Facebook rolls out live Audio Rooms in the US

Jun 23, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Facebook rolls out live Audio Rooms in the US title banner

In the modern era communication has become the most powerful source to connect with the world. Social media applications like Clubhouse are providing creators with platforms where they can reach a million people to build a better community. The audio rooms by Clubhouse is a unique concept which every social media application is keen to explore to provide their audience a chance to change the world.


Taking cues from Clubhouse Facebook has launched Live Audio rooms in the US. Currently the audio room feature will only be available to iOS users. Initially the feature will only be available to public figures and popular facebook groups. Though facebook users in the US can listen to their favourite celebrity by joining the audio room, they will not be able to start their own live session on the application.


Facebook has hindered common people from using the audio rooms for hosting live sessions. While being a part of a live session on Facebook, the audio room audience can use the “raise hand tool” to ask questions. The hosts can invite different speakers before a live session in the audio room. They can also invite listeners to be a part of the session. 


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Only fifty speakers are allowed in a single live session. No upper limit is fixed for the listeners. Users will also get a chance to like and react to the live content through the “thumbs up” button. A uniquely designed concept of showering the stars you love with the “stars” will connect the listeners with their favourite celebrity and they will get a chance to get candid with them. The stars can be purchased during the live session and can be used once the live session begins. 

As reported by TechCrunch Meanwhile, for Facebook Groups, admins can control whether moderators, group members or other admins can create a Live Audio Room. Both members and visitors can listen to the rooms in public groups, but in private groups, the rooms are limited to Group members.

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