Apple Maps will get shiny new features through iOS 15 update

Jun 09, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Apple Maps will get shiny new features through iOS 15 update title banner

Maps have always been explorer’s favourite little piece of paper that could unlock the undiscovered destinations of the world. Due to the advancements in technology now map is just a simple tap away. Google Maps have simplified the complex process of hunting for specific shops, restaurants, or a nearby retail store.


Apple is always looking for ways to reform  the working of Apple Maps. Apple maps was launched in 2012. The application is available to iOS users. Apple has recently launched new updates for Apple Maps. New iOS updates will unleash a new way of exploration.


Users can easily locate buildings, commercial centres, neighbourhood through the advanced feature. Apple has reserved a distinct colour code for every road, and custom designed landmark. Apple has also introduced a new night time mode with moonlight view.


The new update will also simplify the complex process of navigation. Users will get an option to choose a three dimensional mode for navigation. The 3D mode will have data related to shortest route, turn lanes, medians, bike lanes and crosswalks. 


Bike riders will also be able to locate nearby stations. Then can also pin their favourite stations for the next visit. Apple Maps will also suggest the shortest route to reach the destination while following the route users will get notifications related to traffic. 


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Users can also keep track of the shortest route through Apple Watch. Apple Maps will pinpoint the accurate location, walking directions in augmented reality. The updated version of Apple Maps will be available in the US, UK, Ireland, Canada and Spain. 


Followed by the above countries, the updated version of Apple Maps will be available in Australia and Italy.


According to TechCrunch  When the riders will exit their station, they can also now hold up their iPhone to scan the buildings in the area and Maps will generate an accurate position, offering direction in augmented reality. 


Through iOS 15 Apple has also released some new updates related to Apple Wallet, Weather Application, Safari and Shareplay. It also enhanced its privacy features to hinder the process of intervention. 


These newly released updates will be available to Apple users in July. These software features are available for free to users of iPhone 6s and later models. The features will be available in selected languages. 

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