Grace the humanoid robot that can do talk therapies

Jun 11, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Grace the humanoid robot that can do talk therapies title banner

Pandemic took a toll on individual's health and well being. People were compelled to stay at home with no interaction with friends which made them a prey of depression and anxiety. The mental stress multiplied and suicide cases also skyrocketd in 2020.


The elderly and the young everyone was feeling helpless with no one to share their true feelings with. People felt isolated and depressed. Hanson Robotics the creators behind humanoid robot Sofia have now developed Grace (humanoid robot) that will interact with elderly people to instill a feel of belongingness in them. 


Grace is developed to reduce the workload of healthcare professionals. Grace takes up the attire of a female nurse. With a floral print blue shirt and Asian features Grace is designed to offer a comforting demeanour to elderly and patients.


She can stimulate the actions with her 48 facial muscles. She can smile, convince, listen and understand. She also carries a thermal camera to measure people’s temperature and their responsiveness. 


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Grace can carry everything with grace, she can talk to people and help them in socializing.  


As reported by New York Post David Hanson the founder of Hanson Robotics said, “ Grace’s resemblance to a healthcare professional and capacity for social interaction is aimed at relieving the burden of front-line hospital staff overwhelmed during the pandemic.”


Mass production of Grace will begin from August 2021, by next fall the humanoid robot will be available in South Korea, Japan and China. Human-like features of Grace will make people comfortable to share their sorrows, later the humanoid robot can be used in therapies to stimulate conversations. 

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