Infosys to procure Simplus in a $250 million deal

Feb 11, 2020 | AS Team


  • Simplus is a Platinum Salesforce Partner and a recognised leader in Salesforce’s QTC applications
  • Aim behind procurement is to boost cloud capabilities of organisation as well as boost its presence across US and Australian markets.
  • Simplus’s revenue stood at $67.1 million for the fiscal year closing Jan 31, 2020
Infosys to procure Simplus in a $250 million deal title banner

On Monday, the IT tech giant Infosys revealed it’s the decision of procuring Simplus, a US-based digital services and consulting firm. The deal has been settled at $250 million, the acquisition cost being $200 million with the employee incentives and retention payments adding up to an extra $50 million on meeting certain performance conditions over 3 years. 


Established in 2014, Simplus is a Platinum Salesforce Partner and a renowned and acknowledged leader in cloud consulting and data integration services for Salesforce’s quote to cash (also termed as QTC) applications. The firm’s revenue stood at $67.1 million for its fiscal year ending Jan 31, 2020.


The aim behind this acquisition is for the tech giant to enlarge the cloud capabilities of its enterprise on a fast scale and to bolster the enterprise’s presence across the U.S. and Australian markets. 


Simplus claims to utilise prominent cloud solutions in order to assist companies in achieving a critical vision, improving performances and in boosting value to stakeholders. 


The procurement promises Infosys salesforce expertise, knowledge of the industry, solution assets, profound relationships within the ecosystem and also a vast clientele, ranging across a vast number of industries which include high-tech, services in finance, retail, healthcare, life sciences and manufacturing.


Pravin Kumar the CEO of Infosys has stated how this procurement is instrumental in remaining consistent to the digital preferences of the organisation’s clients and also in manifesting the organisation’s obligation towards the Salesforce ecosystem. He also states how Simplus’s extensible delivery capabilities complement the Infosys’s endeavour towards helping global enterprises in transforming their businesses. 


Simplus’s CEO and co-founder Ryan Westwood has announced to the firm having viewed this partnership from the cultural perspective from the start. He states that the firm believes that coordination of the company values and the conservation of its DNA will allow the firm to bolster its growth and collectively emerge as one of the most prominent and acknowledged partner in the Salesforce ecosystem.



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