China actuates $1 Trillion Market Meltdown: It is about to begin

Jul 30, 2021 | Shaoni Ghosh

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A Chinese politician and President of the People’s Republic of India serving since 2013, Xi Jinping’s tenure was in the summer of 2015 just when the stock market of Shanghai clashed and dropped rapidly. However, in the next few years, the market reached the pinnacle of success.


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The 30% market crash that occurred in just an interval of weeks has affected the Wall Street Stocks as well. This in turn gave the Xis team an opportunity to switch on the Emergency mode. It has tried almost everything, ranging from dropping interest rates, relaxing the restrictions related to the ratio of company’s debt to equity ,terminating all public offerings, and halting transactions of several companies.


And as soon as the market rises swiftly, Beijing inaugurated more and more passageways to bet on Chinese companies for the international investors to put their money into financial schemes. 


Needless to mention, this process included Shanghai stocks in the MSCI index. MSCI provides a clearer image of financial markets. This qualifies the community of investors to make better decisions and this transparency helps in nothing but assures one to be a part of a better world.


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The consecutive movement of these recent months is over $1 trillion of losses in the field of tech and education stocks since February. This rapid and haphazard approach in striking the vibrant compartments of the company risks repulsing foreign investors.


At first, it was all about restricting and minimizing risks. But then, it continued to evolve and the focus shifted on how China has been avoiding a future where tech giants overpower the economy. For instance, the way Facebook and Google work in America. 


But what Forbes observes is, “the more China takes out the billionaire founders innovating and creating new good-paying jobs, the harder it might be for a state-heavy economy to narrow the rich-poor divide on its own.” So, we can see how Xi doesn’t really have a plan or a scheme to execute here, but it might be just one of the ways to let all those foreign investors acknowledge what that might be.

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