IIT Madras Supports Google to Develop AI-driven Systems for Pregnant Women

Feb 17, 2020 | AS Team


  • IIT Madras and IIIT-Delhi are engaging in the project.
  • Manish Gupta believes AI can tackle issues in healthcare, conversation, and education.
  • Novel initiative AI4Bharat by the institute IIT-Madras.
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IIT Madras, the Chennai-based technology institute is going to collaborate on a project with Google to improve AI-driven systems to estimate conduction and churn in the mobile-based information device designed for pregnant women.


IIT Madras joined up with Google for its initiatives “AI for social goods”. Head of Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and AI at IIT Madras, Balaraman Ravindran told that the institute also will work on another initiative AI4Bharat for the NGO Storyweaver that is the digital repository and works on proving easy to use means to read, make, learn and transmute latest tales in their mother language for children.


Google also announced that it will support six projects lead by the company from India and Asia with expertise in the domain of computer vision, natural language processing, and other deep learning techniques and to provide funds and computational resources with the aim to provide technologies to NGOs that permit them to discuss social, environmental and generous challenges using AI.


The two Indian institutes IIT Madras and IIIT Delhi are partaking in this project that is looking to implement AI to aid NGOs in order to make predictive models for preventing enrolls dopping out in the healthcare program. 


The NGO serves with pregnant and mother of the newborn child and constructs a model through which those who enroll receive phone calls to promote the interruptions targeted and develop positive healthcare results for mothers and their children.


In a blog post, the director of Google research team in India and Milind Tambe, director of AI for social goods, google research team in India said, they believe issues can be resolved with the implementation of AI, this has huge potential in healthcare, conversation, education, and disaster predictions applications. 


It is amazingly exciting to partner with the association towards creating a positive response for people in India and across the world, they said.

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