Lightspeed Venture Partners expands to Southeast Asia

Sep 18, 2020 | Mallika Rangaiah

Lightspeed Venture Partners expands to Southeast Asia title banner

The American Venture Capital firm, Lightspeed Venture Partners, is all set to escalate its infusions in Southeast Asian startups, utilizing a portion of the $4 billion which the US-based investment firm had raised recently in 2020. 


As reported by the Economic Times, the VC firm has as of late set up a fresh regional office in Singapore with a local group, as indicated by Akshay Bhushan, a Lightspeed partner who has also been a member of Flipkart's corporate development group in the past. The platform primarily intends to zero in on Singapore and Indonesia. 


This will mark the sixth global expansion venture for Lightspeed after its expansion in India, the US, China, Israel, as well as Europe.


In a separate Linkedin post made by Akshay Bhushan, he has shared additional subtleties that clarify how their new center will aid in dealing with their tasks in Singapore and Jakarta, which are perceived as global startup centers.


In an interview, Bhushan also stated how the platform is delighted to witness the primary high worth organizations which have emerged from Singapore and Indonesia.  He also added that with the region being the platform's fourth-biggest internet market, combined with a solid digital adoption, the organization wishes to work intimately with their business visionaries as they undergo more infusions.

He also added that Lightspeed will zero in on seed, Series A, and Series B infusions- extending somewhere in the range of $500,000 and $20 million, on sections which include enterprise software, consumer internet, and money related technology.

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