Kaia Health raises $75 million for its expansion in virtual therapies

May 01, 2021 | Vanshika Kaushik

Kaia Health raises $75 million for its expansion in virtual therapies title banner

The pandemic made it impossible for patients to attend regular physiotherapy sessions.Telemedicine  played a major role during these tough times to ensure no patient suffers from the repercussions of pandemic.


Pandemic also accelerated the demand for online medical content.Consumers switched to applications for online delivery of medicines and consultations of medical specialists.


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This also increased the demand for applications that offered virtual physiotherapy sessions. Companies like BlueJay PT,Rehab TherX and Kaia Health are the leading giants in providing personalized physiotherapy sessions.


Kaia Health is a leading digital therapeutics company that provides personalized physiotherapy and creates evidence based treatment for a range of disorders especially musculoskeletal conditions and COPD. 


Kaia’s personalized therapies are developed in accordance with Kaia’s algorithm that adapts the therapy according to the user’s needs. Its features of real time automated exercise feedback are especially helpful for individuals suffering from neck and shoulder pain .


Kaia recorded a 600%increase in its business operations in the year 2020. In an attempt to expand its virtual therapies it raised $75 million through a C series funding.It received support from its existing investors including Optum Ventures,3VC,Heartcore Capital and Symphony Ventures.


Kaia’s digital MSK platform is globally available to 60 million patients.Kaia’s 2021 funding is followed by its  $26  million series B funding that occurred in 2020 .


According to Konstantin Mehl,”Kaia aimed to start full fledged raising by the end of year 2019 but the pandemic boosted the online healthcare system as in person chronic and elected treatments were shut during the pandemic”.


As the digital healthcare solution and telemedicine was the only available option during the pandemic, the company decided to expand its business operations with the raised money.


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Recently Kaia health launched a motion tracking feature on its application that will allow the patients to trace least flexible body parts. The motion tracking feature will also measure disease progression by comparing the tracked pain level of the previous day with today.


This new feature will measure the performance of the COPD patients,by tracking their performance of a sit down and a standup test. The US healthcare cycles are heavily focused on January and Kaia is rooting for new customers after the introduction of new healthcare schemes by the government.


According to TechCrunch,the US overtook Europe as Kaia’s biggest market in recent years so it has inexorably been focusing a  lot of energy on serving its growing numbers of US customers.

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