Alation Inc. acquires AI vendor Lyngo Analytics to enhance business user experience

Oct 21, 2021 | Shaoni Ghosh

Alation Inc. acquires AI vendor Lyngo Analytics to enhance business user experience title banner

Alation, an enterprise software company amalgamates machine learning with human insight in order to meet the growing demands in data and metadata management.


A business-to-business (B2B) enterprise provider's one of the major products, Alation Data Catalog makes best use of machine learning to arrange data in the cloud and on databases, data warehouses, data lakes and others. 


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The company's customers include that of Cisco, NASDAQ, Exelon, GE Aviation, Munich Re and others.


Alation is funded by sixteen investors, including that of Costanoa Ventures, Salesforce Ventures, Sanabil, Dell Technologies Capital and others.


The Acquisition


Recently, Alation, Inc. has declared its acquisition of Lyngo Analytics which operates as a data insights company. Lyngo Analytics, the AI vendor makes use of natural language interface, which in turn enables the customers to explore necessary information and other insights by making enquiries using business terminologies to create an impact.


This deal will allow Alation to measure the extent of data intelligence contributions,  propel the data culture that revolves around other companies and ensure that it enhances the interconnection between business holders and users.


The integration would definitely introduce the Artificial Intelligence and machine learning technology of Lyngo Analytics into Alation's platform. 


This highlights how the former, with its incredible technologies, would enable the latter to flourish and strengthen its "intelligent and user-friendly machine learning data catalog", as VentureBeat suggests.


The Chief Product Officer of Alation, Raj Gossain stated they have been "building on the best '' and that the major characteristics would propel the company to accelerate towards the ignited development in terms of its growth and innovative breakthroughs.


The acquisition would promote the conversion of natural language questions into Structured Query Language (SQL), offering a supportive hand along with great functionality for non-technical users.


Therefore, the users can employ natural language in order to make enquiries such that it obtains data-related information in return. Surprisingly, it does not even necessitate any kind of assistance from SQL or data analyst cooperation.


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Bringing the Lyngo Analytics' interface and merging into Alation's platform would smoothen the process where business users can now detect and introduce the application of data-driven insights "across an enterprise’s complement of data sources."


And now, each and every organization will be able to exercise control over their respective data insights and data analytics to accelerate the data culture and propel it accordingly.

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