InterSystems scales up its multi- modal system through data fabric capabilities

Jun 23, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

InterSystems scales up its multi- modal system through data fabric capabilities title banner

Data plays the most important role for the success of a business enterprise. It is important to embrace the new technologies to ensure that data in the organization is kept secure. InterSystems Corporation, the leading database management and application development company has strengthened its data dealing capacity.


InterSystems in a collaboration with AtScale has added analytics capabilities to its multi modal database. Company’s data platform helps the Information Technology platforms to manage multiple types of data on a single platform. In the recent development of its platform the company has added SQL extensions to the core database to enable queries and self- service analytics for their virtual platform (OLAP) cube. 


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InterSystems support data, integration, analytics, application development, application programming interface (API) development. The single platform (IRIS) can be deployed in the cloud or in an on- premises IT environment. Their platform provides the abilities of data fabric within the organization through their platform that is easy to maintain. It is relatively simple for IT teams to centralize the data at one place rather than structuring and arranging the decentralized data. 


According to VentureBeat Scott Gnau, Vice President of data platforms at InterSystems said , “The fact that IT organizations are being asked to set up multiple data stores and then set up data pipelines is one reason so many data lakes are becoming data swamps.”  “Everything to us is a pipeline.” he added 


InterSystems also provides pre configured data for healthcare organizations. The Ministry of Defence (UK) is also leveraging the advanced analytics platform IRIS. The platform also reduces the workload of doctors; they can access the patient’s case history within seconds. 

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