Global tech company Altair acquires Elluxus

Sep 19, 2020 | Mallika Rangaiah

Global tech company Altair acquires Elluxus title banner

The worldwide tech organization Altair has declared the procurement of Ellexus, an input/output (I/O) analysis instrument, which aids customers in discovering and addressing issues swiftly, enhancing speed-accuracy as well as cloud readiness. As reported by the Economic Times, it intends to incorporate them into the storage mindful scheduling functionality of Altair PBS Works. 


The items of Ellexus software, namely Mistral and Breeze, are adopted for I/O diagnostics, improvement, and reliance recognition by HPC heads of big organizations. 


As stated by Altair's CEO and founder James Scapa, the platform keeps on extending its range and capacities for HPC environments to aid significant present-day tasks at hand which includes the tasks for data analytics, AI as well as ADAS.


Scapa also added that the obtainment of Ellexus is especially significant in these areas since storage mindful scheduling for applications of big data is crucial.


The organization stated that Ellexus enhances Altair's scheduling tech by giving per-work storage agnostic document and network I/O ongoing assessment to distinguish I/O latencies and bottlenecks for swifter work execution and enhanced resource usage. 


Altair will likewise extend its technical positions with the incorporation of Rosemary Francis, the CEO, and founder of Ellexus who possesses a Ph.D. in PC engineering from the University of Cambridge as well as a college degree in Maths and Computer Science.


Frances expressed how Altair's developing initiative in HPC is energizing and precisely where she desires to be to aid in developing the business and exploring technology as far as possible.