Arm Total Solutions for IoT to create a new Internet of Things (IoT) footing

Oct 22, 2021 | Shaoni Ghosh

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Revolutionizing the IoT economy


Ever since the Internet of Things (IoT) has embarked on a new journey, various technology partners are at the disposal to change the way businesses operate. And therefore, Arm builds an innovative space for IoT to create a benchmark of its own.


Having oscillated to-and-fro from the smartphone and the data center, IoT has been incessantly designated with systems that could in turn elevate the innovative pace and extract the best out of what Arm has been delivering so far---with its power of exercising control over the latter's processing potentialities to create what are to be created. 


Recently, Arm Total Solutions for IoT, an approach towards revolutionizing the entirety of the Internet of Things, is revealed by Arm to make the system more comprehensible as well as modernise software development. The revelation shall create a blueprint of the new IoT impact it is about to create.


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The simplification will act as a catalyst to speed up time to market for developers and OEMs, observed at each and every phase of the IoT value chain and result in a minimization of product analysis by at least two years or so.


Arm Total Solutions for IoT is designed in such a manner, such that it brings forth use-cases, which will enable the developers to concentrate more on design and maintain a thin line gap from all other applications and devices.


In order to undergo simplification and streamline software development for the respective product, it contains in itself almost every feature required in the process such as machine learning (ML), software, hardware IP and others.


It comprises several other tools including Virtual Hardware Targets, "application specific reference code and support from the world’s largest IoT ecosystem," as ComputerWeekly suggests.


It is to be noted that Arm Total Solutions for IoT can be accessed now which utilizes ML workload use-cases such as ML-based keyword recognition reference.


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Arm Total Solutions for IoT invokes Arm Virtual Hardware Targets for software devs and other service providers. It does not necessitate a physical silicon for the deliverance of a virtual medium of the Corstone subsystem-- the one upon which the foundation of Arm Total Solutions for IoT is laid--to permit software development. 


The model introduces agile software methodologies that include DevOps, MLOps to IoT and other platforms where IoT systems can be implanted, avoiding the need of investing in hardware firms.


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Arm has unveiled its Arm Virtual Hardware platform, which facilitates software design and testing on SoCs even before hardware is ready. 


Project Centauri seeks to offer a set of devices and platform specifications for the Arm Cortex-M runtime environment, similar to what Project Cassini accomplishes for the Cortex-A ecosystem. This, as per Arm, will save engineering costs, shorten time to market, and allow large-scale IoT deployments.


The vice-president of IoT and embedded at Arm, Mohamed Awad stated that the revelation would generate a "new IoT economy," and Arm Total Solutions for IoT will change the way the technology was delivered in the first place and this in turn, will create a global impact upon software devs in the ecosystem.

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