This driverless taxi by Baidu will rule the future

May 01, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

This driverless taxi by Baidu will rule the future title banner

Tesla has already proved that driverless cars are the future. Tesla is using AI in its operations.A lot of automobile companies are researching to develop autonomous self driving cars.


Now Baidu a Chinese multinational company specialized in AI and IoT has released the first model of driverless robotaxi Apollo. Baidu became the first company worldwide to offer independent driving service.


According to the company no safety driver will be behind the steering wheel.In this sense the company has instilled its full faith in the driverless technology.


Statistics suggest 75%of cars will be driverless by the year 2040.Auto driving cars will have a $2 trillion market by 2030.Countries like the USA and China have already witnessed the evolution of self driving cars.


The advantages of driverless cars are immense.It improves the safety.It helps in curbing down pollution and emissions.


It even reduces the energy consumption upto 90%.With so many advantages self driving cars are set to transform the future of the automobile industry.


The General Manager of Baidu said”Apollo will launch driverless robotaxis in more Chinese cities in the future”.


The process of hiring an Apollo taxi will be simple.


The users are required to login in the Apollo Go App.Further the user will be required to share his/her location.The robotaxi will arrive at the designated time.


According to Zee News, Baidu has collaborated with Chinese automaker Geely for a joint venture named Jidu Auto .


The venture will invest $7.7 billion to make smart cars available over the next five years.


A lot of Chinese startups are jumping in the automobile industry in an attempt to develop autonomous self driving cars.Companies like AutoX, Didi Chuxing,, Tusimple are few among the many names that are working to develop self driving cars. backed by Toyota will also release 50 autonomous cars including robotaxis and testing cars in the upcoming has reported a 33%increase in the volume of its orders during the last quarter of 2019.


Another Chinese company TuSimple which is backed by Nvidia will release 50 autonomous trucks that will provide services to consumers through UPS and McLane.


WeRide, a collaborative unit of Nissan and Renault will also roll out 100 self-driving cars by the end of June.


The robotaxis have already been tested on open roads; they will also have the accumulating powers of real time traffic data which will provide the solutions to the robotaxi in case of complex traffic solutions. 

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