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What is a Negative Matter?

  • Utsav Mishra
  • May 31, 2021
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Science is a beautiful thing. Isn't it? It contains everything that a normal human can’t even think of. It deals with unimaginable stuff and makes you believe in the things that you have never ever seen. 


From the distant stars to the millions of materials present in space that we can't even see with naked eyes. From the virus that has engulfed the world right now to the vaccines that have been made. 


Science studies everything. It talks about nature, earth and studies outer space. It looks at the night sky and gives us information that we can never have thought of.


Among the many things present in this vast world of science here we are going to talk about the existence of which, no one can think of, but science has an explanation for.


Negative matter or negative mass. Doesn’t it sound a bit unfamiliar and confusing? All this while we have been learning that some physical quantities can never be measured in negative. 


That a minus sign can never be used in front of them. Mass was one of them. But, see here we are talking about a negative matter, something that we would never have even thought about.



Negative Matter 


The negative matter is something contrary to ordinary, positive matter. It has a negative mass rather than a positive mass. The positive matter has a gravitational draw on objects around it and, similar to the moon to the Earth, the gravitational field of this positive mass pulls in objects to it. 


The gravitational field of a negative mass repulses all articles from it. This makes for odd collaborations between sure matter, powers, and negative matter.


Pushing on an article made of negative matter would bring about it coming towards you as opposed to moving away from you. Any endeavor to repulse a negative mass would just draw in it.


The matter with negative mass is considered to be violating more than one energy principle. Because of this violation, the matter starts showing strange properties. One such property is showing opposite acceleration for negative mass.


These strange properties of a negative matter are used in various hypothetical concepts created by scientists like time travel to the past, construction of traversable wormholes, and different ways of faster than light warp drives.


The whole existence of negative matter is linked with its mass. The mass which is negative. Let us have a look at the concept from which this negative mass came.


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Concept of negative mass


In thinking about negative mass, it is critical to consider which standard ideas of mass are negative. Since the time Isaac Newton previously formed his hypothesis of gravity, there have been in any event three reasonably particular amounts called mass: 


● Inertial mass – the mass m that shows up in Newton's second law of movement, F = m a 


● "Dynamic" gravitational mass – the mass that creates a gravitational field that other masses react to 


● "Latent" gravitational mass – the mass that reacts to an outside gravitational field by speeding up.


The law of conservation of momentum expresses that dynamic and uninvolved gravitational mass ought to be indistinguishable.


Einstein's identicalness guideline hypothesizes that inertial mass should rise to inactive gravitational mass and all trial proof to date has found these are, surely, consistently the equivalent. 


Upon additional assessment of negative mass, it is accepted that the comparability standard and protection of force proceed to apply, and accordingly, every one of the three types of mass is as yet the same, prompting the investigation of "negative mass". 


However, the proportionality standard is just an observational reality and isn't really substantial. On the off chance that such a qualification is made, a "negative mass" can be of three sorts: regardless of whether the inertial mass is negative, the gravitational mass, or both.


All these concepts suggest that negative mass is a hypothetical concept created by scientists to form negative matter for experiments and different hypothetical problems. It is assumed that these negative matters exist somewhere in space.


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Latest research on it


Recently scientists claimed to have created a negative matter in the laboratory. They claimed to have created a bose-Einstien state of matter which behaves like a negative matter. 


They claimed that they have engineered it to behave like a negative matter. They said that the ultracold gas of these condensates will move towards any object which will try to push it away.


The possibility that matter could come toward you when you drive it away or that it could rise uninhibitedly against the draw of the Earth absolutely sounds preposterous.


Yet, there are reasons implanted in physical science's most significant conditions why we should view negative mass appropriately. 


Inside Einstein's overall hypothesis of relativity, we can examine the chance of negative-mass matter, which would go about as a wellspring of ghastly gravitational fields. Different examinations suggest that such items may exist in our universe.



Uses of Negative Matter


Consider a ball made of negative matter and consisting of negative mass kept below a rocket ready for propulsion. The rocket has a positive mass and it will attract the ball but the ball will push the rocket away helping in the propulsion. 


The attraction force of the rocket will make the ball go with it as it will leave in the same direction of the force between them with the acceleration equal to the force of gravitation between them.


This use of negative matter is the only problem suggested by the scientists and this too remains hypothetical.


Apart from these in many hypothetical concepts, it is used in many applications in wormholes, from their creation to the insides of it, from the time travel through it to the travelling of them. Also, they are known to be used faster than light travel. All being hypothetical, all trying to come true.


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Where to find Negative Matter?


Although scientists claim to have created a negative matter, what they actually created was a bose-Einstein condensate. That too was created by cooling rubidium atoms down with a laser. No other creation of negative matter has yet been stated by the scientists.


We all know that according to physics, mass can never be negative and anything that claims to be of negative mass can’t exist. So, how can anyone explain the existence of negative matter? Let us have a look at this.


How does Negative Matter exist?


The consistent offsetting of force and energy is the thing that permits negative matter drives to exist without abusing the laws of material science. 


In any event, when the positive and negative matter particles are moving at a given speed, their force actually rises to zero in light of the fact that the negative mass item has negative energy. 


The equivalent is valid for active energy in light of the fact that the negative mass item has negative motor energy. 


Thus in the two cases — force and energy — the upsides of the framework equivalent out to nothing. That is why the rocket propulsion theory is the only use of it that has been confidently claimed till now.


However, this negative matter is always confused with a term called antimatter, but both are different;


Negative Matter vs Antimatter



Negative Matter



Has a negative mass

Has positive mass, just differs in charge.


Gravitationally repels normal matter

Gravitationally attracts normal matter.


Has a hypothetical existence

Existence confirmed.





Negative matters are a new yet hypothetical object originated from the womb of science, yet they look promising. Even a hypothetical object is provided with this much information and the uses of which are known as of now. Even if its existence is not yet proven, we can’t deny the fact that there is much more to come. 


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It might happen that someday some scientists will claim that there is a big black bubble about thousands of miles far away from us and there the existence of negative matter has been found. Because it’s science and every possibility here is a treasure. Don’t you agree?

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