Accenture to acquire Experity to deliver seamless commerce experiences

Sep 22, 2021 | Shaoni Ghosh

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Accenture, a global management consulting technology services and outsourcing company has been radiating its potentialities in the fields of digital, cloud and security. 


Accenture's divisions include Strategy and Consulting which specializes in business & technology strategies, business & management consulting; Interactive provides digital marketing, analytics; and Technology and Operations offer technology software, research and development, cloud services, IT services, security and business process outsourcing. 


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Accenture has made a number of investments, among which the most recent one is SkyHive, where the latter raised $8M.


Acquisition on the Way


Apart from acquiring BIIT Consulting, BENEXT, Gevity and 224 others, it declared its objective of making an acquisition of Experity. Experity is an emerging provider with respect to its cloud-based customer experience and customer management and commerce solutions in Brazil.


São Paulo-based Experity provides consulting, implementation for cloud-related platforms. Forming various partnerships such as Salesforce, Microsoft, Adobe, Oracle, it generates support services such as, supporting other companies in order to maintain a good behavioral pattern with customers, and hence, enhance it.


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Experity's power of stirring the e-commerce world due to the pandemic, if acquired by Accenture, will definitely intensify the latter's deliverance of impeccable commerce experiences.


It would help businesses to develop into greater effectiveness and agility in the field of commerce, marketing and others.


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Accenture's Interactive Lead for NA, Cristiano Dencker stated that Experity will strengthen the market capabilities in propelling "experience-led transformation". As a result, he continues, this would help Accenture to proceed with the deliverance of services in commerce, marketing and others in Latin America.


Accenture's Interactive's president for Growth Markets (includes Latin America), Flaviano Faleiro states that the acquisition would enhance the former's capability to help customers in ways "that are critical to their long-term success."


One of the founders of Experity, Daniel Huallam expressed that Accenture's acquisition of Experity would provide a wider spectrum so that the former is capable enough of providing the transformation that their customers have expected for a while.


According to BusinessWire, what they have expected is in terms of "personalized and intelligent experiences anywhere, anytime" or "personalized and frictionless digital experiences," in the words of Faleiro.

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