Flexible Robotic Hand will mimic human body movements

Jul 17, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

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Soft robotics is a branch focused on the construction of physically flexible robots. Flexible materials like thermoplastic polyurethane are used in making flexible robots. Robots thus made can mimic human emotions and body movements. Ryan Schola, assistant professor of mechanical engineering and researchers at University of Maryland have created a flexible robotic hand  that can mimic human body movements.


This three fingered robot hand harnesses the potential of soft robotics to replicate the behaviour of nearby objects. Robotic hand movements are powered by air and water. Robotic hands can be fitted into biomedical devices. It will also serve the purpose of a prosthetic hand. No electricity is required to recharge the robot's battery power. 


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Soft robots can be used in hospitals for medical equipment and drug supplies. Robotic hand could also perform activities like playing games.The 3D robotic arm also completed level one of classic game Super Mario. Robotic hand uses fluidic circuits for machine control. Fluidic circuits that are integrated with microprocessors will use water and air pressure to control the robot's flexible body movements.  


 3D built robotic hand is made via Polyjet 3D printing. A simple command will enable the robotic hand to perform multiple functions. Research team has released the code on Github. This code is accessible to everyone. Wider code reach will enhance robot’s popularity and will assist other researchers in development of soft robots. 

According to CBS NEWS Ryan Sochol said, We made a new type of fluidic circuit that can sense the pressure types of air to decide how it's going to behave. Soft robots can stretch or be inflated or deflated relatively easily. As a result, they have inherent adaptability to reform around complex and sometimes delicate objects."

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