Cloudflare partners with Nvidia Intelligence to explore AI in data security

Apr 15, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Cloudflare partners with Nvidia Intelligence to explore AI in data security title banner

Cloudflare is an American company that specializes in web infrastructure,DDOS mitigation,website security and content network services. Primarily the company focuses on providing security solutions.


This partnership will enable the users to build applications based on Cloudafare’s network system.This partnership will be beneficial for both the companies.


Cloudflare is always looking out for ways to help its customers.The breach in data security is shortcoming customers are encountering these days.


While the company provides the best of data security solutions it has always been inclined towards exploring ways in which AI can be used to optimize security networks.


Nvidia’s AI toolkit includes libraries for transfer learning,fine tuning,optimizing,further it makes use of pre trained models and AI workloads.


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Nvidia has been providing support to the Infrastructure,Financial and Engineering sector since the last 23 years.


With the progression in the  technology now Nvidia is making use of AI for content creation solutions. Not just this its CyberSecurity system is very efficient in tracking the threats related to data security.


Nvidia’s Morpheus 


Nvidia’s Morpheus is a recent innovation that will work as a stepping stone for securing the data and keeping it safe from hackers.The Morpheus model has been trained to identify the security threats.


When employed to work this model will send the sensitive information to the computer ,its set algorithm enables it to check for the prominent threats it will display a red line the moment it comes to a breach in security further the direct message will be shared on the computer’s screen.


This way the morpheus model will ensure strengthening the data security to keep it safe from hacker’s evil eye.It also uses a deep neural network to analyze information.



On the stock market


This partnership between two tech industries is seen as a win for Wall Street.


Analysts regard this as a positive sign as it has boosted the individual share price of both the companies after they joined hands for a better tomorrow.


According to Investor’s Business Daily Cloudflare’s closing stock from 74.57 hiked to 11%on 13th April.Although Nvidia’s stock slipped by 2.6%there are chances for a hike in the stock prices the following month Analysts predict.

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