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What is the Role of Big Data in the Healthcare Industry?

  • Riya Kumari
  • Oct 06, 2020
  • Updated on: Mar 08, 2021
What is the Role of Big Data in the Healthcare Industry? title banner

"Big Data" is converting the globe to the next level. Yes, It is correct! Big data is transforming several industries. Let's read in detail about one of the industries that are the 'Healthcare Industry'.


If you are thinking about the ideal example of this expansion then the answer is 'The role of big data in the healthcare industry'.


The healthcare industry is one of the biggest and most complicated divisions in modern-age society. There is a consistent demand for superior and more productive assistance for patients.


Hence, the healthcare industry is encountering complete upheaval. In the last few decades, the healthcare industry has seen gigantic advances in the measure of data gathered.


Data is driving the journey to comprehend patients in a superior way, getting indications and signals as ahead of schedule as conceivable to treat the genuine ailment.


What is Big data in the healthcare industry?


First, let's recall big data, in short, big data alludes to the tremendous amounts of data made by the digitization of everything, that gets united and investigated by explicit technologies.


If you apply this to healthcare, it will utilize explicit health data of a populace or even of a specific individual and conceivably help to impede epidemics, fix ailment, reduce down expenses, and so on.


The application of big data investigation in healthcare has a ton of positive and furthermore life-sparing results. Everything is developing very fast and in the future, we will get to discern the entirely modern realm.


Don't you think the methods of treatment have evolved over the years? Yes, it is true.


Nowadays, they mostly rely on data. Healthcare experts are trying to use the data for the recognition of the symptoms of any serious disease. In this way, the treatment will be more effective. Also, the cost of treatment, as well as medical insurances, will be reduced.


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Ways by which big data can change the healthcare industry


  • Reducing Cost


Big data can be an incredible method to spare expenses for hospitals that are either finished or under book staff members. Prescient investigation can help settle this issue by foreseeing the confirmation rates and help with staff allotment.


This will lessen the Rate of Investment acquired by clinics. The prescient investigation likewise helps cut expenses by diminishing the pace of emergency clinic readmissions.


  • Advancement in the healthcare sector


Big data is developing day by day and it will be a tremendous advantage for advancement in science and technology.


Thus, big data is supporting the healthcare industry in improving.


  • Health Tracking


Big data and analytics with IoT are assisting a lot in tracking the health record of the user.


It not only helps in tracking a patient's sleep, exercise, distance walked, or heart rate but it also helps in tracking other data like patient’s blood pressure, pulse Oximeters, glucose monitors, and many more.


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  • Assisting high-risk patients


If we have our important files in a digital manner then we know that it will never get misplaced.


So, same in this case as if all the hospital records are digitized, it will be the ideal data that can be gotten to comprehend the pattern of numerous patients.


It is an extraordinary method to keep a rundown and check on high-risk patients and require them customized care.


  • Preventing human errors


You must have heard several times that any professional person has given the wrong medicine by mistake. This mistake can harm the patient even if it may lead to death.


Such errors can be diminished since Big Data can be utilized to dissect client information and the endorsed prescription.


This tool will benefit doctors who deal with many patients in a day.


How is big data used in healthcare?


Big data helps in more accurate treatment as the information provided by big data is very meticulous than they would have otherwise.


There is an organization named Mayo Clinic which uses big data analytics to assist observe patients with numerous disorders.


IoT or Internet of Things, you must have heard about this term, so the examples of IoT devices are Apple Watch and Fitbit which are very useful and they tracks your physical actions and boosts your health.


Even, it sends the data to your doctor so that they can track your betterment. Big data and logical administrations make it simple for clinical specialists and analysts to better deduce and treat ailments.


The overall benefit of utilizing big data in healthcare is that it will altogether enhance sufferers' outcomes.


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This statistic shows the size of the global big data analytics services market related to healthcare in 2016 and a forecast for 2025, by application. The source of the image is Statista.

Global healthcare big data analytics services market by application in 2016 and a forecast for 2025. Source: Statista


Some examples of big data analytics in healthcare


  1. Electronic Health Records (EHRs)


Electronic Health Records refer to the digital documents of patients, which include all the medical details and current situation. This is a very effective way of treatment.


Several private hospitals have implemented EHR systems. The records can be modified. This means that if a doctor changes the records, it will reflect the change everywhere.


Also, these records will tell the patient when to get a test or see a doctor.


  1. Reduce fraud and enhance security


Someone's personal data can be stolen and used for several criminal activities. Therefore, these data are vulnerable as they have a high black market rate.


To prevent these data thefts, analytics provides firewall and antivirus security. This software can detect any unwanted activity in the database, which will prevent black hat hackers from getting their hands on anyone's personal data.


  1. Real-Time Alerting


CDS (Clinical Decision Support) software provides support to the doctors on the spot for making crucial decisions.


Another benefit of this is that patients can wear smart devices, which will send real-time data to the doctors. Isn't it interesting?


Even, in case of any emergency, the doctor will be notified and patients can be saved through quick treatment.


Accordingly, doctors want patients to avoid emergency clinics to maintain a strategic distance from exorbitant treatments.


Examination, moving as in 2019 one of the business intelligence buzzwords, can possibly turn out to be essential for another methodology. Wearables will gather patients' wellbeing information consistently and send this data to the cloud.


  1. Using health data for informed strategic planning


Now, talking about another example, the data collected from different patients can be organized.


This will help the concerned authorities to mark the zones in which healthcare service is needed more. This way, the healthcare services can be increased in the needed areas.


  1. Patients predictions for improved staffing


The data from previous records are being used to determine how many patients are likely to show up in an hour or a day.


In this way, the number of staff workers will be sufficient. If more staff are put on service, it will add up labor costs. If less, the hospitals won't be able to handle the patients. That is why the correct number of staff is important.


A Forbes article shows the details of how few hospitals in Paris predicted the number of patients coming to hospitals.


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At the end of the blog, it can be concluded that rising in the big data is not only benefiting individual patients but the entire healthcare industry.


The demand for using big data in the healthcare industry is increasing day by day.


Assembling and examining workforce data enables hospitals, drug organizations, and other medical services associations to support the productivity of their employers.


Thus, using big data in the healthcare industry is very important as it helps doctors to treat their patients better as they have the proper information.

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