AI Courses, For Graduates, is Commenced by Kerala Govt

Jul 24, 2020 | Neelam Tyagi

AI Courses, For Graduates, is Commenced by Kerala Govt title banner

Kerala Govt has introduced new artificial intelligence and machine learning course for graduates. This is provided by the Additional Skill Acquisition Programme(ASAP) of the Higher Education Department in Kerala. 


While accounting the objective behind the course to make better the employability of graduate students in the state, it also emphasizes the importance to furnish graduates with the expertise that touches the industry demands. (Source


The program is known as AI Machine Learning Developer Programme for Graduates, besides that, it will focus on delivering functional understanding and practical knowledge. 


Its prime focus on preparing jobs for newbies like AI/ML scientists, data scientists, robotics scientists, BI developers, AI research scientists, and Machine Learning engineers sand many more. 


More specification of the program are described below;


  1. Trains to intensify entrepreneurship, integrity, social competency and to motivate graduates for intense research in the data science domain.

  2. This can be accounted for via students of engineering, M.Sc, MBA, M.Tech, and many other branches where admission will be commenced by a common entrance examination. 

  3. The course also covers internships that will leverage various skills to make candidate expertise while dealing with different sorts of data. The course will be piloted by industry experts from several businesses. 

  4. Other benefits incorporated 259 Learning Credits, 68 certificates, hard skills workshops, and other skills.  It also includes project guidance by experts, hackathons, and community meet up.

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Jul 26, 2020

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