Google introduces 3D Technology for video calls through Starline Project

May 21, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Google introduces 3D Technology for video calls through Starline Project title banner

Pandemic altered every aspect of life. Group meetings over Zoom calls, classes on Google Meet and chit- chit with friends over a video call is how life transitioned in 2020. 


Online communication is the need of the hour, but in-person meetings are a different story. Video calls are indeed the best way to stay in touch but the blurry pictures, drooping audio quality mess with the idea of a perfect video call.


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Google Duo, might be a saviour but office meetings via Google Meet cannot replace office boardrooms.The big screen for presentation purposes, tickling of coffee mugs, and talking to colleagues in whispers all went hazy after the pandemic struck. 


Remote Working is there to stay, Google has already saved $ 1 billion from remote working, 


Google expects its 20% workforce to continue working remotely even after the pandemic, 60% workforce will follow the hybrid working model.


But remote working can’t be boring forever. To make the concept of remote working more engaging for workers, Google launched the “Starline” project. 


For making the experience of video calls more lively, the company is researching computer vision, ML, spatial audio and real time compression features. Project Starline is  Google’s 3D video chat technology.


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Google’s 3D Video Chat Technology


  • The 3D video chat system is large, it is around the size of a restaurant booth.


  • There are two sides. On one side there is a bench, for the user(the person who is making a video call), to sit, the other side has a 65- inch display screen with cameras, sensors and headsets.


  • The technology will capture an image of the person sitting on the bench, it will compress the image to share with the person sitting on the other end.


  • Both the partners sitting in the booth will see the 3D images of their chat partners. 


  • The partners can see gestures, postures, facial expressions in 3D technology this can replicate the in person communication experience.


Currently Project Starline is in the testing period. Google offices in Bay Area, Seattle, and New York will have these 3D video chat systems.Google is also conducting demos of 3D technology  in the healthcare and media sector.


According to FreeThink Clay Bavor, Google’s VP of Virtual and Augmented Reality, said, "Imagine looking through a sort of magic window, and through that window, you see another person, life-size and in three dimensions.’ "You can talk naturally, gesture, and make eye contact." he added

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