis of user LinkedIn marketing attempts,  one can also examine quickly the demographic, monitor updates of his posts, and estimate the company engagement on this platform. 

  • All the information is available on an accessible reporting dashboard that can be easily tailored and shared with other team members.   


Top features that SocialPilot include;


  1. Complete critique of the company page with key metrics.
  2. PDF can be downloaded that depicts users' Linked performance with smart charts and graphs.
  3. Decipher and calculate engagement patterns (which post is performing better). 



2. Report Garden


  • It is another game player in the market that is breaking the niche as appeared with AI-powered innovative features, it possesses an array of astute features.  

  • It presents a compact LinkedIn analytical and reporting tool for companies and social heads that gives intelligent visualized reports, company page overview, followers evaluation, and many more.  

  • Report Garden enables us to access LinkedIn performance on real-time data, and visualize data on accessible charts and graphs in contrast to tedious and heavy data reports.


Its essential functions are;


  1. Career update integration dashboard that displays data on job updates of the LinkedIn company page,

  2. Examine engagement percentage to disclose engagement trends,

  3. Evaluate audience demographics to make improved-focused content. 

Highlighting the topmost LinkedIn Analytical tools including Social Pilot, Report Garden, Klipfolio, Rank Ranger, and LinkedIn Page Analytics

Topmost LinkedIn Analytics Tools

3. Klipfolio


  • An online dashboard platform, majorly used by companies like IKEA and American Red Cross in order to build a strong business dashboard, comes up with the “Klips” that enables us to see the number of shares and engagement at the LinkedIn page on monthly basis and compare it with the previous month data.

  • It is a cloud data analytics tool that is used to frame high-tech dashboards for clients and partners, and reports can be created on key metrics like the audience, performance of ads, company size, etc.  


Its top features involved;


  1. Record and correlate user engagement metrics from time to time (on monthly basis),

  2. Introduce to in-depth audience demographics, and

  3. Feature relevant data with meaningful insights from charts and graphs.



4. Rank Ranger


  • It reveals primary index reports about performance with key metrics inclusive of audience demographics, follower’s progress, reaches, and engagements.  

  • It observes post reach and performance and intensifies the market reach covering complete reports of audience demographic.  

  • It simulates WordPress design that permits to track marketing drive, interpret data about place and seniority and explore patterns.



5. LinkedIn Page Analytics


  • LinkedIn’ own analytical tool that gives data on the performance of the LinkedIn page, it provides you an approach to various beneficial information incorporating date, audience, posts, reaches, impressions, engagement, followers, clicks, and interactions. 

  • Accessing such useful information enables the analysis of the effectiveness of updates on the user page. It also offers audience demographic information involving preference, profession, company size, location, and industry.





Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is a huge social networking venue for professionals and companies to build strong connections and cherish on-site relationships. In this post, you have learned LinkedIn analytics and notorious analytical tools for aiding and augmenting LinkedIn performance.  


With the help of these tools, an individual can evaluate his LinkedIn performance and polish his marketing achievements. Moreover, LinkedIn analytic tools are outstanding in keeping you a step ahead amid competition and maintain track of your endeavors. And last but not least, follow Analytics Steps routinely on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.