Big Data Analytics will revolutionize the Gaming Industry

Sep 22, 2021 | Shaoni Ghosh

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The Gaming Industry is arguably one of the most significant and unique sectors of today's world. It is an amalgamation of technological innovation and a tint of its 'inclusive' properties. 


If observed, in the last few years, the gaming industry has experienced a drastic transformation. And an inducement of technological advancements has uplifted the virtual world into the realistic realm. 

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The Covid-19 outbreak has also aided the gaming industry's expansion by propelling it to new heights. To stay ahead of the competition, many sectors, including gaming, are trying to improve the consumer experience and comprehend the behavioral patterns of customers.


Leveraging Big Data Analytics


This can be achieved through Big Data and Analytics Solution. Big Data is utilized in the gaming industry to maximum advantage, specially for the purpose of monetizing. 


Since the gaming companies have to keep themselves updated to ensure incessant revenues, behavioral analytics would make sure that the process undergoes the identification of target section of gamers with respect to its relevance towards advertising content.


Big Data Algorithms have been constantly maintaining track of personalized form of selling and all other targeted advertisements designed for gamers in particular. 

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Big Data Analytics can produce deep insights extracted from the given irrespective of the changing demographics, which include gender, age-group and race. 


It can also be employed for, as CXOtoday says, "fraud detection and prevention of user agreement violations, based on location, device and frequency of user logins and other determinants."Needless to mention, even payment-related issues can also be addressed. 


Big Data and Analytics depend on the capabilities of Cloud Computing for voluminous data analysis processes.Gaming companies can employ AWS Big Data Services to extend the range of availability of data in real time.


This shall pose numerous advantages, among which Customer segmentation, Content Planning and Improvement shall ensure a personalized experience through Predictive Analytics which would provide better UI/UX. As a result, it shall also promote decision-making as an end-result.


Even Microsoft has detected the big data's value. Tech mammoths are in the process of leveraging other gaming companies.


Promoting a data-driven culture simultaneously runs parallel with the aforementioned process. It is important for gaming companies to obtain "optimum mileage from data analytics. "As a result, it would help in generating gaming analytics techniques and strategies.

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