Advancing AI analysis in Edtech, IIIT-Delhi joined up with Edtech company, Extramarks

Feb 13, 2020 | AS Team


  • A research lab will set up by Extramarks at IIIT-Delhi.
  • Initiative to promote AI research in education.
  • Students to achieve practical experience through AI research in their education.
  • Rise from $21.46 Bn to $190.61 Bn between 2018 to 2025 in the Global AI Market. 
Advancing AI analysis in Edtech, IIIT-Delhi joined up with Edtech company, Extramarks title banner

With an initiative to encourage AI research in the field of education, the Indraprastha Institute of Education Technology, Delhi (IIIT-D) has acknowledged an agreement with Noida-based Edtech company, Extramarks, on February 10, 2020.  


According to terms in the agreement, a research laboratory will be established in the department of computer science, IIIT-D campus by Extramarks that will be fully committed for designing and exploring new discoveries in the core domain of Artificial Intelligence(AI) in education. 


More focusing on the terms of the agreement, Ranjan Bose, the director of IIIT-Delhi told that students will enhance their practical experience via executing productive analysis and AI research in the laboratory. 


He added,” Artificial Intelligence(AI) has proven its tremendous application in multiple domains including higher education, like, reshaping education performance, delivering descriptive education that would be available in most isolated areas of the country and the world. This agreement proffers passageways to our students in constructive research.


The chief executive officer(CEO) of Extramarks education, Ritvik Kulshrestha, said “ AI would be the best tool to deliver modern digital education results. 


He already successfully implemented artificial intelligence in school to allow digital learning content and app-based educational programs. He more added,” we are eager to implement advanced technologies that lead to learning students in concretized and autonomous circumstances.


Other Edtech companies like Byju’s, Verzeo, uLektz are also leveraging Artificial Intelligence(AI) in the Edtech environment, even reported by Markets and Markets, the global AI market is foreseen to rise from $21.46 Bn to $190.61 Bn between 2018 and 2025.   


The blend of both organizations is hopefully creating education offerings more productive, interchangeable and substantiated, also providing wings to young talent in the blue sky. 

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